Since you want a play-by-play of my day, I’m going to give it to you.

10 am- Head hurts. Coffee. And more coffee. Extra bold, Heavy Whipping cream, lots of sugar. My obsession and addiction. I have a machine that furthers this problem. It also doesn’t help that I am an employee of Starbucks.

12 pm- Today in Spanish 2 we had to pretend our teacher was our friend and have a flowing Spanish conversation. I’m fine at comprehending and even speaking, but doing both at the same time? No. Dude,I already struggle with quick thinking. Bring another language into the mix? It ain’t going to happen. I memorized everything I was going to say to my professor so when she told me she wanted to drop out of school because she didn’t like her teacher, I responded with “Es no bueno que tu comes in clase.” Meaning ? “It’s bad that you eat in class.” She actually burst into laughter and told me that made no sense with what she was saying. I still received a B because I said everything perfectly; It just had nothing to do with anything she was telling me. Oops.

2pm: It is the weekly Margarita Wednesday with the girls! We three are quickly becoming inseparable. I’ve become close enough to poke boobies even when I’m sober. This is a great sign for close friendship, no?

3-7 pm: Cough. Cough. Cough. Cough.  I can’t stop coughing. Head hurts.  Fazolli’s with husband makes me feel better. Endless breadsticks is a cure-all.

8 pm– I try to tell one of the best friends I can’t come over because I’m sick. She will have none of my shit. I get short one word answers and I know I’m in big trouble. I decide to suck it up and stop being so flaky. One word answers scare me and I really want to see this girl anyway.

9:45 pm: There is a lizard in friend’s new apartment! And it’s dead! Roach spray kills all kinds of animals. They apparently then crawl out and die in front of you. Sad.

10-11:30pm- Tessa and I laugh a lot and catch up some more. I’ve missed her a bunch. I’m  nosy and snoop through her journals and pantry like I have the right to do so. I also spill beer all over her new couch. Surprisingly, she doesn’t kill me. She’s even sweet enough to say I have a charm about me and people can’t hate me.  Probably she is saying this beneath gritted teeth as she curses me in her soul.  But I still love her.

12 am– Husband knows I feel like poo and makes me this card.  Says: “Get well soon baby cause I love you so much. Your husband.” He’s adorable.

13 thoughts on “Since you want a play-by-play of my day, I’m going to give it to you.

  1. You know what? I only feel bad that I manipulated you into coming over because it actually worked. I’m such a brat. Thanks for coming over! I was really happy you did! And good job on the B!

  2. Bonnie says:

    “I’ve become close enough to poke boobies even when I’m sober.”

    hahahahaha. that line made me bust out laughing.

  3. Meg says:

    Awwwwwwwwww that’s soooo sweet.

    YOU’RE LEARNING SUBJUNCTIVEEE you’re so ahead! I Just learned that this semester and i’m in 3. I don’t like it haha.

    • yeah our teacher doesn’t mess around. she’s very hard but SO amazing. if she taught spanish three (she doesn’t like spanish three for some reason) i would take that one class at acc and the rest at concordia. she does teach spanish four though! so i’m thinking this next summer i’ll go to her.

      i can’t wait for you to get here girly!

  4. HaHA!!!!

    I spray straight fucking bleach on live things that I need to go away!!! (ie. bugs, lizards, people….) Good to know roach spray works too!!!!!

    I CAN NOT drink all that sweet shit in my coffee… I might puke just thinking about it…

    COFFEE… DARK… WITH HALF AND HALF please and thank you!

    I’m no fun… Maybe you should introduce me to some new fun-tastic coffee, Miss Coffee Extraordinaire!

    • haha i like this coffee nickname :P. i LOVE half and half. i used to do crazy creams like double chocolate vanilla madness or whatever.. but now i like half and half or plain cream. i think it means i’m getting old 😉

      love you honey bear! (i called you something nice for once!)

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