Twenty-One. Boom.

I turned 21 yesterday!

Everything was perfect. Husband surprised me at midnight or so with,among other things, a list of why he loved me. Cheesy, yes. But my heart melted. I especially liked it because my husband is in no way,shape, or form any sort of a writer. He didn’t pretend to be,but instead made his list in very Robby-like fashion. Some of my favorites: “Your boobies.” That you help take care of the dogs.” “You’re not boring.” and the kicker here…“You let me pluck that pesky hair from your chin.” Oh, my husband.  My heart also melted a little bit more when he tried to be a bit more serious. “Your green eyes.”I can tell you my secrets.” and “You love me with my faults.” were a few of my favorites.  He’s cute.

The next day after my Spanish 2 class, a couple of my friends from the class decided to take me out for my FIRST drinks as a 21 year old.  We headed to Serranos for 2.50 margaritas. I think they may have been even more excited than I was. And I was pretty excited. It was pretty surreal to be able to walk in there, show off my id, and BOOM. Get a drink. It don’t matter that I look fifteen now. I, ladies and gentlemen, have officially arrived.Having arrived, I proceeded to show off my arrival by getting drunk at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. In my defense, I begged them not to make me take that tequila shot. The three margaritas and lemon drop shot…I guess I kind of took those a little more willingly. But not that damn tequila shot. We eventually tried leaving but a couple of older ladies (who I believe were also kind of intoxicated) stopped us and made us sit down at their table. Apparently we didn’t look okay to drive and they were worried. We had to assure them about 50 times we were just going across the street to the mall and we would sober up there.

After we were done sobering up at the mall AND picking me a cute outfit for the night, I headed to my parents. They gave me some wonderful presents and a beautiful double chocolate cake. Yum.

And then the night began. Nevermind the fact that I already had a pretty bad hangover before the night even began. This is the night I’ve been waiting for. Tessa and I, being the only 21 year old girls in this group of meshing friends, had to keep all of our boys in line.  We were outnumbered I think 2 to 6. Sadly, as this was my first downtown drinking experience, I couldn’t really do any keeping in line.  Instead, being the naive and trusting girl that I am, I got whiskey tricked.

Jason, my,ahem… “best friend” ….decided we should meet up at the Thirsty Nickel for my first free shot of the night. Upon entering, I didn’t understand why this was important enough to be our first place. Nice and loud enough, but definitely nothing crazy special. But, you know, I trust the best friend.  He and I simultaneously tell the bartender it’s my birthday and he immediately asks me “Okay. You wanna do this the easy way or the hard way?” I didn’t really miss a beat there. I hate straight shots. I am a bonafied pansy shot-taker, and everyone who knows me knows this. I figured the easy way out would mean I would get a girly drink or at least a girly shot. No. Next thing I know bartender dude is on top of the bar tilting a bottle of whiskey towards my face. Whoa buddy, whatcha doing? What? That’s going into my mouth? HOW is this easy and WHAT is the hard way? I refused about ten times before they had the whole bar chanting “Take it, Take it!” repeatedly. Damnit. I’m not one to let down a crowd. I made it 3 out of 5 seconds and gave my last 2 seconds to some already drunk man. Beware 20 year olds. Don’t let your stupid best friend trick you into this nonsense!

From there, we bar-hopped and I continued taking free shots (girly ones,mind you.) at every bar. I cannot even begin to count the number of bars we went into or number of shots I took. All I can tell you, is man, I felt good. I was having one hell of a time. I always thought drinking at home or at a party couldn’t be too much different than drinking downtown. Oh dude, I was so wrong. Downtown way surpasses any other drinking experience I’ve ever had. And lemme tell you, I’ve had my fair share. This takes the cake. Or…Takes the shot. Get it? Yeah.

I don’t remember all that much, but I remember enough to make my 21st extremely memorable. I remember lots of dancing. I remember being in the middle of the dance that they called the sandwich. I remember shots in little tubes. I remember really nice bartenders, and abundant free shots. I remember announcing to almost all of the bouncers it was my birthday. I remember Flaming Dr. Peppers. I remember thinking “The Library” was actually a library. I remember random pictures with strangers.  I remember my husband having to show multiple forms of id to get into almost every bar. I remember losing my drivers license about a handful of times. I remember drunkenly confessing my deep love for a friend. I remember lots of hugs and laughs and sitting in blue chairs in a room that glowed blue.

Want to know the best part? I didn’t throw up last night! That was my goal. I ended up making a deal on matching whatever Bing drank and he even admitted,repeatedly, to being proud of me. That’s right. I’m a bad ass.  Er. We won’t talk about this morning. Or this afternoon. That’s a different story. Last night, I had it all under control. I can seriously say that this experience is, and kind of unexpectedly, on my top 10 right now. Let me show you with some more pictures:

See? I can roll with the guys. I got this.
Yay strangers!

Best birthday ever. I could not stop drunkely raving about it to my husband all night long.  I was surrounded by truly great friends and lots of legal drinking. Pretty good combo for a 21st birthday. It couldn’t have been any better.  However, it’s not over yet.A couple other groups have late birthday plans for me . I know for at least one of these the girls have downtown planned. I’m ready! I’m thinking definitely a gay bar this time. It’s on my mental to-do list.

18 thoughts on “Twenty-One. Boom.

  1. Kat says:

    these pictures are priceless! you looked SO cute!! i really wish i could have been there, honey. congrats on not throwing up, what a champ.

  2. Jason says:

    The whiskey trick was totally worth it. Admit it. You like being able to say that you’ve done it haha. Happy birthday again.

  3. Amber says:

    Note to self: DO NOT invite Jason out for my 21st. And if I do, no whiskey trick. Thanks for the heads up tina! I love all these pictures, glad to hear you had fun!
    Thanks to this awesome blog, I now know what to expect. You’re the best ❤

  4. Whatever anyone says…do NOT LET THEM CONVINCE YOU to do shots of Jack…I still haven’t touched the stuff since the first time I tried it. I know why they call it “sippin’ whiskey” – it’s sooo smooth – but girrrl…it’s lethal, and the hangover was worse 🙂

    Looks like you had a blast on your birthday! What fun! Just remember, (sorry it’s the mom and ex-trauma nurse in me) plz plz plz….have a designated driver 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday!!!
    I loved the pics and the fact that you didn’t throw up. That’s my girl!
    Your hubby was so sweet to make you that list. So adorable. Speaking of adorable… your outfit was HOT. Way to be SMOKIN on your 21st. Love your face!

  6. Meg says:

    LOL I loved this. I read half of it before class but the I had to go and i caught a glimpse of the next paragraph and it was “I don’t remember all that much” and I laughed.

    I like the picture with flamessss.

    AND YOU LOOK SO CUTEE.Robby looks pretty ridiculous in some of these pictures haha. His hair is so long! I like it better short but that’s just me hahaha.


  7. OC says:

    Happiest of Birthday wishes to you OC! You are the coolest 21 year old out there!

    Okay, I giggled at Thirsty Nickel. Adorable name for a bar. Hilarious even. I actually just laughed out loud when I read that.

    And the birthday list was good! Even from a none writer. Boobs! They’re a big seller!

    You had a great time for your birthday! I am not surprised, you have a great time everyday and that is indeed admirable!

    Birthday x and o to you!

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