Perfection=Roses,Chocolate and…Hannah Montana?

Happy Valentine’s day!

Happy Valentines day y’all! My husband came home yesterday with flu meds, (he’s a little under the weather) a dozen roses and a big box of chocolates. He then took my car to put oil in it and fill my gas tank up (I’m always verging on empty so this was a treat.)Β  I went off to work and then off we went to dine at the Cheesecake Factory. YUM. Have you ever had their fried mac and cheese? So good.Β  Even better was the company: Fernanda and I got all dolled up for our boys from her hotel room. I wore a dress. I don’t wear all that many dresses or ever put that much make-up on but I figured with all my boy did for me I could get extra hot/ pretty. IΒ  even bought fake eyelashes! One of them fell off somewhere in the night so I wouldn’t call that a success. But the night with our boys? Definitely pretty perfect.

AND look at this cheesecake. Adam’s Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple.To this I say, I thank-you Adam, you are a good man.

I think my favorite part of Valentine’s day isn’t the roses or chocolate (though that’s a close second)…but the giddy school-girlness it brings to so many of us ladies. My daddy has sent my mom something every single day for a week now (chocolate covered strawberries, a necklace, roses….etc) and she is adorably giddy. She’s like a teenager all over again. It’s really pretty cute and makes me smile as I’m writing this. I’m hoping my husband takes notes from my dad on how to act twenty one years from now. Hee. I turned into a giddy schoolgirl myself last night when we got home. This happens fairly easily as I’m still new to Valentine’s day and this is only my third ever receiving anything from someone besides my dad (who always made my Valentine’s day great!) Last night, I convinced Robby to watch the Hannah Montana movie with me (I know, I know. I’m thirteen at heart) and he couldn’t stand it for more than thirty minutes. A song came on after he had walked away that I was instantly intrigued with. I heard “I always get my way.” and I had to download. So here I am from the other room downloading my song, and the dude calls me out on it! “I knew you were downloading that song…I was listening to the lyrics and I just know you.” How can somebody know me that well?! It amazes me and creeps me out and makes my heart beat super fast. That was just as good to me as any rose or candy or even…cheesecake. And that’s hard to beat! I say this a lot but man…I’m a happy, lucky girl.

And what about y’all…any good giddy school-gal V-day stories for me?

19 thoughts on “Perfection=Roses,Chocolate and…Hannah Montana?

  1. You are a lucky girl!

    I’m jealous coz I have never EVER received flowers nor chocolates on any occasion. Not once, in my almost 32 years of life LOL! I don’t know why. And i feel like a gold-digger of some sort whenever i get gifts and stuff.

  2. Meg says:

    awww what a humble adorable V-day! And I love your mom’s comment ahhaa.

    I’m eating the chocolates I got for Joe. He loves those ferrero rocher ones, that are wrapped in gold. They’re delicious.

    I went to church this morning at 8:30 (AHHH) and my good friend David James gave me and Amanda a box of chocolates with a nice letter πŸ™‚ I threw out the chocolates though cuz i didn’t like them ahaha. But it’s the thought that counts.

    Best part of my VDay thus far though is the text my dad sent me this morning

    “Happy VD!
    I love you unconditionally.
    Your Dad,

    Ahahaha it was soooooo sweet. and i loved how he put “your dad, daddy” haha whatt?! Every text he sends me he signs it lol like a letter.

  3. ***GAG***!!!! You’re always so grossly romantic about ‘the hubby’ grrr to you!!

    ****Ashley CHOKES with all the mushy gushy shit from Christina!****

    Now look, you made me spill my vodka!!! Damnit!

    Well, let me just one up your beautiful V-day bitch! I sat in my sexy Aero strechy pants, my huge Kyle Busch (Yeah baby!) long sleeved shirt! And let me stress hoe that it is only huge because I lost 50lbs because I’m fucking cool like that!

    Anyway, back to the stretchy pants and Busch shirt, I watched the Daytona 500 with NO eyebrows on AND Kyle fucking finished 14th! Happy fucking V-day to me!

    Love you slut! Glad you had a good Valentine’s Day! Smootch the hubby for me, for being so good to YOU!

  4. Happy valentines darling! I laughed out loud about your fake eyelashes…so funny. But you get an A for effort.

    You watch and listen to Hannah Montana and I enjoy my Spongebob marathons and pajamas probably more than a 28 year old should. We’re so interesting!


  5. Hey girl. I made my blog private and I didn’t know your email address to add you as a reader. If you want me to send you one, let me know. Thanks! And Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

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