I’m spoiled.

I’m spoiled. I am very spoiled. But this isn’t to say I don’t know the value of a dollar. At 18, I worked two jobs until I saved 2000 dollars in a plastic bag so my dad would help me buy a car. To this day, though the husband makes probably triple what I do,I won’t join bank accounts.ย  I still have two jobs and for now (and probably until we start popping the babies out) I can handle my meager money just fine, thank-you! I’m stubborn and a little too prideful for my own good. However,ย  I work my booty off, and maybe my karma is having lots of people to treat me quite nicely? Just lookit this week!

Friday night, Husband brought me home a rose, Mcdonalds, candy, AND new headphones. Such a good boy, he is.

Yesterday was the the boy’s 27th birthday. Happy birthday to my old man! Ha. His parents took us out to eat and though it wasn’t my birthday, his mom bought me a new Fossil wallet (for Valentines day. Aw!) They always treat me and I couldn’t have picked better in-laws myself.

When we came home from birthday lunch, I was happy and surprised to find all of these goodies in the mail! My best friend’s mom, who has started a site for me (Anyone can cook even Tina!), sent me all of these cooking goodies in the mail! She even put in a cd for the romantic Italian dinner I’m going to make the husband, hopefully sometime next week. I absolutely love mail and surprises so all of this made my lovely Saturday even more lovely

Finally, my friends. My friends freakin’ spoil me. By giving me little gifts (lotion, wine glasses with boobs on them, etc.) , by making me laugh, by putting up with me and my picture taking, visiting me at work …& by just being there to surround me and support me 24/7. Last night I had a small group of friends over and I stole one friend’s hat for the night. She obliged and promised me a hat for my birthday. OH!ย  Also, I know this is totally off topic and irrelevant, but do porn starts have daddies?I don’t think they do. Anyway, back on topic. Topic is: I’m spoiled.

I leave you with a video of us bidding the night goodbye:

10 thoughts on “I’m spoiled.

  1. Meg says:

    Lol! awwwww i love the gift robby gave you it is SOYOU. Mcdonalds, you’re first love. Symphony candy bar, your favorite. (have you made those brownies yet? ya know half themix on the bottom, symphony bars in the middle, other half on top?) head phones because you gotta listen to you lyrics, and a rosee because you’re beautiful and he loves you. =]

    Isn’t my mom the sweetest? she sends me care packages all the time ahaha. I’m expecting a v day one soon. but our post office has been CLOSEDD because we got like a foot of snow. she said she saw your video of making banana bread and noticed you didn’t have any measuring cups for dry ingrediants (sp?) lol

    • CONGRATULATION Nannapat, enjoy your prize.Glad to hear you were spoiled for Mothers day Bev. Ours isn t until 2nd suadny in May, so it s a bit away, but I m sure I can t somplain, as I m pretty spoiled every day here by a loving hubby and some awesome grown up kids and gorgeous grandkids.

      • Hi everyone, we are the proud patnars or new puppy owners of BELLE formerly known as Vixen.We must take this time to use this new and wonderful blog to publically thank Michelle Day and her family for raising such a great puppy.Don’t get us wrong, this was in fact a business transaction and we understand that we paid for our new addition. What we got was more then we expected or bargained for.The love, attention to detail, and energy that Michelle and her family put into raising our new born well lets say, you cannot put a price tag on.Our Belle is so warm and cuddley , smart and energetic I would think it has everything I have to offer..lolo.When does it stop being a puppy in two weeks it went from 5 lbs to 13 lbs..it’s almost a dog The first week was like having a colic baby.. I was on suicde watch my wife went to sleep, the kids had school in the morning, I was up all night. Now I understand what being in the doghouse means literally I was able to sleep right by her side.The only she needs to do right now is stop biting, nipping or teething whatever you call it .it still hurts. Anyway, thanks for letting us ramble.. we are like spoiled new parents but actually owe a big thanks to Michelle and her girls .RegardsJohn and Lori

  2. Glasses with boobs on them! Marvellous!

    Little gifts are amazing. One of my bestie moewers always gets me little gifts and vice versa. I love the gift shopping trips too, such a retail little rush when those little gifts you find are perfect for the selected recipient. My birthday and christmas gifts for people are just 400 little gifts in one big bag.

    You may be spoiled but you deserve it. You’re a wonderful friend, wife and gal about town.


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