Why I’m smiling.

I have this humble little opinion that there’s always a reason to smile and be thankful. We just too often overlook the reason/s. Call me crazy but I think you can make anything and everything into something fun. The tiny moments are usually the best to find joy in, because this makes every day something incredible. No exceptions either. Laundry? Dance while folding. Dishes? Use a spatula as a microphone. Driving to work? Sing at the top of your pretty little lungs. Life is too short to ever do boring things the boring way. So don’t. Here’s some of the reasons I’ve been smiling the past couple of days:

-I get a tremendous amount of excitement from buying coffee. I usually buy the mini bags good for one brew and always end up running out and making a trip to 7-11.  Coffee is just too damn expensive! A girl I work with told me about Eight o’ clock coffee. Dude. It’s SO good and for three dollars! I felt like a little kid waking up for Christmas this morning just knowing I got to make this stuff.

-Being able to see. I am thankful for all of my senses, but this one the most. Has anyone seen the movie ‘Blindness’ ? Basically, everyone in the world goes blind. It scared the shit out of me and on another level really had me thinking. Not most of realize how much we depend on our sight. Would we be able to function without it? Would the world go mad or would we find a way to work with it? These are questions I hope I never have to answer. I am smiling because I can see. I can see my husband’s beautiful smile, my baby sister as she learns to walk, the look on my dad’s face as he walked me down the aisle, flowers blooming, the food I’m eating,the words I’m writing…I am just so happy I can freakin’ see.

-My friend Emily and I have started a tradition of watching the ever so cheesy “Secret Life of the American Teenager” at her place every week. We spice it up by doing something different every week. This week we were both still lounging in pjs, made biscuits and gravy, and as usual had a lot of perverted sex talk. How’s that for reruns?!

-My bestest friend in the whole wide world is coming from Maryland to visit me this summer. We alternate states every summer and I’m pretty excited it’s my turn. It feels like we’re twelve everytime we’re around eachother, but we’re finally to the point where we our adults and have cars. I made a list of everything we’re gonna do this summer, and got a rush of unbearable, childlike excitement while doing so.

-These two dogs are the biggest, loudest, most annoying pains in the ass….But they’re my pains in the ass. They were playing tug a war with a shoe of mine they destroyed this morning. Destructive little bitches. But cute.

-Speaking of pain in my ass. Do you know what that is? Just guess. Give up? My husband said he got tired of tripping over my shoes. So he TIED them up in my sweat pants.  Um, really?!?M*** F**** can tie a good knot too….

But really, how can I stay mad at him? Just look at that face. My heart melts a little every time I look at this.  I know, I know…I’m so cheesy. But just lookit him! I’ve been smiling the entire time I write this one. I love that boy a whole bunch.

– This one is actually pretty embarrasing to me but thought I’d share to show you I’m serious about the laundry thing. I was folding laundry while singing and dancing and tried taking a video for my eyes only. Accidentally took a picture instead. Oh my. Point is, have fun no matter what! Even if you are in man clothes using a hanger as some kind of make-shift singing device.

15 thoughts on “Why I’m smiling.

  1. Meg says:

    aaahahahha I love you.

    And wtf how did robby come up with the idea to tie your shoes in your pants?!?! Clever…but it looks like it’s just tied at the bottem? can’t you just hold the pants upside down to get them out?

    coney better be nice to me this summer. I think ive forgiven her so hopefully we can have a fresh start.

    I commented on your blog to our blog! i added a few things. more will probably come to mind later =]=]=]=]=]=]=]

    “I am just so happy I can freakin’ see.”
    Me too. I liked this haha

  2. Ahahaha!! Big thumbs up to Robbie for thinking of a novel way to get you to pick up your shoes 🙂 How funny is that?!!!!

    Hmm…I wonder if I took all the dishes Owen doesn’t bus and dump them into a pair of sweatpants, if that would work? *ponders* prolly not….

  3. Dancing while completing menial tasks is the best! What do you dance to? My personal favourites are The Kinks and The Animals.

    Your husband is evil! The again perhaps he was saving your shoes from your very cute but evil dogs.

    There needs to be more like you! Smiles man, soooooo many smiles!

    Canadian friend

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