The past week, I’ve been working on a blog video project a couple of my best friends and I have started.  My new camera shoots in mp4 and hasn’t wanted to cooperate with me on Windows Movie Maker. I downloaded a new video maker and tested it out by using videos of last night. Ahem. Me and a few buddies testing out a dogs shock collar. I have this personality flaw where I actually feel bad if I refuse to try something once. I guilted myself into trying this painful thing twice. Having no common sense makes me brave and sometimes stupid. The end video is Patrick sleeping and my husband  in turn waking him up by shocking him numerous time.  He woke up and continued getting shocked as he was still half awake and….in shock? Oh, & excuse my language, I was uh, just getting a little worried.

6 thoughts on “Shocking.

      • Well, I see your avatar here, might take you a sceond.Also, it’s counting your comments, but it seems like it takes 10 minutes or so to update the Recent Comments widget, which you referred to.I already posted a thread on their forums asking about this.

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