I like lists. You like my lists.

When a few things changed at my job months ago and everyone that trained me was no longer there, I inadvertently took on a role of leadership in the transition period. Now that I have a boss again, bless the dude’s heart, I am still adamant and stubborn about a lot of things. I was telling a friend today that if I am somewhat in control for a while and someone new takes over, I kinda-sorta start developing authority issues. And it doesn’t help that I’d probably argue with a wall. What!? Christina,Argue!? No, way right!? Ha. Luckily my boss puts up with me and just makes fun of me a lot instead.

So putting my controlling leadership skills to good use, I decided to make the new girl a list of what she should do to close at night.Everyone complains she doesn’t close right, but Tony (boss, he made me promise I’d add his name and not call him ‘Boss man’ forever) and I were discussing this and it’s not really fair. She wasn’t trained to close right, yet everyone still busts her balls. So what do I do, you may ask? I make a list! I took up three pages- Starbucks closing is a hella a long process– and even put stars next to the ones she could do before closing. Boss man Tony took it to the back, typed it all up, (and even kept my *’s) WA-LA! Tina’s (and Tony’s) List of Closing Starbucks Things To Do. I even got a “Great Job” card from Tony/ Target for helping out. Go me. She was so excited she even laminated it. Seriously. So I figured y’all would be just as excited if I gave you a list of a few things I think you should (and shouldn’t) do. Here goes.

Tina’s List of Things She Thinks You Should (or should not) Do :

– Learn another language. I can’t even tell you how cool you will feel when you’re even half bilingual. You can communicate with people you couldn’t before. I’m not going to lie, being able to say “Some Spanish” on a resume makes me feel pretty bad-ass. Not to mention, It’s extremely useful. Never have I felt like I was actually learning something so much as when I started learning Spanish. It’ll bust your balls, but it’s totally worth it. Me gusta mucho.

Go to Chili’s and eat a chocolate Molten.  Now. Or as soon as you’re done reading my blog. I choose to go with my cousin today, and we split it.  But perhaps go by yourself on an empty stomach so you can fully enjoy the fattening goodness.

Do not be a hypocrite. Don’t accuse somebody of doing something if you yourself are doing it. You’ll sooner or later get called out or caught in the hypocrite scandal and that isn’t fun at all. This is a hard one though. I think we all have some hypocrite in us because, as one of my friends recently pointed out, the things we hate most about ourselves are the same things we often point out & criticize in other people.  Try to catch yourself, because it don’t look so good on paper. And by on paper, I mean out in the open hypocrisy. It ain’t pretty.

-Stick your tongue out. C’mon. It’s fun. It’s goofy. It’s kind of a freeing feeling. Wanna know a secret? I have a freakishly short tongue. The doctors wanted to clip it when I was a baby, but my parents didn’t okay it. So I’m stuck with the freak tongue. I can barely stick it out, but I try to strain it anyway. I spent my weekend sticking my short-ass tongue out with some friends.

– Be more open-minded. Close-minded people piss me off more than anything in this world. It’s like their mind is so small, they are incapable of wrapping it around the fact that there might be other ideas out there just as good or (gasp) better than theirs. Newsflash–Ahem, To those of you who have your noses up in the air thinking everyone should believe what you do or we’re all doomed: Your nose does not look good stuck up in the air like that. We can see your boogers and you’re missing out on all of the fun. Now then. Nose down, Mind Open. You got this. Start with something really small if you want to, like Bubble Tea. There will be (tapioca) balls in your mouth while you drink,and this freaks a lot of people out. A lot. My brother is probably still traumatized from the first time I made him try mine, and I still get odd looks from friends when I buy one somewhere.  But goodness, if you can have balls in your mouth, you’re getting ready for opening your mind up to lots of things!

-Do something with yourself. I think this is different for everybody. What might be best for someone definitely isn’t for the next. Whats best for me may not be best for you. This is where you have to ask yourself, not ‘What do my parents/significant other/ friends/ family/’ think I should be doing with myself‘ but, all fears set aside here, ‘ What do I think I should do for myself? What’s going to make me happy?’ And then.. Go for it.

Going off of the last one, Do not settle for second best. Don’t settle, period. Don’t ever ever ever think, ‘Well, this is the best I can get.’ If that even crosses your mind, it probably means it isn’t the best you can get. Whether it be a guy or a job or a school…Don’t ever set fences around yourself. If deep down you know you’re not where you’re supposed to be, and don’t tell me you don’t know because that’s bull-shit, Then get out of there. Run and don’t look back. There’s so much more out there, and if you’re too scared to find what that is, You’re really missing out.

14 thoughts on “I like lists. You like my lists.

  1. Quote: ” What do I think I should do for myself? What’s going to make me happy?’ And then.. Go for it”

    Very true in almost everything, unless you reeeeeallly want to be a hooker. Then stifle your urges and find another outlet. Your second mom says so.

    • One time when it was just me and Elizabeth (daddy was traveling for work), we were odnreirg pizza (She was 2-ish). While waiting for it to be ready, I grabbed an Orange Sunkist for me and a water for Elizabeth. She wanted to try it. I figured, eh, why not we had orange or grape soda as a treat when we were kids. She took one taste didn’t even swallow and it came right out of her mouth down her front! She DID NOT like the carbonation!!I figured this actually is not a bad thing so now I tell her (2 + years later) that what mommy is drinking is soda and reminder that she doesn’t like it! And that works!! She’s recently tried seltzer and didn’t like that either. Whew! ‘Cause I am a diet pepsi/coke addict and I’d have a hard time hiding that from her!

  2. Hi Christina
    A fine list indeed – my little boy comes back from pre-school every day with a new language to say hello – apparently – South Africa its Jambo, then there’s Guten Tag, Bonjour, Ciao, and even Konichiwa – his favourite is American – Shibilee! – shibilee I said are you sure? – yes daddy, Pingu is American and he says shibilee (Pingu is an animated children’s tv show with little penguins mumbling pretend words and sounds)

    Paul (aka magicdarts) here via Real Bloggers United – look forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. OC says:

    Bubble. Tea.

    Although you are correct, a little daunting at first, can become a serious addiction. And that’s alright! Cause Bubble tea is possibly the greatest thing to happen to tea since the bag baby!

    I like being a hypocrite. I would think the world would go around a lot smoother if everyone would just listen to us Christinas and not do like us Christinas.

    Settling! I agree one hundred percent. This is why I read your blog…I don’t settle for all those second rate blogs. I only read the best.

    Cause! You are a doll OC!
    much love, sorry I have been MIA lately!
    C in Toronto

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