Things I talk about when….

Disclaimer: I like disclaimers. Yes, I do. Also, as I haven’t been drinking much lately and as I drank a couple of glasses tonight, this blog may be rather sporadic and all over the place. I will try to not misspell though. OH! And be prepared for a drunken video blog. I think I’m even going to number things for the heck of it. Hurrah. We will call it...

Things I talk about when I’m tipsy. Yay.

1. My friends keep me entertained. Shopping downtown.  Museums. Constant trips to the lake. Watching my first half episode of ‘Friends.’ Homemade Ice cream. Sex and the City and fruity flavored beer. Giggles and painting toe nails on the floor. Traveling to the pound to look at kitties (nevermind the fact that I’m very allergic to cats, it was more than worth it.) I’m never bored.  Whether at work or on a day off, I’m always with people that make me happy. As long as you don’t really stink or kill people,I’ll probably be your friend.  We’re all so different, you know? And I love it. I have friends ranging from 18 to their mid-forties; friends who are virgins and friends who like to explore more options; Friends in open relationships and friends who have been with the same one and only for practically a lifetime; Friends who won’t ever have children and friends who have a little one (and even a couple who have a couple of  little ones) Married friends, Single friends, Super-Catholic friends (and husband!), Atheist friends, Tall friends, Short friends….Okay this is getting a tad bit too Dr. Seuss now. Hopefully the picture is gotten. No matter the age,gender, look,orientation,beliefs or what have you…. My friends? They’re my blessings. No exceptions. Every single one, in their own unique way. Sadly, I’m not a mushy person at all. I’m like my dad in the fact that I have a hard time telling people how I really feel in my day-to-day life.  Yesterday a friend laughed at me when I told another mutual friend “Get out of my way, you whore.That is me being affectionate.  I’m always nice and friendly, but this here blog is the only place I ever really let everyone know how much they mean to me.  Unless I’ve been drinking and then everyone knows how much I care. Right now I’m blogging AND I’ve been drinking. So guys,  just never forget how much I love y’all mkay?

2. I video blog (I’ve decided I don’t like the word ‘vlog’ anymore)…and my dog gives me evil stares. I love you all so much that I even taped an intoxicated video blog for you. Make sure you watch the way my poor dog is looking at me the whole time. (Again, sorry about my cleavage. I’m only a size B.. I don’t understand why this is always a problem for me!?!?)

3. Finally, My husband is an asswipe that I love and he’s mowing outside right now. Now I leave you with a picture of the dude while mowing with his new mower thing and a conversation of him being an ass-face the other day.

Robby: So I was listening to the radio today ….Did you know the number one way to get a girl in bed is to say ‘I love you.’?

(As side note you need to know, he told me he loved me a few short weeks happened. Mhm. )

Me: You asshole. But…. you got all the other girls without saying it.

Robby: Yeah….I did.

Me: What about me?

Robby: Well…you were my virgin girl. I had to pull out the big guns. (laughs)

Me: F***you!!

Again I say….Asswipe. (Also a sucker, ‘cuz I got him to marry me. Win.)

9 thoughts on “Things I talk about when….

  1. I DO NOT CALL IT A VLOG either…

    Literally that word makes bile rise up my throat and I start fucking gagging!!!!

    In my 2nd V-Blog that’s what I chose to call them, I informed EVERYONE there would be no more of the ‘vlog’ business.

    Is that not the MOST stupid thing you’ve ever fucking heard???? Love the umbrella bitch!

    AND FOR THE 9 BILLIONTH time I wish we were fucking neighbors!!!

  2. To think of loosing whiegt that way too. But we can choose to go off our journey 1 week and gain 3 pounds or more, and that may take us WEEKS to get it back off so, stay focused! I have currently lost 46.6 pounds since 10/4/11, and its going slow for me too which makes it hard to stay focused. But we can do this! I just found u today, and cant wait too see you reach your goals! Congratulations on how far you\’ve come already! See ya in ur next vlog!

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