House Hunting,Bread Crumbs, and Bubble Baths.

The past few days have been lovely. I’m still working two jobs and going to school but have cut my hours a little in the work area to have time for…well, me. To enjoy myself and mostly to be able to really focus on what it is I’m wanting from this life, especially in the next few years. I find it really hard for me to just relax and to remember, Christina, You’re only 20 years old. I’m trying to center on this right now in both ways of motivation and calming down a bit.  I need a little time-out to think and act on, in less retail/coffee terms, of what I’m wanting to do for a future career and even sooner, school and internships and what-not. Also, to goof off and kick back a little more. I know this isn’t permanent, but for now, it’s nice.  Some of the things I’ve been wanting to do that I accomplished in the past two days:

HOUSE HUNT! That’s right. Husband and I are preparing for a move October or sooner. I have absolutely no patience and already found my dream house.  This is an even better feeling than I thought it would be.  Can you believe it!? I’m going to be a house owner! Everyone is still in more shock than I am. “That’s so…grown up.” Yeah. Tell me about it. I like being a grown up, I think.

Went on a walk. I’ve been needing to do this. Walking really does something for my mind and inspiration levels. Fresh air, Beautiful day, New places…It’s a good mixture. It’s been on my to do list for a couple of weeks now. Trying to kill two birds with one stone by bringing the dogs? Not such a good idea. My dogs are antisocial psychos who alternated between attacking eachother and trying to kill every dog or person anywhere nearby. I got a few looks before I was far enough away from people to actually enjoy a little bit. I walked through a lot of grass to get to a place husband and I had walked before. It isn’t much, but with a little bridge, the sun-setting, and some kind of gross looking water… I still found myself in awe of the nature thing.

Cook. This is a rare occurence for me. So very rare, my best friend’s mom has made a this site for me: Anyone Can Cook, Even Tina! I made her chicken recipe last night.  It required Panko, which I had never heard of before. What is Panko, you may ask? Bread crumbs! But special bread crumbs. Bread crumbs from the gods.  It will tell you on the back box that they are Japanese derived (a good sign, as I like all things Asian food)  and have a more “crunchy,harmonious” texture about them.  My chicken didn’t turn out as good as I think they should have. This is probably because I used paper towels for wax paper and a wooden spoon for a roller. Even after my trip to the store! I’ll get better at this eventually, I swear it. Until then, My husband appreciated it and Panko bread crumbs are mouth-orgasms even all by themselves. I found myself spooning the stuff out of the box before the night was over.

Read. I’ve been meaning to get back to my reading for a long time. I’ve always been an avid reader and book buyer.  Lately, I’d start a book and not be able to finish.  I’m a one book at a time kind of person and I’d put down each one a little frustrated at myself for not being able to get the slightest bit entertained. My best friend cured my problem by lending me the book “Love the one you’re with.” She let me know the book reminded her of me and man, she can call it. I have about a million quotes from this book where I swear the author stole my brain. One of the many things I love about reading a truly good book. Also the buying, the front covers, and the total engrossment that comes with the turning of a page.

Bubble Bath. I usually don’t like baths. I’m very much a shower girl.  I don’t like the idea of bathing in my own nasty or do I like feeling overheated. I’ve only taken probably a handful of baths in the past five years. Husband and I got into one of our first big married fights last night and I needed something soothing. So I grabbed olive oil, sake oil body treatment, Neutrogena something or other, and Vera Wang body foam and threw it all in the bath. Oh my Gosh. Why hadn’t I had a bath in so long again? Gaaah. I was a relaxed, soothed, happy woman. And later when Robby and I made up (and shortly before the best make up sex,ever) he noted that I smelled good. Definitely doing this bubble bath thing again.

In short, I’ve been getting shit done while enjoying myself with bubble baths, bread crumbs, and really good make up sex. Hurrah.

14 thoughts on “House Hunting,Bread Crumbs, and Bubble Baths.

  1. BK says:

    Wow! It really sounds like you had good two days. I just had an almost two hours walk this afternoon and I really enjoyed it; first time I was doing it and I didn’t expect it’ll take me that long. Congrats that you have found your dream house.

  2. Meg says:

    Ahhhh i laughed when reading your cooking section. I’m sure they still tasted good, just didn’t LOOK gormet. And you remind me of the little kid who gets a sweater for christmas but just wants to play with the box it came in lol. Make chicken, eat the bread crumbs from the box after.

    How did you guys ever settle that one fight where he was spraying you with water like he does the dogs? Is it over enough for me to laugh? ❤

    LOL coney is a psychopath. I think your dogs are weird cuz they grew up in an apartment…actually they should be good with people cuz of that. yea idk coney's just a &*$#@ (hehehe) I hope she doesn't remember me so we can start fresh. I'm going in with an open mind. Idk about obi but if she (he?) is anything like shadow we might have problems. I hope she's like cookie. Or jasmine.

    • Robby really seemed to enjoy it, so that’s a plus. I choose instant potatoes over the veggies and the chicken was a little too thick, but yes, it was pretty decent haha.
      I finally forgave him for spraying water on me haha. Ohhh I was so pissed. The thing about him is he was not brought up in a home where anyone yelled,ever, so he doesn’t know how to respond when I do. DUDE. Yell back. Stop thinking up stupid ways to retaliate. Ha.
      Coney’s a bitch who has to have all of the attention. Obi will take a couple of hours to warm up to you and then he’ll love you. We joke and say Coney has my personality while Obi took on Robby’s haha.

      • Meg says:

        Ahahahaha maybe you should just fight fire with fire! see how long it takes for one of you to yell.

        LOL that’s funnnyyy. I like obi. He probs has “the force” he has to be legit.

  3. House hunting and buying…well just the whole process is the most fun and stressful time you will ever go through. Enjoy it. Be prepared to have your personal finances and bank account pillaged by vikings. It is worth it in the end. I still cant believe that I own my own place. It is crazy.

  4. LOL Tina! Your chix looks good! I laughed when I imagined you beating the chicken down with a wooden spoon ROFL zomg girl…Get robby’s rubber mallet and use that…better yet, just BUY the chicken already pounded (I think they are called “Fit and Easy” Thin sliced cutlets) hahah 🙂 And buy a roll of waxed paper…It’s like $1.19. Srsly. 😀

    I want to see pix of your dream house! Where is it? fill us in! Maybe when Meg visits she can take pics for me.

    Keep on cookin’! The only way you’re going to get better is by practicing, and you’re already on your way…Don’t make me get out the pom poms and start cheering…erm…although I never was a cheerleader, I can always buy some…just remember that.

  5. Allen’s made that chicken before. Sooo good!

    I’m excited for you and Robby!!I’m bitching about signing a year’s lease, but you guys are buying an actual house. Talk about planning for the future…VERY grown up!

  6. kat says:

    you’ll have to come to one of our cooking nights, tina! i’m learning to cook from melody she’s amazing. also, i think it’s funny that your dogs are so quirky, guess its true what they say about dogs taking after their owners 😉

  7. I have a big grin on my face reading this. I wanna try that chicken though :B mmm…

    and oh, btw, Have you tried lush bath bombs and massage bars..mmm…mmm..

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