Doing it.

If you know me, you know I ‘Just do it’ a lot. My husband started off as a rebound make-out buddy. My first ever plane trip was to London. I’ve  auditioned for acting roles when I’m not even that great of an actress.  I make friends with people I barely know. I jump into relationships and other life issues that are most likely bad for me.  I’ve received a belly-button piercing from a lady who wasn’t even certified and a tattoo that hurt like bloody hell. I jump off of dangerous looking rocks into dangerous looking water without counting to three. I sign up for things never knowing or really caring what I’m getting myself into. There is no slogan in the world that encompasses who I am and what I strive for more than Nike’s “Just Do It.” Forget about ‘I love you’. Even though that’s pretty nice too. I have a different set of favorite three little words. The words that wrap up my whole way of life. If you’re scared, just do it. You’re only going to grace the world with your presence once, and you might as well do it the right way. And if you do it the wrong way? Do it anyway. Don’t want to but know you should? Suck it up. Just do it. Your heart’s beating so fast you think you might pass out if you try? Hell, Just do it. You want to talk to that girl, Stand in front of that crowd, Travel across this world, Jump and maybe fall, Eat that gross looking food…. but you’re not sure? Just do it. Need a moment? Well. That’s actually when you should shove a Twix in your mouth. But for everything else, you know what you need to do yet? Just do it.

I’ve learned to master the ‘Just Do It’, you really have to just stop thinking. Over-thinking is killer when it comes to taking chances. The more you give yourself time to think about it, the more likely you’re going to talk yourself out of it. And then you end up being a boring old man or a cat lady (Somebody please make a blog about how I’m defining cat ladies in the wrong light, I’d read that. ) that never did anything worthwhile because you wouldn’t shut your damn mind off and just free-fall for a while. You don’t want that, now do you? So free fall. Brain off, Mind open, Ready to live. Ready to just do it.  Thus far this week from just doing it, I have accomplished a few things:

1. I kind of learned how to salsa dance! I went with a few friends, and as I stood there watching a group of people laughing and doing sexy cha-cha things amongst themselves, I was itching to get out there. I was scared to look like a fool but finally just made myself walk over to the dance floor. I told my friend to teach me how to salsa dance and instead she gave me to a very nice old man, who was one mean salsa dancer. Yes, I was pretty bad. The guy lied to my face and my friend and said I did great. I didn’t. But I did it! I salsa danced.

2. Tonight I went to an open mic poetry reading night at a downtown coffee shop. I really had no idea what to expect, but brought a poem just in case.  Next thing I know, I walked to the line and waited as one by one, it got closer to my turn. I would turn to look at my husband every once in a while for moral support, and he’d give me a little smile which made me happy but didn’t do much to calm my beating heart. Once up there, I announced I would be reading a cheesy love poem. (and got a couple happy ‘whoops’ from this) I talked really fast and was shaking like a crazy person the entire time. But I did it.

3. I’m saving the best for last here. I applied on a whim. I went on a casual school tour with a friend. I talked to the transfer guy not thinking too much of it. But guess what happened yesterday? Done guessing? I GOT ACCEPTED INTO CONCORDIA!!!!! I will be a full time student next fall, with 7k a year in scholarship money.  I’m already proudly sporting my Concordia University T-Shirt and my heart is beating super fast with excitement as I write this. All because of my personal mantra. Say it with me now. Just do it.

Yes,You may look like a fool and you may not always do it right or the way you wanted to. But it’s better than saying you never tried at all. It’s better than being the cat lady or the grumpy old man who was too scared to ever get out there and live. You won’t always make the cut but I don’t think that’s what life’s about. It’s about that check mark. Ever notice the Nike symbol is the same check mark teachers gave you on papers you completed in school? It didn’t mean you got an A+ but it did mean you tried. It’s a recognition you’d never get if you didn’t bother turning that paper in at all. And it’s that proud feeling I get in the pit of my stomach that I wouldn’t ever have if I didn’t bother with life at all. I’d much rather be shaking up on a stage than watching wishing I was the girl brave enough to be shaking on that stage. And I’d so much rather be the girl who just did it than the girl who wished she would have just done it.

13 thoughts on “Doing it.

  1. Karen Cirotto-mom says:

    Wow! I’m all for adventure and having fun, and reaching for the stars and all…. but there are some things you just shouldn’t do, or even attempt to do. Sometimes using restraint and self-control is the wisest/smartest thing to do, in certain situations. You can’t live by the “just do it” attitude! I’m super proud of you for getting into Concordia.
    Love you.

  2. Kat says:

    ive already said it but congrats 🙂 i know what a big deal to you that is!
    “Need a moment? Well. That’s actually when you should shove a Twix in your mouth. But for everything else, you know what you need to do yet? Just do it.” ohhh that made me laugh.

      • My age always boemecs apparent to me when I talk about movies or music with my students. I say things like That was only back in 1991. You guys were alive then, right? No. No, they weren’t alive.This hasn’t happened to me all the time, but lately, when I find out that I’ve been alive longer than other people, it doesn’t make me feel old it just makes me feel like I’ve been alive longer. Maybe in my mind I’m stuck at a certain age like you are or something.

  3. Meg says:

    I love the last paragraph of this! =]

    love you chica and I’m so proud of you for getting into concordia and what not. Not that I’m surprised or anything. =]

  4. Amber says:

    i LOVED this blog. Actually, I love all your blogs. But I’m SO proud of you. Please rub some of your greatness off on me. I LOOOOVE YOOOOU!!!

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