Summer, Bbq, Robot Pregnancy & Dr. Evil.

Last night (aka BBQ and new home adventures)

Today (aka shopping made fun with hats and ugly dresses):

This evening (aka snow-cones with the brother & did you have any idea that you could have a snow-cone that tasted exactly like a cupcake? What will these crazy kids think of next?)

And currently…. (aka sometimes I like to end my nights in painful electrocution. don’t?)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and brief explanations. So far summer, so good. So very very good.  Did the last picture confuse you maybe a little bit?  I’m having a hard time concentrating on my words right now because I’m attempting to get abs by a machine that is slowly electrocuting me,possibly to death. (kidding, but it feels that way, okay!?.)  To examine more closely the fact that my husband and I are both slightly (slightly as in totally) insane and to also confirm the fact that we are made for each-other and that you would never want to sleep over here even if invited, please feel free to watch my (Numero dos!) Video Blog. I still sound like Miley Cyrus and I’m still not really sure why my husband looked ready for the operating table…. but I’ve learned to expect anything at this point.

11 thoughts on “Summer, Bbq, Robot Pregnancy & Dr. Evil.

  1. Goddamn you guys are too fucking cute!!!!!

    Damn right bitch! I’d MUCH rather have 1000 volts of electricity running through my body than do a fucking sit-up!!!! Fuuuck that exercise bullshit!!!

    Love you legs biotch!

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