“Me Day”

It is a rarity that I have a day just for me. Between husband,friends,two jobs, and school…little to no time is ever left over. I was a bad girl today and skipped school.  Today was a self-proclaimed holiday for me. I crowned it ‘Me Day’. I think I’m going to start setting a day aside each month to be totally selfish, because this was great.Let me explain this holiday to you. It’s a day you do whatever the hell you feel  like doing whenever the hell you feel like doing it. Such a glorious and much needed day. For me this was a ‘Wake up late, drink my coffee, download music, jog, eat a lot, get my hair done, buy some cheap fakey nails (this went rather wrong and I ended up screaming bloody murder as husband tried chasing me down to rip the three nails stuck to me with super glue. Hot water eventually did the trick.)  go tanning ,and buy a chocolate malt a la Sonic’-day. I even got a SPINNY toy with my happy meal. Because today involved a few psychical changes, husband later came home and was quite taken with my Me Day. He said it’d be like he was sleeping with a different chick tonight. Hee. You’re welcome, dear.  My holiday is not quite over, now it ‘s time for a girl night outing, but for now, here’s a little before and after for y’all:

Before (aka 15 year old Christina):

After: (I may just pass for almost legal!)

So go on, tell Christina…What do/would you like to do on a ME day!?

19 thoughts on ““Me Day”

  1. I love “me days” I always call them my days of adventure. I try to sleep in just a little. And do something/go somewhere I haven’t been before in town.
    Then I have those lazy “me days” where I lounge with a good movie, ramen noodles, and the pup!
    Sounds like you had a GREAT day!

    • Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website beorfe but after checking through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back often!

  2. Meg says:

    VAVAVOOOM. I like.

    I’m not sure what I would do on a me day….I basically have some me time most days. buuuttt I would probably get a piece of cheesecake…eat it. snuggle with Mia and Harry while watching Say yes to the dress, Millionaire matchmaker, and the Newlywed game. =]

    if i was dating joe he would be there.


  3. Ow Ow Ow!!! (That’s my cat call from KS chick!)

    There are no ‘me’ days after children lady. Enjoy them NOW!!!! Or better yet… Don’t have kids!!!!!

    Grilled cheese and Tots baby!!! A bitch after my own heart!!!! Valentine’s time though I HAVE to have the Sweetheart shake!!! YUMMY! Did you read my post about how I worked there for like 4 years?

    That’s just how fucking rockstar I am!!!

  4. kat says:

    omg tina!! your hair looks amazing! super sexy.
    hmm on a me day? tanning, nails, and hair… like you did, thennn a long walk at san gabriel park. i always go there on me days. id go to the domain im sure, probably some people watching at starbucks downtown. umm. 🙂 i dont know, it would depend on my mood.

    • thanks baby. for seven dollars the lady did a damn good job. i trusted her. she was russian. sounded sophisticated.
      “people watching at starbucks downtown.” OOOOH. i love that idea. i would probably pick a different coffee shop though, i get a little tired of starbucks lol

  5. I love your hair, woman. It really does make you look older. I think I’ve told you that about 100x’s now.

    On “me” days I usually run errands. Getting what I need done so I can go home and chill is nice. I’m like Kat though, it really depends on my mood. Some times I just want to stay in the apartment all day. Other times I want to go everywhere and experience everything.

  6. Maybe Me Hours, not days, LOL!

    I spend 6 hours in the sauna getting massages and confine myself in the super warm Salt Room for hours reading a book or listening to music and sweat all the toxins out. Six hours later, my hubby and my daughter show up in the reception then my me hours are over 😦 But i love love being with them even when i’m shopping. So i think i only need hours, not days lmao!

  7. Me days consist of:
    1. Sleeping in until I feel like peeling myself out of my blankets.
    2. Drinking too much coffee and smoking too many cigs.
    3. Catch up on my internet stalking. (Yes, I fall under crazy stalker bitch category.)
    4. Eat anything I want without my kids asking to have a bite.
    5. Reading as many chapters in my book as physically possible.
    6. Enjoying adult beverages with girl friends.
    7. Talking badly about other bitches.
    8. Catch up on 3 month old gossip magazines while letting random nail salon tech give me a pedicure.
    9. Talking/texting & internet surfing on my cell phone until the battery no longer has life.
    10. Making love to my hubby until the sun comes up.

  8. Me day is a great idea and should be mandatory for all humans, especially up superhumans.

    What would your OC do on her Me day? Listen to music way too loud, eat a giant burger by the pool, tan and give both myself and the dogs mani/pedis. I would want to do something at night too, maybe just get really dressed up and wander around a city.

    Sigh, that sounds lovely! We should start a peaceful revolution to get the word out there about me day!


    • The member’s area is rellay easy to navigate showing all the current updates first along when using the growing archive of past video and image releases. Wow girls will not disappoint you! The best of girls are all they have and you won’t discover them anyplace else!

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