Actin’ like a mess with the lyrics in your head.

I made a mess at work yesterday. Actually, I made multiple messes. It’s easy to make messes working at a coffee shop, but this is very much just my personality type. When I spilt (spilled?) something on the floor yesterday the new girl just laughed and said “That is just such a classic Christina moment.” Keep in mind this girl has barely known me a week. I, Christina Cirotto Boudreaux, am a mess. A big mess.  This gets me in trouble but also keeps me open minded and zestful towards life. Take it or leave it, I am a free spirited, crazy, mess of a girl. This comes out in pretty much everything: My apartment, my ramblings, my car, my personality, (I took a personality test and scored a tie on two totally different personalities. You say schizo, I say versatile.) my schoolwork,my relationships, and more than anything…. My music.

If you were ever in my car with me, you would first be disgusted by the mess. You would then notice I have about a million mix cd’s scattered around the car.  If I let you pick one out and listen to it, you’d probably say what I’ve heard before. “This is the most random cd I have ever heard.”  My collection of music is ridiculously scattered and so random at times I even have to think back on what it’s on there for. For every song that makes it to a c.d.,  there is a meaning. If I was going to tell somebody an illegal way to get to know me, I’d say break into my car and steal all of my c.d.’s. (please don’t.)I do not like music just because,ever. If the beat is nice, sure I’ll listen, but it will not be noteworthy to me for this reason. I am so into lyrics, I twist words around to make them mean whatever I feel like getting out of them.

If I can’t relate, if I can’t jog to it and get pumped up or drive to work becoming a little more inspired, it will not go on my list. Sometimes a song I find myself liking is so hard for me to relate to I will even go so far as to live vicariously through what someone else must be feeling. My love for music and the lyrics is for me, about emotion and feeling something bigger than what I feel without it.  It’s about a mess in my head that only I can hear, feel, and understand. Thought I’d try to let you in on a little bit of my crazy head-mess by picking a random c.d. from my car and letting you in on what I get from each song. Warning: This will get messy.

Almost November was what I titled this one. I made this over a year ago and I’m guessing it was um, almost November? Also, Like my little squiggly’s? Yeah, I know, you want me to design your next cd. So. I picked this from my car, not knowing what songs I would find. There are way too many songs on this one so I’ll pick only the best. (Because y’all are gonna go download now, mk?!) Let’s begin.

1.Does Anybody hear her- Casting Crowns. This is actually a religious band and I’m going through a less religious time in my life right now. However, this song actually points out the downfalls of religion coming through the eyes of a girl who feels a lot of what I have before. Makes me want to cry everytime I hear it. “So she sets out on another misadventure just to find, She’s another two years older and she’s three more steps behind..”

2.Wish you were- Kate Voegele. Oh, Lord. This song is just perfect. I think almost everybody has gone through wishing and hoping someone would suddenly turn into what they need them to be, but they just won’t.  Almost gives me chills just thinking about this one. “I’ve seen your acts, and I know all the facts but I’m still in love with who I wish you were; And it ain’t hard to see who you are underneath, but I’m still in love with who I wish you were..And I wish you were here.”

3.So close now- Eli Young Band. I love me some country music. Mostly because it tells a story, and I put myself in that story. This one I relate to anything I’ve ever walked away from, mostly my old hometown of Leander,Texas. I went through some tough shit there and hearing this song brings back memories of how hard but good of a decision it was that I made to leave. “I am packing up heading out, I can’t sleep I’m dreaming way too loud…I’m so close now, so close now,to getting out.”

4. Learning to Breathe- Switchfoot. This song makes me really emotional. It’s just so beautifully raw. It could be treated many ways but for me has always been a song about growing up and making difficult choices right this time ’round. “So this is a way that I say I need you, this is a way that I say I love you, this is a way that I say I’m yours, This is a way, This is a way.”

5. Gary Nichols- Unbroken Ground. This is some good ‘ole country, right here. I’ve interpreted this one different ways at different points in my life, but always about a relationship. My husband and I were both horribly stubborn and adamant about many things when we first met, and both of us had been pretty  sucky at the whole committment thing in the past. This song points out, (with interesting metaphors about farming) that hey,this is new to me, it’s gonna be hard, but totally worth it in the end.  “Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, patiently ,cause nothing worth growin’ comes easily; Lovin’ me’s gonna be like workin’ unbroken ground.”

6.Womanizer- Britney Spears. Hey. I had a reason. I don’t remember it, but I’m sure there was one.Uh. Reason being.Womanizers suck. Don’t be one, you douche. “Lollipop,must mistake me you’re the sucker..” Hee. Hee. Hee.

There you have it. Mixtape Monday/Messy Christina.

10 thoughts on “Actin’ like a mess with the lyrics in your head.

  1. kat says:

    christina i would love to see the songs you pick for the soundtrack to your life, just sayin. also i read the title of this blog to the tune of “lookin like a fool with your pants on the ground”, dont know if it was intentional but it fits.

  2. Just wait until I finish my blog hooker! I SWEAR we were separated at birth!

    I’m a freaking MESS too! Now my house is spotless (because I cram shit in empty spots)

    My car, holy fuck! Oh, no! I’m not sure how my children ride in it….

    Random music… All of it!

    All except Womanizer… what the fuck were you thinking bitch?

  3. I am such a messy person too!
    I just cleaned out my (couldn’t sit anywhere but the driver seat) car for the first time in forever on Saturday!!
    I am the same way with my random music!

  4. Meg says:

    hahahaa your car is disgusting! I can only imagine how many starbucks cups are in there now that you work there =P

    I love wish you were and does anybody hear her.

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