8 little words.

It’s crazy how one sentence can change everything isn’t it? Words are such powerful things that,I especially,need to learn to use with more discretion. Example numero uno. I was having a hard time working the closing shift on a busy Saturday at Starbucks yesterday.  I was alone and absolutely nothing was done so instead of screaming my lungs off or throwing a temper tantrum on the middle of the floor (which was my second choice), I went to the back to do a little breathing for a second.

I suck at doing relaxing exercise stuff so instead I checked my phone. I had a new text and half heartedly clicked to see what it was. “I’m proud of you and I love you.” It was my daddy. My dad’s not much of a texter and he is in general, always a man of little words.  I spent the rest of my night glowing and trying not to cry from that on top of already having many that-time-of-the-month emotions. What I’m getting at is, use your words wisely.  I’ve always been the type of person to just throw whatever I’m feeling out there before thinking it through. I’m learning, through trial and error, everything we say goes a lot farther than most of us realize. Oh,and,I love my daddy.

17 thoughts on “8 little words.

  1. kat says:

    that was really sweet of your dad. sometimes they just know when to say what needs to be heard! one time though i sent my dad a “i love you” text out of the blue and he asked me what a i broke. hah.

    • Ah, Dani, I can relate to your siatiuton! I used to write parliamentary papers by day and romance by night. And yes, when it’s a rough day, there’s nothing like curling up with someone else’s romance, is there?Congratulations on being selected by the editors. It must be a terrific first chapter. I’ll look forward to reading it.Annie

    • Hi Suz and MoiraMApologies for answering your qeireus in one post this contest is really generating some big interest! We are so excited and are really looking forward to receiving the entries. First of all, Suz, you asked about exotic, deserted islands sounds good as long as you can insert a bit of luxury in there. Presents readers tend to like an element of glamour, so an idyllic island paradise with a top rated hotel/spa or the hero’s fabulous hideaway pad would go down well with them. If you’re thinking shipwrecked, tattered clothes and no shower, this is not so appealing. It has to be seduction in comfort!MoiraM, Natalie’s recommendation to read next month’s Pregnant Mistresses is a great idea. Also check out Bryony Green’s blog on this site about Modern Heat, which is really helpful.

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