Aches, Pains and Summer.

My whole body is aching. No no no, you don’t understand. I wish there was a better word for aching. Imagine ten linebackers jumping up and down on your arms and neck and stuff, and that is how I feel. Why, you may ask? Because I decided to tackle (get it? linebackers? tackle? tee-hee?) tubing, wakeboarding AND water-skiing all in one day. How smart am I? Friend and Husband told me I would ache, but man…I am feeling sore muscles I didn’t even knew existed. But it was worth it. Though the only thing I was able to pull off was tubing (all you do there is hold on for dear life) I feel pretty accomplished even HALF way standing up on a wake-board and flopping around like a dying fish on my skis. Have you ever water-skied? I don’t understand.  I watched my friend do it and she made it look so easy. So I get in the water,full of confidence and ready to go, and eventually get the huge ski-flapper-things on my feet. I feel sorry for penguins with oversized feet. How the hell do you control those things? Try having ten pound feet in the water. They will own you.  From there, I couldn’t move my body or get the skis in the upright position. I was immobile and I really do think, had you saw me, a dying fish out of water would be the only good comparison. Except…I was Christina, in the water. If it wasn’t for my friend (pre-boat-take-off) holding me up and ergo keeping my ski feet from going too high in the air and the whole rest of my body from going under-water, I would not be living today.

She even stayed in the water when my flappers were flapping at and occasionally hitting her face. I’m telling you, I couldn’t control those things! Thank-God for good friends. Once the boat took off and my friend couldn’t hold my skis anymore, I was S.O.L. and being dragged along the water always on the verge of face-planting, if I did manage to get far enough off the ground.  Luckily, my face only fell to it’s doom once, and that was on the wakeboard.  So even though I failed miserably and my whole body feels like it may fall apart at any second, I call the experience a good one. The up sides? I was on a boat, I barely burned, I sort of tanned, I had the honor of watching a dog go tubing, I was fed peanut butter crackers and juicy watermelon, I saw my husband actually get it up (the skis,get your mind out of the gutter!), I had new life experiences (which I crave, Oh how I crave.), The water felt good when my face wasn’t going towards it at an ungodly speed…and I was with a couple of people I love a whole bunch. See? The good usually outweighs the bad. And the painful.

Friday night bbq (after we devoured almost all of it):

The rest of the weekend went down without a hitch. We had two couples bbq’s this weekend. Kat and Jason and chicken Friday night, Brother and Izzy and burgers Sunday night. We have yet another planned for tomorrow. Robby and I are currently smitten with bbq and it’s taken the place of take out (a good thing!) My daddy gave us his old one (my dad is master bbq man and just bought an even fancier one) so we end up bbq-ing about 3 or 4 times a week, thus far. I guess I should say husband bbq’s and I make the other little stuff inside.  I don’t know the first thing about that big scary machine. I thought instant light charcoal instantly lighted once you took it out of the bag. I guess that would be dangerous, but doesn’t the name sort of insinuate this? Right?! I’m almost positive I’m not the only girl who thinks this, but my husband is still tickled by it. Now then. More pictures.

Saturday night bbq (buttered bbq corn…Mmm in my tummy!):

Now to add to my summer to do list. Learn to water-ski and how to work a bbq pit. With or without instant light. If I’m alive by August, it’s a miracle I didn’t drown or catch myself on fire.

10 thoughts on “Aches, Pains and Summer.

  1. Tubing is so fun! I went Sunday and damn near killed myself as well and I didn’t even attempt boarding or skiing. ha!

    Your description of the whole experience made me lol. haha

  2. kati says:

    the lake is so much fun, i went jet skiing yesturday and im sore from that. you need to come to the lake with me sometime.

      • smartgirl / I saw this guy on tv put orange juice and honey in his. you might just want to try small semalps to see how it tastes. I personally suggest the honey- it sound about right, but try the orange juice too to see how it tastes. Just make 3 semalps, one with honey , one with oj, and one with both. I hope it turns out just right.

  3. I can’t ski FOR SHIT! I don’t even try anymore. I’m not coordinated enough!

    When we’re at the lake, I tan!!! I’m sooo fucking good at it!

    NOW I’m starving… thanks bitch. I’ve done NOTHING but eat for 4 days straight and now I want BBQ whoreface!

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