If pictures say a thousand words,

If one picture says a thousand words, than you guys are about to hear quite the essay from me, minus the words. I’ve been pretty busy within the mix of finals and work and social life, etc….so my rambling has been a little off lately. But since I know y’all miss me (right?!) , thought I’d fill you in with pictures of the weekend and such. Enjoy.


Cheddars. Margaritas. Cheese dip. Girlfriends. Need I say more?

Saturday: School. Work. Cuddle and movie times (& maybe some other lovely time in between…?)with the boy and getting ready for an early Sunday at work.

Sunday: After Saturday,you better bet I was ready for some good times.I got dressed up  and prettied up and ready for a night on the town with the boys. I love all of my girls, and never mind spending almost every waking moment with them…but every once in a while, I am in some serious need of lots of testosterone. I love dude talk and the laid back environment that follows being one of the guys.  The night consisted of a glowing blue room inappropriately named Pure, (I always wonder,since turning 21, if what the owners of this place were going for was irony?) Drunk boy projectile vomiting next to our booth, Buttery nipple shot in a pretty tube, Confused drunk boy tripping on me and apologizing to my best friend a million times, (“I was totally about to kick his ass too!” Jason very jokingly responded as confused drunk boy wandered off…Hee. The whole thing tickled me.) and lots of laughs and clink-age of our drinks. Definitely a win.

Monday: (Since my weekends are cut short with Saturday being work/school filled, I substitute Monday as a weekend day. It works out.)

Tessa and I spent our night,until midnight, being hyper and giggly girls.  Here we are.. in our raggedy looking night-time clothes minus any makeup, laughing and girl-talking and  jumping (literally,we decided to…jump) and more than likely waking both my husband and the people below us up.There are about a handful of people in this world who can make me laugh so hard I want to pee my pants, and this girl’s one of them. She’s just moved a lot closer to me into her own place, so I fear (and hope, all at once) that I’m going to need to pee my pants quite often from now on. I envision laying on her bed, reading her journal and eating popcorn as she yells at me to get off her bed with dirty hands and stop eating her food…Happening quite often in the near future.  Oh, the joys of best girlfriends.

7 thoughts on “If pictures say a thousand words,

  1. I LOVE the first picture! That is too fucking cute!

    Do you see the way he is looking at you???

    I want some one to look at me like that damnit!

    I heart your face!

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