Moving out. (and on)

We’re moving out today.Very bittersweet.

I’ve lived in this apartment complex for two years, since I got kicked out of the parent’s house and we decided to ‘play house.’ Playing house turned out to be not so much playing and more serious than either of us realized.  And so, this is a little sad for me. Moving out and Moving on. It’s almost symbolic, as this summer is very much about moving on in many ways.  New school, New place, New people. Letting go. I hate those two words. It’s so damn hard. But it’s life. Still, if I’m letting go, I’m doing it in style.  We had one one last “Goodbye apartment” party two nights ago.

I said goodbye in the only way I really know how;Surrounded by the loved ones, laughs, and lots of memories.  A lot has changed since last summer and it feels like it’s time to leave this place and all of the old times behind. But didn’t I tell you I suck at this moving on stuff? Just in case I need to come back and reminisce, one of my best friends is subleasing and I can guarantee I’ll be bugging her more than enough.

And the fact that I am now a house-owner? It’s finally kind of sinking in. Robby and I started moving our stuff in last night. He went before I did (I,er wasn’t feeling well and spent a good majority of my day in bed…) and when I finally got around to it I showed up with sweet tea,candy, and peanuts. The dude (husband) had been working hard and needed some snacks. The dogs were playing in the backyard, The sun was setting, and husband picked me a flower from the beautiful ones blooming in the yard. I eventually did some mini-exploring around the neighborhood and brought home (brought home…‘cuz it’s our home...and I brought it there! Exciting to say that.) some yummy fried goodness.  We’re both like  children right now, the husband and I. Giddy and Giggly. Really, This is what every girl deep down dreams of isn’t it? This is where I play a music video in my head.  Picture this: Happy music in the background.  House with honeysuckle and pretty fence in the front. Girl with messy hair in a bun and old raggedy clothes as she unpacks old clothes and books into the new place. Cut to Husband wrapping arms around Happy girl and kissing her neck as she pulls out photograph and places it on dresser next to the bed.  Girl sighs and smiles. Content. I’ve of course edited out all of the times girl yells at boy and says this box is too heavy,damnit, come f**#%$ pick it up.

15 thoughts on “Moving out. (and on)

  1. Good luck with the move! It’s sad but it can be so exciting too! I’m giving myself about a year before I make a huge move to nyc…hope everything works out 🙂

      • Hey Davidthanks for stopping by I’m glad to hear pdocurt creation is a new focus for you. I personally believe it is one of the best ways to build your brand and create even more opportunity for growth. Besides, you learn so much every time you take a new pdocurt to market. It is a great way to deliver value to clients while honing your craft.

  2. mom says:

    I’m very happy for both of you! =) I don’t like or find it necessary for you to put that you got kicked out of your parents house! Daddy kicked you out, not me, and you know he had plenty of valid reasons to do so. It was very hard to deal with his decision.

    But on a lighter note, they say with every new house comes a new baby. LOL!

    When do i get to finally see the inside of your new home? When are we going to go shopping for your new house decor? =)

  3. I heart you bitch!

    I know it’s hard leaving such a special place where you and Robby started your lives… Just think NOW EVERYONE will be on your ass about having babies to FILL up that house!

  4. I’m so happy for you, girl! You have changed so much since we first met, skipping bible class together, yet you’re still the same, and I’m so proud of you and glad to call you my friend! 🙂

  5. hi christina… i am a regular reader of ur blog n have read each one of them…Ur way of expressing things is awesome…congrats for ur new home n best of luck for future…god bless.

    • Lizanne thank you for capturing such beuifutal images of our new born son. Alex was very relaxed during the shoot as demonstrated in the pictures. We would definitely recommend your photography services to others wishing to capture those special moments. All the best, Lee & Chrystella.

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