Dear Mini Me,

My mom sent me some pictures of me when I was a little girl. Got me thinking. If I could go back about 15 years, and tell this little red-head a few things, This is what I’d say:

-Be nicer to your brother. He’s stupid and annoying, but throwing dollhouses and giving him bloody noses isn’t going to change that. And believe it or not, One day he’s going to be one of your best friends.

-Life definitely has it’s frog moments, but you’re gonna find a life and a dude even better than the one in all your favorite faerie tales.

– Your mom made you take the glasses off for those pictures. You should keep them off when you can. Your vision isn’t so bad right now, but you mess it up an awful lot by wearing them so much. They may be neat now, but wait a few more years. Your brother and his friends start calling you four-eyes and Harry Potter. You wouldn’t know this now, but that’s not a compliment. He’s like, a boy-witch.  Ew.

– Remember that time you were so nervous because you wrote that story and it was so good your teacher took you to read it to the third grade class? You’ll keep getting asked to write things, and to share them with others your whole life. You’ll keep getting that fluttery feeling too.  That’s because you’re good at it and you like it a lot, and those butterflies are telling you to keep going.

– You’ll always be called “Tina Wina”, and You’ll always be a daddy’s girl. Always.

-Keep making yourself watch Beauty and the Beast even when the Beast gets scary and makes you cry. Even if you have to watch from behind the couch.  You’ll  always be a beast-chaser. Doing scary things that make you want to run away. But don’t ever run away. If life is never scary, you’re not really living.

-Teachers will always get onto you for daydreaming. Just yesterday, your History 2 teacher caught you and called you out. But, to your benefit, she spends most of her time talking about herself and the professors she doesn’t like. You’re never really sure when to listen to her. You can’t really help but daydream about bigger and better things. As long as you’re making those dreams come true, keep it up.

– Adults aren’t as smart as you think they are. They just pretend to know what they’re doing, because somebody has to. Sometimes they’re even more dumb than kids. And believe it or not, you’ll still here things like “I’m telling on you!” and “They copied me!”, but usually put into bigger words.  We’re still trying to grow up too, just without anyone to take care of us. It does get a little tough sometimes, so when you’re older, always try your best to see the good in everyone else. Even when it’s really hard.

– You’ve been stubborn and hard-headed since day one. That’s usually good,but listen to your parents and other people who know more than you do sometimes. You have quite the tongue on you too, and it won’t do anything but hurt your booty, and later, other people’s feelings. Sometimes you need to just listen and bite that tongue, okay?

-Life isn’t easy. Your heart will hurt and you’ll cry and be sad sometimes. But keep smiling and keep believing. In miracles,people, love, and always always always yourself. You just got to.

– Being a grown-up is just as cool as you thought it’d be. Even cooler. You know that Barbie you always made work really hard and fall in love and go to school and stuff? That’s you, girlfriend.

12 thoughts on “Dear Mini Me,

  1. Meg says:

    awwwwI LOVE THIS!

    I’ll add some for you.

    -Hey girl, you don’t have to pee. That’s why only a tiny bit comes out.

    -Don’t fight with Meg and make eachother cry so much. You’re going to be best friends forever so it’s not even worth the trouble because you have nothing to worry about! But still violently attack her that one day in the computer room because that makes for a great story.

    I reallllyyyy like this blog it’s super cute. My favorite messages to mini you are the beauty and the beast one, the daydreaming one and the “you’re a barbie” one. 🙂

    If you’re still submitting some of these to a magazine or something, this one is good I think =]]]]]

  2. Duuuuude!

    I think being a grown up SUUUUCKS!

    I want to be a kid again. 😦

    I don’t want to worry about all the bullshit, I never worried about wrinkles, or wasting my life, or taking the wrong fucking road!

    I want to watch Dirty Dancing and NOT know that ‘Johnny’ doesn’t exist.

    I want to ride the unicorn on the carousel and pretend that I’m a princess flying to her kingdom.

    I heart your face slut!


        There is a problem. Did you grow up under a damn rock???

        Oh my God, I cannot believe this…

        I’m a dumbfounded and fucking speechless.

        You must rent this IMMEDIATELY! I want a complete report tomorrow.

        Heart your face whore bag.

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