Come together.

Last night, I planned a get together and had small parts of two different groups of friends come over. It’s almost a social experiment of mine to see how this plays out. I always secretly feel like I’m playing matchmaker too. They start off talking amongst the people they know and as the night goes on,more drinks are poured and more laughs are shared and more people find common ground teasing Christina. (making me matchmaker!) By the end of the night, WAA LA! One group of happy people. Pictures and video follow:

Kind of early on…

I see this lovely friend often but this was her first visit to our apartment. We all made her feel very welcome with our usual naughty conversations and dirty jokes. That’s the Boudreaux house for you. She loved it and fit right in. I even got to see her sexy  corset! Oh la la.

That’s my scary smile. ^^

And later…(all smiles!)

Feet! They were showing off their shoes but I wanted my foot in there too.

I found it noteworthy that in these four very short video clips I sang three songs. Say my name, Fireflies, and Heartless. Uh? I am like a human tone deaf ipod. My poor company. The song I threw into the video-making I thought fit rather accordingly. Says “I’m that girl you can’t shut-up.”  Fits me well,yeah?

9 thoughts on “Come together.

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