Randomly with my Thinking Cap.

Happy Saint Patricks day! After rummaging, all of my green seems to be dirty.  I’m going to have bruised arms by the end of the day. Boo. The good news is, today is my only work free day this week. I have a school tour and am free the rest of the day.  Next week I turn 21, This week has been a blasty blast already, and I am ready to share lots of pictures to prove it. On top of that, I was tagged to tell you 8 random things about me by Miss Skye AND as you can see from above, I had my thinking cap (aka my friend’s bike helmet) on the other night. This means  I’ll probably think of about 108 things, but it’ll be random anyway.

1. Sometime’s I still get Barney songs stuck in my head. Yesterday it was “Mee and my beessst teddy bear, sitting in our favorite chaiiirr, We are going out to plaaaay, Just like everyday.” Sigh. Good times, man. Good times.

2.  I don’t really want to turn twenty-one yet. I regress a little every year, but this one especially.  I love being young. Love it. I’m excited about going out with my girls but I already have a husband to buy me drinks elsewhere and I hear it’s all downhill after 21. The next big year after this is…30. *shudders* I’m going to be a grandma before you know it.

3. OH! Also. “I like to eat eat eat, Apples and Bananas. I like to oat oat oat Ooples and Bononoooos. I like to iit iit iit Iiples and bininniiiess.” Thats another good Barney song, folks.

4. Scary movies are my favorite but I also dread watching them. I get scared super easily and will have a hard time sleeping if it’s a really scary one.  I give myself a distraction, like the computer. Whenever the creepy music plays in the background, I know it’s time to go on facebook and let whoever is with me  recap. Movie theaters are a little trickier.

5. I do not have coordination skills. At all. Zilch. Zero. None. Beer Pong is probably one of my biggest weaknesses.My friend actually held me up when we were playing with the boys the other night. We sucked so bad they made a “As long as you don’t touch the table” rule. I STILL missed.

6.  If I go to a bar or party or any social thing, I do not feel complete until I make conversation or at least small talk with someone new.  I cannot stand sticking to my bubble or my group of friends, and venturing out is actually pretty fun once you get used to it.  You’ll notice if you just try, people are for the most part nice and open too meeting you too. Once I learned this is when I really started making friends (and at the very least bar buddies)very  easily.  By the end of last night, my friend and I were fist pumping it out with our new bar buddies.

7. I cannot book-skim. If I’m going to read it, I have to read every single part. I’ll also usually pick the boring books first, so I can save the good ones for later. I still make myself read it all. I have a friend who can just skip to the end and thinking about that makes me want to pull my hair out. HOW does she do that?! It’s about the journey DAMNIT! When I was younger my favorite books were the Babysitters Club, and in every single book the author would go through chapter long introductions of the babysitters and what-not; things I had already known since book one. I made myself read the damn chapter long introductions, every single time. I vaguely recall actually yelling at the books because this became so annoying,(I know who Stacy and Dawn are at this point,move on!) but I could be mistaken.

8. I received my first blogging award the other day!

From Crazy Brunette Chick, whom I love and adore. ALSO. I was asked to write my first ever guest blog and it will appear here, I think Thursday, so be on the look out! I feel like I’m beginning to become a real blogger or something, Jeeze!

9. My hair is a jungle of thickness. I wish we all liked eachother bald because I HATE dealing with my hair. Every single hairdresser (albeit one and I made sure he knew how much this meant to me.) I’ve ever had in my whole entire life has commented something like but not limited to, “Wow. You have really thick hair.” Thank-you. I did not realize. 70 percent of the time it’s in some sort of bun and the other 30 percent I’m cursing my straightener for not having magical powers.

10. I say nice and slightly awkward things out loud that other people usually just think. I told a girl I worked with the other day she had a cute butt. I’ll occasionally tell random customers when they’re really pretty. If I  genuinely like someone new to me, I’ll tell them “I like you.”  or “You’re fun!” You’d think people would be creeped out but usually they blink a couple of times and then respond with an embarassed smile and a pleased “Thank-you!” Every once in a while they’ll even inform you you’ve made their day. It’s fun and it’ll make you feel good too. Try it!

12 thoughts on “Randomly with my Thinking Cap.

  1. Meg says:

    Lol! i like your ‘say random things people usually just think’ thing. You do DO that. (I cannot hear anyone say “You do do that” or say it myself without thinking “haha..doodoo.” So i try to avoid it..) Imma do that today.

    ahahaha if I had a dollar for every time I tried to make you let me straighten your hair.

    Robby’s totally creeping in that last picture hahaha He’s like “remember me? =D”

  2. You just remind me of my age 😦 But don’t worry, the downhill thingy is not always true…. 30, flirty and thriving… remember? hihihi Jennifer Garner movie.

  3. HaHa!!!

    Christina! I swear to fucking God, we would be fucked if we ever got to hang out!

    I’m the same way at bars!!!

    I’m like, ‘Well, we’re going to friends now, and that’s that.’ People make fun of me all the fucking time!!!! They say I don’t know any strangers…

    AND I always do funny awkward shit too! It’s funny and normal to me, but apperently awkward for others… Hmmm.

    The other day I attended one of those fucking God awful jewelery party things that a really old friend of mine was having. Well everybody wanted to know if my tits were fake.

    You know because I lost so much weight and they’re still big? I’m like, “No, I bought these bitches at Victoria’s Secret” and I lifted up my shirt and told them to feel how padded my bra was…

    Like I give a fuck???

    I heart your face bitch!!!! I’m guest writing too! IF I can ever get it written!

  4. Kat says:

    i would read this blog a few times but couldn’t find anything good i wanted to say ugh! i like it because i miss you and it’s so you haha i just have nothing noteworthy to say… so i’ll just let you know i read it and appreciated your 10 random things 🙂 although technically 9 if you roll the two barney ones together.

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