All the little pieces.

I’ve learned through the years that it takes a really long time to get to know somebody. Not just in passing or to know where they’re from, what they like to do,who they love…These things are too commonly marked as the ways to know someone for who they are.  It’s hard to actually take the time to know somebody and this is why stereotyping is so easy to do. It’s convenient.  But people are so much more complex than that. We are all made up of millions and millions of little pieces, flaws, thoughts,insecurities,quirks, etc…that really make us who we are. Thought I’d give you a few of my little pieces in return for yours. (No,crazy. This does not mean mail me your left toe. It means you have to tell me some little things about you too!)

-I feel rebellious really easily. Today a girl in class asked me to go outside with her on our break to smoke a cigarette. I never smoke but I decided to ask for one. Gives me a little giddy rush even though I don’t even inhale and everyone laughs at me for the way I hold it. I am so not a bad-ass.

-My imagination is too wild for my own good. I’ve changed phones recently and got an unknown text message today saying “Hey girl! Have you missed me at all? Only two more weeks. :)” My common sense tells me this is a friend but my lack of it goes crazy. “Missed…who? Is this sarcasm? Am I going to be killed in two weeks!? This is like one of those horror movies,I just know it!”  My mind continued in circles until I got the text back. It was a friend,after all.

-I am easily amused and extremely dorky. Bad combination. Yesterday I found an online baby-making machine. I made my husband and I’s first child ONLINE. Dude. I thought he/she was pretty cute  (though I would never put it in that atrocious bunny outfit…) and attempted to wake Robby up and show him last night. He just snored at me but I knew in his heart he was such a proud father. The kid has our little lips and big forehead and everything!!!

-I live off of fast food. In fact, Mcdonald’s Double Cheeseburger is the only burger I can stand to eat.

-I am a pouter. If something upsets me or I don’t get my way, I turn into a big pouty brat. Husband caught me pouting the other day and took a picture. Jerk.

-But I also get over things really quickly. I sometimes hate this about myself, but I can’t stay mad for more than a day or so, no matter what. I remember I used to try to make myself stay mad as a kid, because gosh darnit, I needed to stay mad to kill my brother later. It never worked. Above is the picture of Robby making me laugh a few seconds after my pouting had begun.

-My dad passed down a lot of good to me, but also a couple that might be considered bad. I have my daddy’s temper. I speak before I think, Act on my  impulses, and say things I instantly regret. On that same note, I have my daddy’s pride. So no matter how bad I feel, you will very rarely hear me take it back or apologize.

-It’s hard for me to become determined about something, but when I am, I’ll get ‘er done.  Yesterday at Starbuck’s a couple had an argument in Spanish and I could understand about 90 percent of it!It was a redundant argument but I was so freakin’ proud that I became even more driven to become fluent one day. Also. The conversation was so amusing to me I have to share:

(After asking them what they wanted)

Man: Frappucino. Perro, caliente. (He wants a frap but hot)

Woman: No. Frap es no caliente. Hace frio. (She’s telling him it’s cold.)

Man: Si. Perro yo quiero Mocha Frap caliente. (Yes. But I want it hot)

Woman: PERRO Frap hace FRIO! (You idiot *her tone of voice said that* The Frap is cold.)

This is where I jump in and tell them, in English, that the Frapuccino is indeed a cold drink. I also informed them that I was very happy because I understood their whole conversation. Hee.

-Edit:I copied this from my best friend because I feel the same exact way. We’re two peas in a freakin’ pod.  “-I really don’t not like anyone and it’s really weird. There are people who I don’t respect, but I can honestly say I don’t not like them.”

There you have it. I’m a nerdy, pouty, angry, silly, crazy wanna-be-rebellious brat! I make myself sound so damn good.

Okay. Your turn!

15 thoughts on “All the little pieces.

  1. kat says:

    🙂 oh this was cute. i also wanna say i think its good you know yourself so well.. the things you do and dont like about yourself. i think thats important to have any sort of self assurance, which you seem to have plenty of! and a few of mine, doll:
    -ill forgive someone long before i admit it.
    -i, too, am just like my dad.. for all his gifts and flaws!
    -i take baths to chill out.
    -im ridiculously impatient.. and fickle.
    -my intuition about other people is fantastic, when i ignore it is when i have problems.

    good blog, babe.

  2. Meg says:

    LOL i love the spanish story. What’d they say when you told them you understood them?

    I still can’t seem to stomach your love for mcdonalds double cheeseburgers. I still love you though ahahaha.

    My quirks/flaws/whatevers:

    -I can’t stay mad either

    -I hate being late….as you know ahahahaha

    -When i’m cranky I feel like pushing or yelling at people who are in my way

    -I really don’t not like anyone and it’s really weird. There are people who I don’t respect, but I can honestly say I don’t not like them =/

    -I’m easily excited. I find myself telling people things I’m really excited about and they’re like “….cool?” but the upside is they can tell me a lame story and I won’t think it’s lame 🙂

    <3! Check out our blog if you haven't I updated it.

    • to you IS pretty silly.Anyway, what I rlaely wanted to say was I decided to start a blog of my own today and in the first post I give, I guess a shout out(?) to your site and a link to it. I hope this is OK. I rlaely don’t see why it wouldn’t be but if you would like me to remove it let me know.Thanks!

  3. LOL cute! and true…

    -I cannot mail a letter. Nope. I give them to Owen to mail, or else they never get there. Packages are not a problem.

    -You would not want to see my overactive imagination when I am angry at someone. I just don’t imagine getting even…I imagine a very detailed scenario…it could be them suffering, or it could be ME suffering, and THEY are suffering because of my suffering, and but it’s always very melodramatic, and NOTHING you would EVER, EVER see IRL. LOL. (This is also true when I am feeling down)

    -I get enthusiastic about things – which is why I find Meg’s post so funny – she always teases me about being overly exuberant about describing things I like – ummm Meg…where do you think you got that gene from girlfriend? 😛 (not your father!)

    -I am pretty intuitive and although I hate playing games, I am *very good* at knowing JUST how many buttons I can push to take someone to the edge of blowing up. What can I say? It’s a gift 😀

    -I rely a LOT on gut feelings. When I don’t, I regret it.

      • Hah yeah…like if some guy cuts me off on the highway, I imagine a cop right behind me seeing him do it, pulling him over, and giving him a lecture about endangering my life..I drive by in slow motion so the guy can see my face…he knows it’s me, and I smile this smug little smile like “GOTCHA SUCKAH” and give him the “salute” as he tries sad puppy dog eyes on the cop to no avail…makes me forget about how mad I was at getting cut off LOL

  4. Hmmmm, okay so I am chronically late for EVERYTHING, I’m a badass, but every one already knows that, I DO in fact inhale when I smoke. I inhale DEEPLY so as not to go on a killing spree through Johnson County, I’m highly and happily medicated, not the bitch to have on your bad side, but I’m definately the coolest chick ever!!!

    You know what, everything cool ass thing you can come up with, put that on my list and we’ll call it a day!!!

    I heart you skank face!

  5. ahaha I did the baby thing too
    Allen and I would have one ugly child. lol

    You know what I am. No need to list em on here. lol I’ll make my own blog about it.

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