My own little party.

Concordia sent me my official  “Hey congrats, We like you, You’re in our school and oh, you get money too.”  letter today. Seriously that’s pretty much what they said. Almost made me blush.

“Welcome to the Concordia Family” It says. Aw. And then..“Being awarded the Walther Grant is an honor and a very special form of recognition. You have been recognized for your past achievements and for your potential as a leader in the future…..Enjoy not only the scholarship, but the clear compliment which accompanies it.” Shucks. These people sure know how to make a girl’s day. Oh, oh, you wanna know the best part? It all came in a little tube that I popped open and yellow and purple confetti (my school colors) popped out! It was exciting. My own little party.

My ACC girls and I celebrated after Spanish 2 by going to Serrano’s for what we have now crowned as Margarita Wednesday. Actually, I didn’t get my tube/letters in the mail ’til we got back from Margarita Wednesday, but I’m not entirely lying to you about celebrating. We just celebrate life every Wednesdays,and sometimes Mondays, at Serranos. With happy hour.  Our own little party.

Here we are, in all of our glory.

Bonnie made us one of these thingies! I can’t remember what they’re called (fortune..paper..thing?)but I still get all happy about picking a color and a number.

I love these girls. We’ve become pretty close over the semester and I’ve come to look forward to our laughs,drinks, and endless girl talk after Spanish class. I won’t say I’m going to miss them when this semester is over ‘cuz we’ve already agreed we’ll still be seeing eachother. It’s  definitely a must.

I’m ending the night by proudly sporting my oversized school spirit T-shirt and snuggling with the husband. Little sigh of happiness goes here. G’night, lovers. Oh, and make sure you celebrate your own little party every now and again.

15 thoughts on “My own little party.

  1. Dunno what it is about schools with purple and yellow as their colors – they seem to go all out – When Meg was thinking about Elmira, we went up there for a visit, and even the STAPLES were purple, the paper clips yellow and purple. I’m surprised the toilet paper wasn’t purple. Grats and have a blast! 🙂

  2. Kat says:

    that last picture of you and your girls is super cute! congrats again on school and everything, yayy for little mid-week parties 🙂

  3. Meg says:

    Good job Chica! aren’t acceptance letters exciting??

    You and Robby look so cute in your profile picture on facebook.

    Call you sooon =]

  4. Congratulations! That’s a good school, I drive by the Irvine campus all the time. Accepted and with a scholarship… it doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

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