Wildest dreams

My friend Katie and I went on a school tour of Concordia the other day. I’ve had this one set in my mind for a while now,and it was even more than I had hoped for. It’s in a remote, beautiful area and sets on hundreds of acres; Yet it’s still only 20 minutes from where I live.  It’s also ridiculously expensive and I wasn’t getting my hopes up about getting in next fall. I sat down and talked with the admissions guy and my mouth must have gaped open. He said if I have the gpa I claim to (I do), not only am I in,  but I can also get quite a pretty penny in scholarships. If everything works out I will be at Concordia next sememster, so cross your fingers for me y’all!

As this school has been a dream of mine that I looked and adored from a distance, It’s crazy to think it may soon be a dream come true.  This got me thinking about all of the dreams we keep to ourselves. As kids, we tell everybody everything we’re going to do and be when we’re older. Go to the moon, Be the president, Be a princess…Nothing is out of our reach. But as we get older, we focus on only the little dreams. The ones that could maybe actually happen.  But I say we keep our dreams big, and we tell others we want to be a freakin’ princess. Whether it’s possible or not, Here’s what I say: The bigger the dream, The more ambitious the person.  Both reachable and unattainable, Realistic and absolutely crazy, What are your wildest dreams? Here’s mine:

Transfer to Concordia.  Make lots of money and go on shopping trips in New York with my girlfriends. Jump out of a plane. Be the star in a movie that I also wrote and produced. Appear in a country music video as the girl who makes sad faces and lays in bed sexy-crying.  Buy dream home. Graduate with an English degree. Forgiveness is a way of life. Every baby ever conceived is born healthy. Write and publish books. World hunger is solved. Own a bookshop with a coffeehouse inside, possibly placed in London.  I, of course, would need my own jet to get to said bookshop when needed.  Speidi is permanently banned from television.  My blog becomes super famous. We would all just get along, or at least act more adult about not getting along.  My apartment starts cleaning itself. I  quit working for a year to travel the world with my husband,all expenses paid. The radio always knows exactly what I need to hear.

I could see everyone’s passwords, secret thoughts, and journals. I can also be invisible.  Every day I spent with my best friend when I was twelve,thirteen, and fourteen, was recorded and given to us now for our viewing pleasure.  We all get to say goodbye.  Mcdonald’s decides to combine with my living space and gives me free food in return. Love is easier to come by. We all treat eachother with respect, and all deserve the respect we are given.  I have a personal chef, trainer, and wardrobe helper guy. I never lose my metabolism. I can suddenly pick up a tune and people actually like hearing me sing. I speak not only Spanish fluently, but also Italian and possibly Mandarin. I’m as happy as I am now forever.  I’d finish this off with ‘Be a princess’ but I already have a guy who makes me feel like one. Maybe those little kids dreams ain’t so far fetched after all.

10 thoughts on “Wildest dreams

  1. kat says:

    my favorites: “We all get to say goodbye.” “Forgiveness is a way of life.” and the new york shopping trips 🙂 cause i hope i’d be there for those!

  2. Awwww…great post Tina! I’d also love to start having my house clean itself…and have a washer/dryer that picks up every piece of clothing dropped on the floor, washes, dries, and folds it. I want to stay in a villa for a week in Italy, walk daily to the market, banter with the shopkeepers in Italian, and drink wine on the porch at sunset. I want to go to Estonia and possibly find some family that was lost during the Cold War. I want to live by the beach in an eco friendly house that is eclectic. I want to go to some South Pacific island and be pampered for a week with tropical drinks in coconuts and massages on the beach by some hunky masseur in a brightly color sarong with a six pack. 🙂 World peace would be nice, equality even better – then the peace would follow. Jealousy would be smitten from the emotion list. In doing that, you would probably also get rid of pride and envy. A personal trainer would be wonderful…the ability to talk to the ones I loved that are no longer here – so that I know they are truly “ok” and in a better place, and yes…to say goodbye and everything else I might have wanted to say, but never did 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    “Appear in a country music video as the girl who makes sad faces and lays in bed sexy-crying”

    LOL I hate that girl! Well I don’t like it in Lady Antebellum’s music video for “I need you now” I love the song, do not like her sad faces with perfect make up and gown in the video haha.

    Study abroud in Spain for a year and still graduate on time. Maybe fall in love with a sexy spanish guy. Go to Africa and feed hungry people and build schools. Rescue all the abused children. Be a teacher but make 100K a year. Have a house by the beach in the summer time. “Every day I spent with my best friend when I was twelve,thirteen, and fourteen, was recorded and given to us now for our viewing pleasure.” (Me too) Have a personal trainer and a nutritionist who is also a chef. Be on the bachelor/bachelorette.

    • You know Courtney it’s like walking into a store and they bmcoee possessed. LOL They’re angels for daddy and little terrors for the mommy, go figure!Valk, LOL, I always have so much to say. I remember the voting days and the ANC. I miss so much about South Africa, mainly my family and the beautiful country, of course I DON’T miss the violence and the political crap. Stay safe today 🙂

    • Heh .it’s been 3 months to the day since your last post! Happy 37.25!And whew .I’m buehsd just reading of all your activities! I need a snack & a nap now. But 1st I want to make a list of all the things I’ve done during these past few months. Geez, I hope I can come up with at least 3 things.Congrats on the GRE!

  4. You are so goddamn cute!

    If those Concordia fucks don’t take you, then THEY ARE FUCK-TARDS!!!! And this Crazy Brunette will get ghetto fab and take care of shit for you honey!!!

    I heart you!

    Keep me posted!!!!!

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