Bringing out the Dork.

I bring out the dork in people.

This could possibly be because I am one of the biggest dorks you will ever meet in your life and I think I have an energy that kind of just spreads like a disease. But hopefully a happy disease. Ahem. I have a high-pitched laughter you could probably hear from a mile away. I force people into making certain faces with me when posing with the camera. If I’m alone for a picture, I make sure to find something interesting (like in the above picture, cement that looked like a hand) to take it with. My sense of humor is on that of a fourth grade level, and I can guarantee you if I was to watch the Emperors New Groove I would be giggling so much the entire time you couldn’t hear the movie. I am a self-proclaimed dork. And I love it.  It makes life so much better when you can laugh at yourself. In light of April Fool’s, probably the dorkiest holiday out there, thought I’d share yesterday’s dorkiness with y’all. Be happy.

I started out with two of my newest friends at Serranos. We had just finished a Spanish 2 test and were ready for some stress relief. The week before we had been for my 21st birthday, and though it was way before happy hour, thought we’d try our luck again. We had the same bartender and he let us know that if we stayed ’til three, we would still get happy hour prices. 2.50 margaritas, dude. I love being 21. I only had two this time, knowing I needed to be a safe driver and what not, but we still had ourselves a good ‘ole time. Our conversations range from  silly to serious; from talking about the girl crush we have on our Spanish teacher to the boys in our life to a boy Kimber used to know named Shithead. It’s pronounced Shith-eed, by the way, but the teacher calling role at this time didn’t know that. Hee.  Next week I think we’re planning to move over to Trudy’s for 5 dollar Mexican martinis and a lot more dorky fun.

Later that night, Tessa and I had plans but got lost in the land of downtown Austin. There is no where or nobody I think I’d rather be lost with. We are two directionally challenged-manic-giggling idiots around eachother and it makes for a good time being lost. We finally ended up in a 5 dollar parking lot downtown until we found a Saloon filled with arcade games. Yes.  Out of probably hundreds,This is the bar the two of us picked. The one with Pac-Man and Chuck Norris paintings on the wall. Don’t judge, we also had some very deep conversations! Versatile.

Tessa summed it up pretty nicely: “Tina and I explored DT last night after we realized we weren’t going to find the poetry slam meet up. We ended up at Kung Fu Saloon, had a couple drinks, talked. It was nice. Then we proceeded to giggle obnoxiously down the street on the way back to the car. I’m at my utmost dorkiest when I hang out with that girl. So much fun.”


What/Who brings out the dork in you?

10 thoughts on “Bringing out the Dork.

  1. Meg says:

    I love Tessa’s hair that color! And I LOVEE the picture you guys took with Chuck Norris in the background ahahahha.

    Ummm…you bring out the dorkiness in me? I can be pretty dorky anyway idk. hahah the other day on fbook one of my friends became a fan of “when you’re actually yourself people think you’re high” hahaha i was like ahh that’s me. People are always like “have you been drinking?” i’m like “no…” lol

  2. Are you FUCKING kidding me?????

    I make Emmy (my 5yr old) watch Emperor’s New Groove with me all the time!!!!

    IT’S my FAV!!!!

    ‘No Touchy!!!’

    ‘Lama face!!!’

    ‘I’ll log that away’

    Some of my favorite quotes thanks you very much!

  3. Kat says:

    haha the first thing i noticed in your pictures was chuck norris chillin in the background!
    i have to say im probably at my dorkiest when i hang out with you tina, example? those ridiculous music videos. oh good times.

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