In this blog:You=Me. Not actually you. I know. Selfish, Using second person all for myself. I got a little carried away.

When your friend’s  little baby girl holds your hand as she falls asleep in her car seat, When a meal you make comes out not only edible but tasty, When you can spend the night laughing in bed with a friend, When you can still cry on your daddy’s shoulder at twenty one, When he tells you you’re the strongest person he knows ironically at the same time you’re crying on his shoulder,When country-karaoke in the car is a must, When a near-stranger tells you you’re a good person,When your family comes to see your soon-to-be-new-house and your mom begs you to not cut the honeysuckle down,When you can throw fits to your boss without getting fired, When a new friend lets you know just how much you mean to her and then you both can’t help but get a little too sappy and emotional, When your husband is waiting to watch Gossip Girl with you after you come home from a  fun night with friends…You walk on air no matter how much stress or how much life you’re facing.

I feel like I have a lot of  hanging threads right now. I’m learning that neutrality in itself is a war and that sometimes life chooses things for you; I can’t be everything to everyone and worry about pleasing her and her and him and my mom all at once. So I’m going to deal with everything one at a time, and in the best way I can. I’m making big-girl decisions,guys.  Be proud. I’m taking responsibility and using my words and stuff. I’m still getting there. In the meantime, my last class is tomorrow. Oh, Summer. Hello.

9 thoughts on “Happy&Summer&Stuff.

  1. Kimber’s little girl is so stinking cute!

    You should teach me how to make whatever it is you made so well. I’m tired of eating canned vegetables.

  2. mom says:

    One of the things that I love the most about your house- well the outside anyways are the rose bushes and the honeysuckles. They remind me of Granny Jack’s house. She had both, also. So, please don’t get rid of them!!!

    What does your comment mean about you can’t be everything to everyone and worry about pleasing her, him, and your mom, all at once? I barely ever even see you! What would you be worried about pleasing me about? JUST CURIOUS!

  3. Bonnie says:

    We take cute pictures together.
    You are a good person.
    And I love that Robby watches Gossip Girl with you. You should get him to read the books.

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