Cheers to Life.

I love shopping with best friends. πŸ˜‰

We started off at Top Drawer, an adorable little thrift store. My partner in crime for the night and I both LOVE thrift stores. They’re just so…thrifty. I love walking into one of these places and just slowly taking in all the odds and ends..books,coffee cups,clothes,paintings…you name it. All for so darn CHEAP too.Β  It’s such a rush. I’m becoming a thriftaholic. Last night I ended up with 6 shirts (they had HUGE buckets of buy one for a dollar get 3 free. Crazy, right? I love digging.) two books, and a new coffee mug all for less than 20 dollars! Ah. The thrill.

Next, we were hungry. So we headed to a place I spotted and Tessa gave me the low down on. Top Notch. A cute little burger joint where you can dine in or order Sonic-style. We choose to eat in. SO freakin’ adorable, this place. It’s been around for a long while so Tessa wasn’t surprised when I mentioned it reminded me of my great-grandma’s house. The food was also amazing. Tessa, thinking she was ordering strips, unknowingly ordered a three plate buffet of fried chicken. A man tried to stop her from bringing it to our table, thinking surely it couldn’t be our meal. It was. I helped her with it because man, I love fried chicken. I definitely want to go back to this place. My burger was meh, but the atmosphere was cozy, the prices reasonable, and the staff super sweet. Thumbs up, Top Notch!

Lookit all that chicken!!

We were so giddy from our shopping finds, yummy food, and nonstop girly laughter that we clinked our plastic soda filled cups together and let out (between giggles) “Cheers to life!” But the night wasn’t over yet folks…

It was cupcake time! I can’t remember the name of this place, but I really want to rename it something pertaining to Dr.Seuss. Look at how everything behind the counter is tilted and colorful, quite like those stories I remember reading as a kid. I instantly became infatuated and later fell in love with this one. The cupcakes– Tessa and I both went for the ‘Micheal Jackson’, cream cheese icing and chocolate cake– were exquisite, the get-up was cutesy and amusing and the dude working was Jamaican and awesome. We three got to talking and he kept calling me “Boo” and gave both Tessa and I dating/marriage advice. To me..Β  “Ah, you’re young boo, the odds are against you. But I’m pulling for you.” Aww. Tessa and I both loved him and decided he was quite the charmer. We like our black men too. Mmm. Ha.

Napkin holder reads:”Wipe That Icing Off Your Face, You Big Disgrace.” Made me giggle.

A skinny mirror that says “Keep eatin’ them cakes. You look good!” Haha. Such a comical joint this place was! Definitely coming back. Just as much for the humor and our new pal as for the cupcakes.

We ended the night with a beer and American Idol. I came home on such a high from this lovely, fun-filled night that we’re definitely going to try to make it a weekly thing,maybe even bringing a few more lucky people next time. Cheers to life!

10 thoughts on “Cheers to Life.

  1. Meg says:

    Ahahaha that cupcake place looked soooo cuteee. I love that mirror haha.

    I’m excited to visit so you can take me to all these amazing places you speak of. I’m gonna spend a lot of money, I’m callin’ it.

    I LOVED AI LAST NIGHT! they let sooo many people through! they said like, 70 something out of 96. Everyone’s so good this year.

  2. Best cupcake place ever! I haven’t been vintage shopping in ages, it’s a fantastic evening adventure. Sigh, this just looked so lovely and fantastic I wish I was there. And there is never enough of the good doctor Seuss! The whole world should be like the real life of his books…want to be thing one and thing two?


    P.S: looking good girl! The hair is fantastic!

      • Hello Tessa,Thanks for all the advice you\’re gvinig us. My heart sank a little when I read small towns R not us\’. My story is set in a Scottish castle so it\’s glam and luxurious but is it okay to be hidden away in the highlands? Thanks, Helen

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