Cuddle times and Carnivals

Sunday mornings are my favorite.  It’s one of the few mornings I always  get to have half awake conversations and cuddle sessions with the husband.  This morning’s conversation went something like this:

Me: You’re such a cuddle bug, you know that?
Husband: F*** you!
(We are known for constantly jokingly cursing at eachother, for those of you who don’t already know.)
Me: It’s okay babe. What, you think you just gotta be a sex god all the time? You’re a cuddler.
Husband: WAAAAHHHHH (this is like a guy version of Snooky’s ((via Jersey Shore’s)) fake cry. He does it to annoy the crap out of me.)
(I’m annoyed.)
Husband: (laughs) Baby, I love you.

We have an almost perfect life together, the two of us. I can only hope with all of my heart my life stays like this forever, but I have a feeling life doesn’t ever stay just as good as it is right now forever. That would be too easy, and I’ve already learned through trial and error life just ain’t easy. So for right now, I am soaking up every little piece of happiness I can and enjoying every little moment I’m given with this boy and everyone around me.

Friday night was my first ever carnival, a la the Austin Rodeo. Fernanda and David accompanied the boy and I, and I guess you’d call that a double date, eh? What I really like about Fer and David is that they are way past the (quoted from one of my best friends here) “Early relationship bullshit” and thus it’s more like a small group of friends having a good time rather than two couples sucking face or oodling (is that a word?) over eachother all night long. Nor do I have to secretly kick Robby and whisper that he better be sweeter to me, that he’s making us look bad. Two benefits of going out with a couple who’s been together even longer than you and your dude have.

(When I said something about taking a picture of the apples, dude informed me “You can just buy one…Take it home and Look at it!” Hee.)

I can’t believe in all of my years of being in Texas, I’ve never been to a rodeo OR a carnival . David told me I was like a little kid the whole time. I was. I was jumping up and down saying how excited I was about a million times before we even walked in the place. Bright lights, Funnel cake, Games,Crazy mirrors,Slides you have to go down after the crazy mirrors, Rides….This is the perfect place for 20 year old’s who act half their age.  If this is what heaven is like, dude. I’m down.

The down side of the night, (or upside-down side) is I am an idiot. I went on a scary ride that took you up,down and around…And left my phone in my pocket. My friends actually watched it fall to it’s doom. So far this week I’ve (1. Locked my keys in my car (2. Left my purse at a realtors office & (3. Lost my phone while upside down on a carnival ride. Sigh. Robby put it nicely when telling our friends, “Christina’s cursed. Everything she touches that has anything to do with technology turns to shit.” It’s sadly so true.

But other than the phone disaster the night was lovely. The husband even tried playing one of those games that are impossible to win to try to win me a stuffed animal (or in my case, a Tennessee Titans beany bag) He lost. It’s the thought that counts,right? And that boy does try.

End of the night ferris wheel rides and we made our boys kiss our cheeks. Hee. Perfect way to end the night.

18 thoughts on “Cuddle times and Carnivals

  1. Kat says:

    ohhh tina, its so true you and technology do not mix well. we love you so much anyway. these are the cutest pictures!

  2. Kati says:

    I’ve never been to a carnival reading this makes me wanna go and eat some funnel cakes lol. Good blog Christina I love reading them you could be a profesional blogger 🙂

  3. Hah…we had SO many carnivals around when I was a kid – the Fire Dept, or the local Catholic church was always putting one on – I still become a little kid when I go to one – I dunno if it’s the bright lights, the cheesy music, the tons of food that’s horrid for you but oh-so-good – but there’s something about a carnival that just makes ANYONE a kid again – maybe it’s those cotton candy fibers in the air! 🙂 cute blog post!

  4. Awwww! He tried to win you an animal at the carnival??? How fucking sweet is that? Nobody has EVER done that for me!

    I had this one guy win me like 25 stuffed animals out of one of those claw machines at a bar… Ha!

    I LOVE funnels cakes!!!

    I washed my husbands cell phone in the washer, so he got a new one, then I washed AND dried that one 3 weeks later, THEN he got ANOTHER one and I ran over it with the car…

    I heart your face bitch!

    OH! I mentioned you AGAIN in my blog!! Go look immediately!!!

  5. oc says:

    Ferris wheel and funnel cake. And casual swearing with the husband. This is why we get along so well! I told a boy last week that he had a crush on me cause I was so good lookin’ and he told me to fuck off. I swooned and rewarded him. Ha. Love!

  6. Oh, that looks so fun. I’ve never been in a place like that out of the 5 years i’ve been in the US. oh wait, does Universal Studios count?

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