Last night Meagan and I decided to have a girls night. This girls night started off innocently enough. It actually wasn’t even a girl’s night at first as my husband joined us for dinner. It is kind of hard to pass up Double Dave’s pizza rolls, after all.

However, once Robby left and the cousins are left alone…trouble will ensue.  My cousin and I are, to the distress of the common world, scarily alike. We think the same way, like the same music, both hate to drive, are stubborn beyond belief,both like taking ridiculous amounts of pictures, and when around the other…Act the same way. This is the scary part. We turn into giggling, obnoxious idiots. As we are both under 21 and it was past 8, we couldn’t decide what to do. We already ate. The mall’s closing. Too cold to walk around a park.  Neither of us are want to attempt to drive downtown. And then, like a light shining in the distance, we saw it. The Main Event!!!  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a giant kid friendly, adult play-land.  All indoors- Games, bowling, pool, laser tag and golf…The works. What better place for cousin and I to soberly act like manic fools?  Here’s the culprits:

And here’s how the night went:

-We swipe our credits cards and get our little fun card thingies. I get so excited when POP, out comes the little swiper.

Next we rode the motorcycles….

-Watched and Mimicked a professional DDR guy.

-Shot pretend guns (I personally like the real ones better.)

-I started off hitting the mallet easy enough…

– But I wasn’t getting any points…

-We got tired of the customers play things so we started using the things employees left around for us…

(Are y’all realizing how evil/creepy I look in most of these pictures?!)

-Meagan even helped with the vacuum! (‘Cept it wasn’t on. Details,Details.)

-Shot some hoops..

-We then proceeded to each spend ten dollars on the photo booths. Those things get me everytime!

-Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for.  (Drumroll) Video proof of me violating the horsey:

11 thoughts on “Evil-Picture-Taking-Horse-Humpers

  1. ahah That video of Meagan made me laugh and you do look incredibly creepy and crazy in a few of those pics. My favorite: When you’re about to hit the mallet. paha!

  2. Meg says:

    I love that picture of your and Robby in the begining! you look so cute.

    I also love the pictures of you with the mallot….kinda like that time we got into a fight and you were all calm and then just exploded.

    But my favorite part was you humping the horse.

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