One of my new years resolutions was to be more honest. It’s hard for me to be more honest in my blog especially, because I never want to come off like I’m unhappy or a complainer. Those are two things that make me cringe to think about being labeled as.  At the same time, I’m not a Barbie doll or a robot and reading other blogs, one thing I really respect is the truth. It’s usually more humorous and interesting too. And hell, I really need to vent right now.  I figure if I make a list of the good and the bad, I’ll probably come up with a lot more good and have about a million happy reminders.  So here goes; The good,bad, and ugly as of very recently.

The bad:

-I’ve never been good at accepting “Life’s unfair.”  I’m also naive and try my best to ignore that saying. My still fairly new job is throwing me for a loop and all of my trainers/ friends, suddenly don’t work there anymore.  Not only that, I went from the new girl to practically training literally overnight. I feel like I’m walking into a crazy new disaster of a coffee store everyday. Last night, I walked in with no milk, no mixes, little ice, my first bitch of a customer, and a busy Saturday night scheduled by myself. I’m used to being spoiled by my boss and other employees who actually know what they’re doing, so this taking charge is still pretty new to me.  Today when I go in I think I’m going to brace myself and repeat ten times “It’s just a stupid part time job, It’s just a stupid part time job.” We’ll see if it works.

The good:

-I’m alive, my husband’s alive, my friends are alive.

– My husband’s taken a liking to the crockpot lately. I get spaghetti and chicken marinated in a lot of yummy sauce for lunch.

-Whether I work with them or not anymore, I’ve made some amazing friends from working at Starbucks, and I know that they’re not going anywhere. It’s things like that that make a silly coffee shop job worth it. Hung out with a couple last night at Em’s:

-My best friend ((who lives on the other side of the US (bitch) ) and I decided to keep up with each other’s lifes to the T by making a blog together for the new year. I especially missed her a couple days ago and wrote all the many reasons I love her here. In return she wrote the reasons she loves me here. It was a nice change from our usual ramblings and it’s little things like that that make life so much better. And, who doesn’t like hearing how great they are?!

-The beauty of everyday. Little adventures. Everyone pretty much knows I’m easily entertained. Well, yeah. Everything can be an adventure, and if you look at it that way life is never boring.  London, Paris, Cancun, marriage–these are all monumental and huge adventures in my life. But by also concentrating on the day to day smaller adventures, life is always this new and constantly exciting journey. I’ve learned to never bypass the little things in life because they’re a lot bigger than you may realize now. Jack N the Box way too late at night. Testing out a dogs shock collar on your buddy’s arm. The Barnes and Nobles clearance section. Baking disgusting recipes that might turn out better next time. Sex talks with your husband and a girl friend into the wee hours of the night. Finding a new song that you swear was written for you. These are some of the little-big things I’ll remember years from now. There’s so much magic in meeting new people, going new places,learning  new things, playing drinking games at two in the morning with Disney Princess cards. Life, the little and the big things,–it’s all a ride and the ride can be whatever the hell you want it to be.  So,I say open your eyes and stop riding the stinky ponies and start looking for new loops and turns everywhere you go.

The ugly:

Another adventure? Taking pictures of everything, Even if you must be sneaky about it. There is this truck outside of our apartment that has long been annoying me.

I took a quick picture. First of all, You’ve got a kid peeing on Obama. I don’t find it respectful or tasteful, but whatever. To each his own. What bugs me is this dude (gal?) is so redundant. We already can guess you’re “Extremely right-winged” because HELLLOOO, you’re pissing on Obama. We get it, man. So they made it to “The ugly.”

I think I did good here. One bad, one ugly, lots of goods.

4 thoughts on “Bad,Good,Ugly.

  1. Meg says:

    This blog was very healthy haha. ANd you did NOT sound like a complainer at all. The job sounds annoying/stressful. It’s kinda like going to spain when you only know a little spanish though. When you’re surrounded by it, you’ll learn the language before you know it! So by being thrown into things hopefully you’ll become a pro even sooner.<3

  2. I like how you started out with the good, bad and ugly and ended up with a little of the last two but a LOT of the goodies. Nice work OC!

    I was always nice to Starbys peeps before but now because of you I don’t even complain if the coffe is wrongies. 🙂

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