The truth about girls.

Girls,at our best and most harmonious, are a force to be reckoned with. We are adorable, loving, and loyal creatures who really just want to have a good time. We want nothing more than our girls, a sweet significant other, and a few other little things like sex and shopping.

But at our worst? Oh boy, you better watch out.

But let me let you in on a little secret, boys. We’re not emotional, crazy, conniving bitches. Well, okay, we are. We definitely are. We talk shit. We hurt feelings. We backstab. We lie. We say we’re right ’til the death, knowing all the while we’re wrong. We twist words, we destroy friendships, we say things to purposely cut like a knife.  We gossip, we’re two-faced, we’ll be your best friend when you’re around and your worst enemy as soon as you turn away. Yes. All of that is true.  But do you want to know why, really? Keep reading.  Some may deny what I’m going to say, but they’re bullshitting you.  Some will tell you they don’t like drama, no matter how much they start it; That it’s not on their hands no matter how bloody those hands are; That they are innocent bystanders that everyone is just jealous of (puppy dog eyes) and they just don’t get it. Call their bluff. The ones who deny are usually the most guilty. Yes, some are better at handling the emotions more than others. Some talk to Jesus or Buddha or throw ironing boards  at their husband (guilty) to contain what they’re feeling. But I promise you, they do feel it. We all feel it.

Do you want to know what it is that we’re feeling? Hormones,yes. That time of the month, maybe. Anger,rage, bitterness,–yes,yes, yes. All distinct girl qualities.  But do you want to know what’s under all of that, deep down to that part of us we’d kill you before showing? Hurt. Sadness. Inadequacy.Insecurities. Women, through all of our crazy-bitch-drama- fire-breathing-dragon ways, we are extremely fragile beings.  We are little girls in need of our daddies, we are men fighting with subtle words instead of fists. Beneath all of the evil, there is a humongous heart that begs not to be broken ; a tender spirit that wants more than anything to be protected. And when that heart is broken and that soul is crushed? We don’t admit our shortcomings or show the tears we’re crying. We don’t let anyone see our sadness or the way that he/she hurt us. We just can’t. It’s against the rules. It will show the bitch with the hidden heart sitting next to us that we are just as weak as the weaknesses she pretends not to have.

So the girl next to us hurts us because we hurt her first,because your friend hurt her first, because her past hurt her first, because the world hurt her first. We dish back what has been given to us because that’s what we know to do and it becomes a never-ending vicious cycle.  We hope for the best until it turns into the worst and then all hell breaks loose. All we really want is to be held or told it’s going to be alright but instead we spit things out of our mouths that we really don’t mean, bite somebody’s head off and then laugh about it.

Being a girl myself, I know it’s too much too ask to ever hope for girl’s to stop eating each-other alive over a game that can’t be won. Over the past couple months I’ve been watching helplessly as a feast goes on amongst a group of my best girlfriends, and I’m going to be honest and say that is the inspiration for this here blog. At the very least I think we should be able to stop ourselves before letting out “That stupid bitch.” and remember that we too are bitches. Who deep down just want to be held and loved while watching a Sex and the City marathon.

21 thoughts on “The truth about girls.

  1. Meg says:

    “At the very least I think we should be able to stop ourselves before letting out “That stupid bitch.” and remember that we too are bitches. Who deep down just want to be held and loved while watching a Sex and the City marathon.”


    This is a timely blog for me. I experienced it with Joe a little bit last night. Except I wasn’t really mean to him…instead of Regina from mean girls, I was that other picture of the little toddler haha. However, proving what you said true, I definitely didn’t want him to see me being a baby.

  2. 🙂
    I really liked this.

    Things change. It’s time to move on. I’m no better than any one I’ve just grown tiresome of trying to be something I wasn’t.

    • “Your cryptic words itnuigre me. Could you kindly elaborate?”Dondu,I disagree with the most of the views you expressed in your blog but you command respect for your fight against the vulguar words relentlessly.But I was disturbed when read those words in your blog. Anyway, It is all up to individuals. Let this thread discuss its intended message. I just wanted to point out that AIDS patients need not be isolated from the society. That kind of thinking should not be encouraged. I am happy that you understood the point. Thanks.*cheers*Nambi

  3. This whole post is very true and the first time I’ve read something on the subject with such finite detail.

    The Drama Llama has it’s way of sticking his nose in everyone’s business. I’ll be the first to admit that I may not be the best at handling it, but I’ve accepted that drama is a way of life.

    Major thumbs up!

  4. Goodest of blogs love!

    And you are so right. Chemically sometimes we can’t help it. Deep breaths everyone. However I think we should establish guidelines…menopausal women are free game? Ha ha.

  5. yeah…i just forwarded that to my best friend. since he’s also my roommate, i’m hoping it’ll clear up a few things for him during his “wtf just happened???” moments. :]

  6. “We dish back what has been given to us because that’s what we know to do and it becomes a never-ending vicious cycle.”

    This is so true for me. If somebody hurt me I can’t help myself to get back at them no matter how hard I try to resist myself. *shame*

    Btw, you should watch ‘The Women’ =D

  7. Oh god lady, it was like you spoke the words from my soul! Something I never did understand about women… Why we have such a hard time admitting we actually have hearts, you know like bigger than raisins! I am the first to stand up and cuss a blue streak before I’d shed a freaking tear in front anyone else though!!! Ahhhh… Perfectly articulated!

  8. Kaitlyn says:

    hahah yeah the only way I know about your blogs are cause of your Facebook, but when I do find them randomly I always love them. You’re soooo good at writing.
    and YES come see me! I live ON the beach now, it doesn’t get any better 🙂
    I’m sad we didn’t see eachother when I was home 😦 we suuuuck.

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