I laugh a lot.

I think something everyone should strive for more is laughter. Calms the nerves, Loosens up even the tightest of asses (not literally of course…) and makes the world a happy place.  ‘Tis really the best medicine.  I don’t claim to know much, but if I could give the universe one true piece of advice it would be this: There’s always going to be crap in your life.  A jack-ass who has nothing better to do, a clashing of beliefs, a rainy day, a rip in your pants. Always.  But instead of sitting there being mad at the world and sitting on yo big asses nagging and arguing…Life is too short. Lighten up. Let it go.


Disclaimer:Tispy girls with knives is actually a really bad idea. We do not recommend trying this at home. Nor do I know why this seemed like a good idea at the time.

I spent my weekend, both Friday and Saturday, with these two pretty girls and our boys.  The past two nights consisted of the following:

– Waffle Making.

-Looking for a ‘haunted’ graveyard a la  middle of nowhere. We spent a couple of hours driving to no avail. You know boys and their directions.  Their ego will die a sad, painful death if MapQuest must be used. On the way back from our long drive, husband and I couldn’t hold it anymore and ended up peeing on the side of  a creepy road, hoping the ghosts wouldn’t get to us.  A couple who pees together stays together? Eh? I swear, the two of us need a reality show. Anyway. The picture above cracked me up. Emily, being the most organized girl I have ever met in my entire life, wrote a detailed list of everyone going to said graveyard. Was she planning on forgetting one of our names? I make fun of her, but would love to be as planned out as this chick.


-Somewhere in between the two nights of fun and girlfriends I made a trip to my parents. This has been long overdue and walked in noticing my baby sister crawling all over the place. I didn’t know she could crawl!? Lord, these kids grow up fast. She’s damn cute too.

– Little brother. Always trying to look like the bad-ass.

And then the girls were back at it again….

-Brooke and I endlessly annoying everyone with our country karaoke.

-Girls bathroom talk:

-Handcuffs? This part of the night becomes a little more blurry.

-Lots and lots and lots of laughs.  I’m a pretty happy girl. And why wouldn’t I be? Surrounded by family, friends, the husband…and laughing my ass of all the time. It’s a good life.

15 thoughts on “I laugh a lot.

  1. Meg says:

    Your sister’s name is kaylee…right? Right. SHE’S SO CUTE. i think she’s gonna be a mixture of you and justin when she gets older. looks wise.

  2. Loved the disclaimer!

    Mapquest is the cryptonite of the modern man. I must admit though, when my pants ripped (brand new Guess jeans) I didn’t laugh…I did more of a jumping in place whiny kind of thing. Other people laughed though.

  3. You guys look like you have so much fun. I love it. I laugh a lot too and it makes you look so much younger. Always try not to be bitter with the world.

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