It’s life & It’s mine.

I can’t use enough kind adjectives to explain how blessed I am or what a happy girl I am. It’s better explained exactly the way it is.

(Study Buddy night)

It’s feeling good about yourself because by golly, you’re trying your damnedest. It’s signing up for something that’s going to truly help somebody. It’s making a 90 on a Spanish midterm you thought you might just fail.  It’s planning a trip to California, ready to finally check off of a life to do list. It’s being acknowledged for the major growing up you’ve done and and the hard work you put in at work. It’s joining a writing club and loving every second of it; Getting butterflies knowing you might just read something of your own next meeting. It’s getting in touch with ‘Matt the Transfer’ Guy and signing up for a school tour to your college of choice. It’s waiting for that summer class to start, even though you used to hate the idea of summer classes, so you can be one step closer to your internship of choice. It’s having a meeting with a realtor planned tomorrow, knowing your dream home before you even walk in those doors. It’s chasing multiple dreams at once,It’s being proud of yourself ,& It’s knowing everything is falling perfectly into it’s place, One little puzzle piece and baby step at a time.

(Studying! Arabic -him- Spanish-me-)

If there’s anything that makes me feel even close to as good as what I can accomplish myself, It’s the moments I share with those closest to me. They are my pride and joy and constantly make my heart overflow with ridiculous amounts of bubbly joy.

(Food picture–Fer and I at coffee shop/writing club tonight)

It’s all of the little moments I’ve made with so many just in the past few days. It’s having a study buddy who listens to annoying Arabic videos while I’m trying to study Spanish.  It’s bringing a friend who doesn’t write to writing club; It’s knowing how much she loves you when she leaves work early and instead sits by your side all night, listening intently and reading all of the stories she probably would usually have no interest in.  It’s laughing as we realize we locked my keys in my car, Calling a cab who happens to be the most adorable Pakistani (who informed us many people think he’s actually Mexican) man in the world as we use team work (One girl with the flashlight, One girl with hand on door, Nice man using long hook thingy)high fives and a lot of patience to get the door open.

(Gifts send from Maryland with cute explanatory sticky notes attached)

It’s having an amazing lady all the way in Maryland send me loads of chocolate and seasonings, partly to help me cook, partly just because she loves me.It’s falling asleep on my husband’s warm body, kissing his cheek before we both doze off into a cuddly sleep. It’s being ‘stalked’ by all of my closest friends, getting a text message that reads “Is it weird that I crave your blog? That I find myself checking “‘Christina’s little world two’ often?”  from my best friend and being quoted on numerous occasions.  It’s talking with a new friend about everything while getting a tan on a sunny,Texas day outside of my community college. It’s girls nights and giggles and boys nights and being taught how to play the Wii. It’s knowing that I am loved and appreciated by so many people. That above everything else is what makes me feel the best. I don’t know what I did to have so many people who would do anything for me, who actually really do, on many occasions, do everything for me.


I am such a happy girl, and well,I should be.I realize I’m kind of gloating now, but let me gloat a little. I am young, happy, and alive.  I have a future, friends, and so much ahead of me that I can do whatever I want with.  It’s life..And it’s mine. What could be better?

20 thoughts on “It’s life & It’s mine.

  1. Enjoyed meeting you at the writing meet. I don’t think you have to worry about reading your poems, no need for those butterflies–easier said than done; I know, I know.Great blog, great writing,may you continue to have plenty of reasons to be happy!
    Check my silly blog, I just started it a couple of days ago.

  2. Awww, ❤ you lots Tina-wina! Moreso, I ❤ what you've evolved into! 🙂

    *Umm…and I do believe it's… "It’s feeling good about yourself because by golly, you’re trying YOUR damnedest"


  3. Meg says:

    This blog made me smile because your happiness was like, oozing out of it.

    That was a compliment. lol

    I love you a lot! call me haha

    Oh and way to correct grammar, mom hahaha. RUINED THE BLOG! =P If this was American Idol, I’d be Ellen and say… (randy has just said how it was pitchy) “You have a great voice and it really doesn’t matter that it was pitchy I don’t think. People at home like it.”

    ‘na mean?

  4. You know, you make it extremely difficult to think up sarcastic things to say when you post all these ‘sweetsy’ posts! Damn you!

    Now I want chocolate AND coffee and I’m thinking of learning a new language…

    Shhhhyea, right! Like I have the fucking patience for that shit.

    • I love this post. It is so true though. 10 or 20 muetins here and there will not throw my day completely out of wack. It actually helps me be more productive and he interrupts me less.I love your life lessons they are ones I am trying to implement as well

  5. oc says:

    I am selfish because I read this blog because it makes me happy. Awesome blog doll, this was inspiring and humble and infused with joy. Okay, okay, I crave your blog too. Add me to the list! Yay! Fan from Toronto.

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