Kidnapped to Kirby Lane

(This sign at Kirby Lane reads: “Now serving Espresso:buy one, get the second one at full price.” I giggled.)

Last night, after a rather exhausting night at the good ole Starbucks, I was cuddling with the boy, drinking a few, and watching a funny movie starring the charming asshole that is Dane Cook.  A couple of  friends had been texting me for the past few hours begging me to come hookah with them. I pulled a classic me-card and said maybe and that I would text them back. Next thing I know these hookers are at my house, ready to take me (and pay!) for dinner (maybe not dinner,it’s midnight. What does Taco Bell call that? Fourth Meal?) They bombard my apartment, use my vanity, steal my bathroom…and Inform me It’s time to go. Oh, How I love my friends.  They were just so charming, I couldn’t pass it up. I let them kidnap me to Kirby Lane.

I was surprised how busy it was for the time of night. Kirby Lane is the hotspot for drunkards everywhere, man.  I couldn’t help but feel for the wait staff.  We waited for about 20 minutes and I, in Christina-like fashion, rambled on in my half-drunk, half-asleep like way. I also poke boobies when I’m in this mood (or,uh, any mood) so both Katie and Amber got their boobies poked. When we were finally seated, my kidnappers proceeded to shove chocolate pancakes and chicken pesto down my throat. The cruelty!!!

Looking around, (hoping for an escape route from the evil kidnappers) I couldn’t help but notice how fun this place is. You put a bunch of half-asleep, half-drunk people in one building together? It’s magic. Big and small groups, Those covered in tattoos and piercings and the more conservative and properly dressed, A Jewish man sitting alone reading a book with one of those kippa’s on his head…I just loved it. We’re all so different, and that’s seriously just beautiful. Makes the world and being kidnapped until two in the morning a much more interesting place.

(One of the girls last night commented to the husband, “You have a really long tongue.” Mhm. He sure does. )

Okay, So I lied. I didn’t actually get kidnapped. I brought my hubby. He’s good to have around. Pays for me and stuff.  He’s very good to me, this boy. Take now for instance. We just back from the grocery store, stocking up on all of my favorite goodies for an overnight trip. Part of an early birthday treat. I turn 21 next weeks y’all! Last night was a great little start, and I’m ready for much more. Let the festivities begin.

8 thoughts on “Kidnapped to Kirby Lane

  1. Meg says:

    I thought poking boobies said babies hahahaha. i was like “what…?”

    THis was cute/fun. =]

    We should go there when i visit.

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