The good life and I need a censor.

I seriously have hearing issues. Conversation working at Starbucks today:

Boss man(on dirty dishes) : Looks like we need a dish faerie in here.

Me: What!? What’s a douche-berry?!.. .Douche-berry?!

Customer looks startled at the same time that I recall we have a customer. Who now is very startled by me. Boss Man looks like he may kill me. Other coworker Jenn is laughing so hard it sounds like she might pee her pants.

Boss man: I said dish faerie!!!! We need to put a censor on your mouth.

Indeed they do, Indeed they do. Despite the fact that I need a hearing aid and a mouth guard, life is good right now. Actually, excuse me as a  I toot my own horn a little bit….My life is fan-freakin’-tastic. I’m working a bunch and exams are coming up but you know, I like working. And I like learning. You know what else? The offer on our house was accepted. We have a HOUSE. Let me repeat unless you don’t get it yet. WE HAVE A HOUSE. With a fireplace. I’m about to go register for classes at my new university. My best friend is down from San Antonio and we have a date, I’m thinking ice cream, tomorrow. My friend and I met some cool new people last night, and ended up following them to my first ever gay bar. I made buddies with one sweet dude and he began to give me the dish on his romance life and a sweet girl that was with him applied lip gloss to my lips and told me not to rub it in. Apparently that’s where white girls go wrong. I was warned about drag queens from my new buddy before going to the girl’s restroom and I’m pretty sure I saw one and complimented on her attire. We later got lost for hours, danced confidently at a place we were definitely the only white people at,and ended up at Wendy’s until about 3 in the morning. Yes. Everything is pretty damn perfect for sure.

Hee. Sarah makes me giggle in both of these.

Yes. Life rocks.

19 thoughts on “The good life and I need a censor.

  1. A house! wow grats! and you better post some pix – what is taking you so long? I mean, it’s not like you have anything else to do *grins*

    • I am vastly jivoal to interpret this. This is the kindly of details that needs to live known and not the inadvertent party line that is on the further blogs. Welcome your sharing this supreme doc.

  2. Meg says:

    WOooooooooo!!! thatta girl. Now Robby’s gotta mow the lawn and stuff like that lol. I hope your neighbors are nice and bring you yummy desserts or something as a house warming gift. Imagine how different my life, idk about yours probably yours too, would be if I was still there? I would be helping you moveee and seeing you all the timmee. 😦

    Your weekend sounds like a BLASTT woman! =] i<3you.

    • aw. : / i think you should consider moving here after school. i’m a little behind so i’ll probably graduate just a year before you or so. we’d be pretty much on the same track except for i’ll have a husband but who knows, maybe you will to by then. 😛 kdjshjgkdfg i get excited thinking about it and how much fun we’d have lol.

      ps: we’ll be probably all moved in by the time you get here, we’re prolly moving in may/june. knowing robby and i, we’ll probably still have boxes in july lol. so you CAN help me move. kinda. 😛

  3. Amber says:

    Are these picture of the gay bar taken at Rain?! I LOVE THAT PLACE! Next time I’m in town we MUST go, there and Kiss&Fly. You know that I’m straight as a board but I absolutely love going to the gay clubs. We’ll go, have fun and dance with gay men. WHAT could be better? 😛 haha.
    annnnd i’m SOOO excited! YOU GOT A HOUSE!! I can’t get over it! House warming party is a must, as we all know. Should you decide to get some sexy mover boys to help you with the moving process, I would be more than happy to come and help you…ah hemm.. supervise 😉
    i love you! i miss you! the end<3

  4. OC says:

    Ah, the gay bar. A place where any woman can go, dance, drink, gloss themselves and totally let loose. I always say the Gay Pride weekend in Toronto is not on the safest but also the best time to be had by women.

    Without my gays, I would be nothing. They are my treasures and yes I am stereotyping because I am sure there are terribly mean gays out there but man…the ones I have…make my heart flutter.

    I wish I were a gay man. I kind of am, but sadly, am not totally. Can’t win them all!


  5. When I initially cetemnmod I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any means you can take away me from that service? Thanks!

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