Writers block gone Wild.

I’ve had writers block lately. When I have too many thoughts, good or bad or both, I can’t seem to focus all of them and make it sound pretty; Usually something I’m pretty decent at, or so I’m told. So tonight, I’m not even going to try. You are going to have the joy of hearing…Er, Reading..

Christina’s Word Vomit


– If I get asked when I’m popping a child out (or anything worded nicer with the same meaning) one more time, I will tell you that I’m a virgin and I don’t know where babies come from. When you accuse me of lying, I will then accuse you of you accusing me of being a slut. That doesn’t sound fun does it? Read my virtual lips. NO BABIES. I can do a house and husband, but I am still fairly new to this world. I don’t feel the need to bring anything even newer into it quite yet. But if you do, I’ll babysit.

-I found out, by making shepherds pie,I have a love for canned peas. Do canned peas,highly salted, still count as a veggie? If so, Write this in your memos or cell phones or whatever. Christina likes a vegetable, and it’s not covered in grease or on top of a hamburger. Miracles do exist.

-Have you ever tried to crack an egg by putting it in the center of your hand and squeezing as hard as possible? It’s physically impossible. My husband tried and must have done it wrong because next thing I know there is egg splattered all over both of us, not to mention the floor, appliances, and walls. He still sticks to the story that he’s too strong for his own good. Men.

– It was my last community college day today, before moving onto bigger and better things. It was very bittersweet for me and I couldn’t help but play cheesy goodbye songs in my head as I walked off.  I’ve had some good times at this place man, and I still wear my good ‘ole “I am ACC” bracelet, Half jokingly and knowing I’ll get teased for it. I suck at letting go, and community college or not, This memory filled place is no exception. But I said goodbye in style, Playing the bratty little girl in our final Spanish 2 skit and being as dramatic as I possibly could be with each and every line. When I told my friends I loved acting our silly little skit out and that I used to be in drama throughout highschool, one replied with a smile “Yeah.I could tell.” Hee. I apparently need to start this up again. Concordia has a drama program that I’m itching to join in the spring. As much as I hate saying goodbye, I’m so excited about everything ahead of me that celebration was needed. Friends and I took our leis (Hawaiian leis, needed for the skit, of course.) and headed our happy little celebratory butts over to Serrano’s for happy hour. Cheers.

-I feel like if we were all a little more vulnerable with ourselves, this world would be a happier place. All the crap would be cut, and we’d have the real-honest-gosh-dang-truth and not the fabricated-nonsense-to-make-ourselves-feel-better. Vulnerability is admirable and greatly under-appreciated. It’s something I’m working on, but my always persistent pride is fighting for first place. The two really hate the eachother, or at least don’t see eye to eye.  Pride is the shield and the protector. Being vulnerable is letting your guard-down,putting your guns down and hands in the air, and trusting people not to hurt you.  Pride is supposed to keep your dignity and strength in tact, and that’s where letting it go is really scary. The funny thing is, I find myself respecting people the most when they are open enough to lay down their shield and reveal weaknesses; That to me, is the definition of true bravery. Though there does need to be a balance. Pick your guns up if someone’s shooting at you, stupid.

-You’d be surprised (or maybe you wouldn’t be,pervert.) how many jokes you can make about ‘laying’ someone when you have Hawaiian leis for a group project. A few classmates were either cracking up laughing or staring with eyes wide open as our group practiced our vacation-esque skit before class today, humping motion in air and all. Oh, goodness. I regress. If this in itself doesn’t prove to you that I don’t need babies anytime soon, I don’t know what will.

13 thoughts on “Writers block gone Wild.

  1. Word vomit is sometimes better than planned blogs, in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I do it all the time…bit biased I suppose. Hmmm….
    I love you!

  2. Yeah, kids suc- I mean are wonderful!!!


    The hubby threw egg all over the kitchen huh??? AWESOME!!! I almost set the kitchen on fire yesterday, while I was cooking Chicken and Noodles (not canned Christina!) I left the fucking rag on the stove…

    Well use your imagination!!! I’m blogging about it in a couple days!!!!

  3. BK says:

    Words vomit or not. It was a pretty good read. About the babies, you are not the only one getting asked. It seems that every married couple will be asked that once in the while especially by concern parents, friends. It can be pretty frustrating when they keep asking you every time they see you. Just keep to your own plan and don’t worry about the others; they are just concern … alright too concern at time.

    About the egg thing, I was very stupid or naive once when I was young. My brother sort of made me to think that I can sit on the egg vertically without it breaking. I did and you can guess the outcome. Those were the days. 🙂

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