Guilty Pleasures.

Oh, guilty pleasures. Such a pleasure. And oh so guilty. We all have ’em.  Here’s mine (What’s yours?):

-Cadbury’s and Cappuccino.  Or really anything involving chocolate and/or coffee. I am a self-proclaimed addict of both. I’ve been making lots of trips to my nearest 7-11 for my two newest guilty pleasures. (The eggs and the foamy caffeine,yo.)

-Sleeping in.  I crave it.  Now that I work almost all night shifts I have to really force myself not to sleep until eleven or later. It just feels so damn good. I especially love when my husband wakes me up to kiss me bye for the day. I see my boy off with a half-awake smile and am extremely thankful I am not him and am able to snuggle under the covers for a few more hours.

-My words. Writing is my release. I can blog/write for hours (when I sometimes should be doing other things) and never get bored.  It’s also my best way of thinking. I am not so good at arguing out loud because my words come out before my brain can understand what I’m talking about…but give me a piece of paper or a keyboard and I can make a grown man cry.

-Research studies.  You get paid to be a guinea pig.  So much fun! Alas, I can’t do a good majority of these studies anymore because I pass out whenever my blood is taken and get woozy if a needle is even around me. Lucky for me, there is a newlywed study going on at UT that I just signed the husband and I up for.  They test your saliva (for stress levels…hmm.) but no blood is taken. I’m pretty excited about this one because I’m eager to know what kind of crazy newlywed things they’ll have us doing. Sex four times a day? Free counseling? To test his love they make husband buy me a brand new car? Okay, so I’m stretching it a little now. My curiosity is one of the reasons I’m so into these crazy little studies. & The money doesn’t hurt either.

-Kissing ass.  I screw up a lot. A lot.  Because of this I’ve found much help in doing small little things to make my mistakes at least a little less awful.  I’m extremely forgetful and was caught forgetting that the hubby’s birthday is this Saturday. I didn’t ask off work AND I have school for three and a half hours beforehand. Yes, worst wife award. Right here.  Hopefully gummy worms and lottery tickets will ease his pain a little.

-Stalking. On the internet. I enjoy it.  I probably stalk you. And if I haven’t yet, I probably will one day. I’m a twenty year old chicken-legged female and I took karate for a day once when I was 12. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

-Living with a boy. It’s not so guilty anymore as I am married now, but at first? Coming from an uptight Christian home, this was not the thing to be doing. Husband (boyfriend at the time) was the first boy I ever lived with. I actually was ‘kicked out of my house’ when my dad and I butting heads finally went too far. They wanted me back a couple days later but I was already settled in at that point, and having the time of my life at that.  We learned more about eachother in weeks than some do in years, and that was one hell of a roller coaster sometimes. But I wouldn’t take it back for anything. Moving in with your boyfriend after knowing him for two weeks? Probably not a good idea. Definitely a guilty pleasure. Usually doesn’t result in marriage but I guess I got lucky with that one.

-Sushi Monday!!! In Austin, we have this expensive sushi place called Kenobi. However, every Monday it’s “Two dollar madness.” and I go absolutely insane with the shrimp tempura and pork gyozas. We had a rather large group of both husband’s and my friend’s yesterday and they were all eyeing me as I downed three orders of pork gyozas (roughly 15 of them) and two rolls of shrimp tempura.  One friend questioned how I could fit it all. I make it fit. I like my sushi.

-Picture taking. If you know me or are a regular on my blog, you know my obsession for pictures at this point. I’ve been crowned ‘The picture taker’ amongst all of my friends now and you will very rarely see me without a camera in my hand. You gotta get the moment! A couple of moments from sushi Monday is above and below.

Brother is annoyed with me for all the picture taking.  I make him pose anyway.

-Finally. Laughing. But not just any kind of laughing. High-pitched Christina laughter. It’s become such a trademark of mine  I wouldn’t change it at this point even if  I could. Example of the hysteria that is me laughing below:

22 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures.

  1. kat says:

    this blog made me smile sooo much 🙂 a few of those are my own guilty pleasures hehe, with cadbury’s eggs pretty high up on the list.

  2. What the fuck??? When did your comment thing go to the top of the blog? This was extremely confusing for me! I damn near commented on the wrong post AGAIN!!!!!

    I think you should move to Kansas and be my next door neighbor!!!! I’ve decided to blog about it in the very near future lady, so be ready! I will be posting a link to your blog so the stalker will be STALKED!

    CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE! We had to have been separated at birth!

    My FAV…

    The little saying hearts at Valentine’s time!!!!! YAY!!!!! It’s here!!!!!

  3. Hmmmm…in no particular order: Blogging, scratch Bingo tickets, foamy things, milkshakes, hapyp meals, trash MTV TV, jumping on my bed to music, running as fast as I can down my mom’s hallway and sliding on the tile with my socks, things japanese teenagers wear and I shouldn’t but end up buying and wearing, buying too many books, Facebook stalking (so bad, me too, others fuckups are my pleasure),watching my statcounter, naming unborn children, Wikipedia-ing everything, finding pets to adopt on…ten thousand other things.

    So. Many. Things. This is an awesome idea for a blog darling. Oh OC, you’re the best!

  4. When I first ate at that sushi Monday place I had an orgasm in my mouth. Sooo good! And cadbury eggs are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. My mom use to load my sister and I’s Easter baskets with them. Mmm!

  5. Guilty pleasures include:
    Chain smoking while reading intense books, Staying up late to watch adult cartoons, harvesting anything in Farmville, stalking on facebook, watching re-runs of the price is right… screw Drew Carey, Bob Barker is the shit!, blogging (also could be considered a form of stalking), blowing spit bubbles off my tongue, coffee (that’s to be expected), and spending hours looking at my pores in the mirror.

    God damn, I should be ashamed of myself… I am a grown woman and I just admitted all that.

    Just between us (and the rest of the internet world)… ok?

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