This is where I need to be.

I am officially signed up for my classes at Concordia. I’m most excited about my Modern Fiction class, an upperclassmen one going towards my Journalism (Communications+English) major. I’m also considering minoring in Spanish, as I’ve found a passion there that I never really expected to find. Everything, including my very open and fun multi-degree major, is new and exciting for me right now.  Every day is a new celebration or adventure of some sort. When talking to my transfer/admissions guy he mentioned he had read my blog about being officially accepted into Concordia. He then continued to send it around to the staff and told me it was ‘buzzing’ around the campus. They all loved it! Matt (The Transfer guy) smiled and said “Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was like we were all celebrating with you.” Goodness. I’ve never in my life felt so strongly that this, right here, is where I need to be.

Not just with school, but with my life–friends, family, husband and everything else in between.  I am surrounded by my friends everyday…and lately more than ever I’ve realized what I have in them. I take things for granted,and if you know me you also know that. I spread myself thin and don’t open up very easily, but lately I’ve been learning who my  trust can be given to.  Whether I met them this semester or six years ago at work or anywhere in between, There are those who just stand out and have proven so much to me lately. I’m learning to text back and keep plans I make and tell people how I really feel–This, my friends, is a huge step for me. In doing so, I’m also seeing how kind-hearted  my friends are, how they’ll be there for me not just through the fun stuff, but also when I need to let my guard down and spill my heart out. I’ve been a crappy friends at times, and it amazes all who have stuck by me…who I can still call and will drop everything for me in a second. My heart seriously fills as I write this, because I am so blessed and lucky to be loved like I am. Since just Tuesday night, I’ve had a night out on the town, a girls lunch+movie day, and a study-buddy-with-best-friend night. My night started with a hodge-podge of my friends under one roof, all gathered there for different reasons and events in my life  but there all the same. Again I say, my heart is filled. Thought I’d show off a few of my gems I’ve seen in the past couple of days:

Miss Fernanda!This is also my first Sangria, which is noteworthy.

And Miss Katie.

And Miss Kimber.

And Miss Jennifer

And Mister Husband and Mr. Bunny (aka Jen’s husband, I don’t know why we call him bunny, but I like it.)

Mr. Jasonbestfriend. He was absolutely disgusted that I choose Rice Krispies over steak and shrimp. I don’t regret my decision.

Speaking of Rice Krispies and steak and shrimp. My husband (who was in a little bit of trouble) came walking through the door with grocery bags. I saw the flowers (roses and tulips, two of my favorites) first. Then came the milk. “I bought you milk, baby.” I laughed. That’s nice, I guess?  “Thankyou. Why did you buy me milk?” “For these.” Out comes the Rice Crispy Treats Cereal, my absolute favorite cereal in the world. It might as well have been diamonds. This is a big deal as it is almost imposible to find and I never know if they make it anymore. At this point, I am giddy and practically jumping up and down.  My best dude friend has come to study with me and is smiling and probably slightly afraid I am about to sex Robby up right then and there. “Should I uh..head out..So you can..uh…?” He asked me. Ha.  But it gets better. After Rice Crispies comes my favorite candy bar and a delicious chardonnay and a steak and shrimp dinner. This boy,oh this boy…He’s a keeper. I am so damn spoiled. By lots of people, even kind of including my new university. Best friend, who was still witnessing all of this, put it nicely and slowly for emphasis. “You. Are. A. Brat.” I am sort of a brat. But a very loved and lucky brat.

13 thoughts on “This is where I need to be.

  1. mom says:

    Hey, and weren’t you just giving Robby grief last time ya’ll were over here about him never getting you any surprises? I do believe that you owe Robby an apology! Where did he find that cereal at?

    • Judith and Novel Girl I’m enjoying both of your blogs very much! I am also a type 1, using an inilsun pump. You guys are definitely not alone in feeling as though you are two people, who don’t get along. Some days it feels like a battle. Other days are more peaceful. It’s never easy, though. I can’t say that to some of my non-diabetic friends and family because they’d think I’m whining. Best to both of you,Merry

  2. Bonnie says:

    Life is more fun when you’re a brat =)
    And I’m sooo coming with you to your Modern Fiction class.

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