Sundaes, Girl nights, and Other ways to enjoy your weekend.

I will say I started my weekend very early.  So first off,

-Start early.


– Take numerous pictures with friend’s puppy as you progressively get more drunk.

-Learn your lesson. Bacardi 151 is NOT okay to shoot. It burns, oh how it burns. Lesson learned.

– Make a mess.


-Have a FEAST of junk food with your favorite friend at work. I rarely work with Jenn anymore,and it’s a treat when I do.  I felt like it was a sleepover on the job. We loaded up on pizza, hershey kisses, cinnamon rolls, reeses pizzas, and soda. Why am I not 500 pounds!?

Jenn even wrote my name, slumber party middle school style, in my blog journal…along with a note.  “Hey.. I signed your crack..does it tickle?” Hee.

– Have a double date/Sundae-making-game-night with friends.  Yes, that’s right. I continued eating. What of it?

As if I haven’t had enough to eat, Saturday contains a lot more fattening and delicious food. And even more good company.


-Worked another Saturday by my lonesome at Starbucks. Boo. It was absolutely insane, but luckily almost everyone was cooperative and felt bad for the poor little girl working by herself. (Besides the one lady who told me I was ‘So argumentative’ because I let her know we didn’t carry something.) One older guy let the lady behind him know I was doing my best and went on and on about my sweet spirit and beautiful smile. I was bright as a tomato, I’m sure.

-Second girl’s night at Baby A’s  with my coworker girlfriends.  I love my work girls…. but I always feel the need to go tanning after hanging out with this pretty group.  You can see how obviously white I am in the following pictures:

Here’s the first one:

A better one:

And one with the fun waiter guy:

And here’s what I ate:

Chicken flautas. Yum. Maybe I should have named this blog  ‘How to gain 30 in 3 days.’

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