Reliving the moment.

Yesterday, as an early Valentines present to eachother and in celebration of four months of marriage, the husband and I relived our first date. Have you ever taken a day to just…rewind? It’s a pretty interesting experience.

We started off at Olive Garden. I hadn’t been to this particular one since our first date almost two years ago now. It’s interesting to really note all that’s changed since the start of something. A rush of all that awkward tension between us suddenly rushed backed to me. I giggled out loud at the thought of acting like I do now (taking a million pictures, talking shit, eating a little too sloppy)  on our first date. Husband said I wouldn’t have had a second date.  Hee. Funny how once you love a person, their imperfections become acceptable and even lovable.But a second before that? You best be having good behavior!  It’s really weird for me to think I was ever nervous around this boy. There is an exciting little rush to those first dates, but I found myself really thankful that the uncomfortable forced conversation is way past and we can actually enjoy our moments of peace and silence now.

After, we went and shot guns.  On our first date he brought close to a handful of guns but this time he choose just the pistol. I, being brave and stupid, shot his shotgun last time and ended up with bruises all over my poor arm. Those things have quite the kick!  He thought it better to just bring a smaller one this time, though he didn’t ask me what I thought. Hell, bring all of them. Bruises or no bruises this is fun AND such a stress relief.  Even the little one had a kick that startled me after shooting, but that is part of the fun too. I would hold my breath and my heart would beat super fast every time Robby loaded a new round, as that is the hardest one to shoot. Once that first bullet was out,  I was on a roll. I found myself getting a lot of pleasure from hitting that little target man. Husband says the pistol is still too big for me, that it’s a man gun. Bullshit. I got this. I’m tough, just LOOK!

To prove it, I even hit the bulls-eye. Pretty proud of that. Considering framing this guy.

I love reliving moments. Y’all go try it. Not just moments with boys either but any moment you’d like to relive. Last week I relived my childhood by going to my old neighborhood and that was a whammy of old emotions going back to. Whether it be a relationship moment, a you-moment, a best friend moment….any great memory moment. Just try it and wait for all those great feelings and recollections you forget you even had to coming rushing back to you. It’s a beautiful thing.

9 thoughts on “Reliving the moment.

  1. Anonymous says:

    awww you guys looks so cute in the booth(e?). Did you get the waitress/waiter to take that? haha

    I love that idea! Joe and I do that with our first kiss hahaha it’s really fun. All the excitement and butteflies come back =P

    and I guess since he’s making me dinner on valentines day it will kinda be like our first date again!

    When I visit we should relive some moments. make some videosss, climb a tree, maybe i should try and hook up with your ex. AHAH jk lover. lol i just laugh thinking back on that…

    HOW DID WE SURVIVE ALL THAT?! haha friendship of steel!

  2. kat says:

    look at what a badass you are! and good job on the bullseye baby. 🙂 it really is wierd how all those feelings can come rushing back when you put yourself in that situation again, its fun though!

  3. I can’t take this lovey dovey crap!!!! Blech!!! I’m dying here!!!! Give some fucking juicy shit at least!! I literally can’t wait until you msg me and say, “God, Ash you were sooooo right! He’s a fucking asshole! Marriage is for loooooosers!”

    4 years, 2 kids, 2, car payments, mortgage… School, dance the whole works bitch!!!

    No lady, I’m happy that you’re soooooo in love!!!!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I love dates! I love them so much I think this is why I am still single…dates are just too much fun and different with each person.

    Serial Dating: A Guide By Currybomb.

    However, and I will blog about this further, as I age and see all these wonderful couples keeping it real I have newfound hope about true love. Sigh, heart flutter.

    Shooting guns on a first date is pretty cool dude. Your poor arm though!

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