Summer To-Do List

This summer started for me not even a week ago, and it’s already started off with a kick. Or twist. Or shout… Or a swim? Whichever exciting action verb you prefer there.

First there was the hot-tub shindig, Then a couples night including dinner and Letters to Juliet (too corny but kind of endearing.)…And plans for this coming week are also abundant. The start of summer has me so excited…I decided I needed to make a to-do list. A Summer To Do List! But I didn’t quite feel like writing it all out, as I am tired and worked a very long big-girl shift today. I then got a text from my best friend in the whole world (who will be in Texas in less than TWO months!) She said this:

“I just came up with the best idea! you should do a vlog with what you wanna do this summer.”

It’s almost like she was reading my mind and seeing the dilemma I was facing. So to make her happy, of course, I decided to go for it.  Here it is. My rambling-nonsensical-slightly-cleavage-filled-mess-of-a-summer-to-do-list-video-blog.There will be times when you’ll have to turn the volume up just to hear me, and maybe other times you’ll tilt your head because I’m not making any sense at all.  Much to my dismay, I noticed from this that when on film I revert back to my very-little-girl-ish-slightly-hillbilly-talking-voice. (Kind of like Miley Cyrus?) You’ve been warned.

10 thoughts on “Summer To-Do List


    And you DO NOT have a man voice!!! What the fuck are you even talking about????

    TOTALLY got a like 3 Christina BOOB shots!!!! Shhhyea!

    Not even fucking kidding you bitch! We could do reality TV. Just me and you. We’d have the fucking highest rated series EVER!

    I love your face bitch!

  2. hahaaa the fact that you didn’t even take your flash shot out is another reason why I adore you. You’re wonderful and all you need is better sound quality! Good video!

  3. Meg says:

    lOl! okay, music video it is. I feel like I’m gonna suck at acting in a music video…remember when we tried looking sexy in those pictures last summer and my face just looked blank and..weird? haha

    <33333333 so excited!

    I'm in Philly, you'd love it.

      • It’s pretty inritesteng that the mainstream media has changed the way it looks at this recently dont you think? What once seemed like a never discussed issue has become more prevelant. It’s that time to chagnge our stance on this though.

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