Love needs respect;& Boy,You got it.

I’m sure most of you know I love my husband. He’s a pretty cool dude. But as I spent Easter weekend with him and his family, I realized it’s not just him I love. It’s that I admire him and that he has some qualities that I honestly just strive for. I don’t believe in loving blindly. I understand that it happens and it’s easy to fall into, but I also believe that there’d be  much fewer divorces and unhappy people in this world if we loved for reasons we could see. I have millions. Thought I’d share. Be prepared to roll your eyes, gag, and say a couple of sarcastic “Aw’s.”  I am treating myself to a cheese filled blog because our 6 month marriage anniversary (do you even call that an anniversary?) was yesterday. I warned you. Ahem.

Why I adore/want to be more like you, Mister Husband:

He’s the happiest boy I know. Something that attracted me to him from the beginning was that he was just always smiling. It amazes me. He knows  whats wrong with the world, he knows it’s not always such a good place, and he’s been through some tough shit in his life. It doesn’t faze him. I used to wonder if he was really as happy as he seemed. He really is. The smile is real, and it spreads. He makes me more happy because he is genuinely full of an unexplainable but very contagious joy. I don’t know where he gets his spirit, but I hope it never runs out.

He’s a big kid. You should see this boys eyes when he sees a deer in the road. It seems we see them all the time but it never gets old. “Babe! Look! There’s a deer! Whoaaah.” Add a huge grin and a thick accent to this, and I can’t help but giggle everytime. He could play in the toy aisle for days and the world around him is always new and exciting. Today at Easter I found him with a Mad Lib, one of those things for kids where you read a story but first fill in your own adjectives or nouns. He was chuckling to himself at the words he mentally filled in. I grabbed the Mad Lib from him, and started asking for words to fill in the story. Amongst his family but in our own little world, we laughed and laughed as we flipped through the silly little book.

He believes. He has an unshakable faith in this world, in God, and in me.He looks at me and smiles and tells his family that I’m going to be his ‘Meal Ticket’ one day.  His family smiles and tells me they’re proud of me, and asks “When were you going to tell us she got all that money to go to school?” I can see where he gets his faith from. He is 100 percent sure that I am going to make it big and make us rich one of these days, and he makes it so much easier for me to believe this too. When somebody has that kind of faith in you, man, you can do anything.

He’s sexy. Okay, yeah, call me a superficial bitch. But he is. Lately with his grown out hair,courtesy of his wife making him grow it out, I’ve been hearing from even more girls how hot my dude is. I already know he is, but it makes me smile and feel real proud just knowing that he’s all mine. The boy could honestly have (and has had) women lined up, so hell yes, I feel pretty darn special. It’s also encouraging that his dad is in his 60’s and still a cutie! Good genes are exciting.

And there’s so much more. He can fix anything from a hurting heart to a broken computer. He understands my need for independence and alone time, although he will occasionally yell or sing when I tell him to shut the eff up.  We fight, and he’s passioniate about what he believes in, making the fighting even better.  He’s amazing with kids, and I love watching him with his nephew.  He’s jealous of guys in my life, but only jealous enough that it’s cute, not annoying. He puts me first, and his dogs come in close second. He’s a good time, sometimes too good.  He appreciates everything, even the tiny bit of cleaning I do. We don’t share the same sense of humor, but he can still make me laugh. He always says “Bless you” when I sneeze and gets mad when I don’t do the same for him. He constantly asks me to tell him what something means in Spanish, and I have fun being his translator. He listens to me, inputs when he needs to, and sometimes disagrees with me (even though I am, of course, right.)  He lets me cry on his shoulder, even when I’m crying for somebody that’s hurting whom he doesn’t particularly care for.He’s the ‘old’ 27 year old who keeps this young 21 year old from being too wild and crazy, but knows that there is a wild and crazy part of me I need to let loose. I almost always get my way, but every once in a while he will firmly and kind of meanly say ‘No.’ and it pisses me off and I hate him but later respect him more for it. He tells me when I’m being a hypocrite, a bitch, or insane. He tells me he’s proud of me all of the time.  He randomly kisses my hand and says ‘I love you,baby.’  He tells me I’m beautiful. I fall asleep every night cuddling with him, though we never wake up this way. He’s not perfect because he’s an asshole but he’s the closest to perfection that an asshole could ever be. Oh. And. He’s great in bed.

Hope you’re not gagging too badly yet.

8 thoughts on “Love needs respect;& Boy,You got it.

  1. Karen Cirotto-mom says:

    Ok, a little TMI, but great blog! 🙂 Since, i don’t have anything objectionable to say, you shouldn’t have to edit my comment, this time! lol.

    We are very proud of you, too! 🙂

    PS Don’t forget about your parents when you become rich and famous, someday! Love you. =)

  2. Meg says:

    I love the family photo!!

    pahahahha and that photo of robbie and obi is ridiculous lol!

    You’re lucky, girl. But you know that. =]

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