Adventures.(aka Peeing next to cops and stuff)

This weekend was full of lots of new and fun adventures. You know. I realize I say ‘adventure’ a lot. It’s one of those funny little words that if you look at or say too long it becomes kind of off and weird on the eyes and lips. Seriously, say it five times fast and then stare at the word for five minutes. You may start ripping your hair out. Still, because of it’s meaning to me, it’s one of my favorites.  Adventure. So I decided to see what exactly Mr. Webster had to say about one of my most favorite and slightly odd words of the dictionary.  I’ve been known to defy what words are supposed to mean and end up putting my own little crazy twist on them. So does my defiant self agree with the dictionary? Let’s take a look.


1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>
3 : an enterprise involving financial risk

As I’m usually doing something stupid,spontaneous, and not entirely safe, 1. definitely fits.

As I’m easily excitable and a remarkable experience  for me could be something so small as finding a new kind of chewing gum, 2. works also. Exciting and remarkable, as some famous dude once said beauty is, is also in the eyes (or in this case, mind) of the beholder.

And as my bank account is always on the near verge of financial risk (especially anytime I’m near a mall or food place, which is often), 3. definitely works as well.

Mr. Webster did a fine job.  Now I leave you with some of of my adventure highlights of the weekend(ish):

Downtown for the day:

Fernanda and I decided to spend the day downtown Thursday. I went to my first museum since…Gosh, I guess since London/Paris when I was 18. It had been too long! The museum (gah,can’t remember the was a smaller one) changes themes and right now it’s on Viva Mexico and famous playwrights. As my minor in school will be Spanish and my major is journalism, I found both of these fascinating. They had descriptions of things in both Spanish and English and I felt very proud when I could make out most all of the Spanish without reading the English. Fernanda moved here from Mexico when she was fourteen so I was bubbling over with excitement to her. “Fer…I can read almost all of this!!” She just giggled at me.  Girl is about to study French and will be trilingual probably when I’m considered bilingual. Bitch. (Hee.) The rest of the day we: Meandered through downtown thrift shops, snapped lots of pictures, sweated our asses off and bickered about the summer heat, and I even managed to fit my first ever pita sandwich in there. Mmm Pita Pit. Healthy can be good. Gasp.

Sushi helps everything.

Husband and I were in somewhat of a fight Friday night. We had plans (or to be honest, I had plans that I was dragging him along to, but it sounds better on my part to say ‘We had plans’) and Mr.Roberto didn’t get home until way too late. His job is working him six days a week and twelve hour days right now and I know it’s not his fault, but honestly, I want to go punch whoever makes these decisions in the freaking face politely tell Mr. At&T decision making guy “HELLOOO….I AM MORE IMPORTANT YOU STUPID DICK!” ”  “Hey, cut your guys some slack,pretty please, kind sir.” Anyway. I can’t do that so I take it all out on Robby instead. And he makes up for doing absolutely nothing wrong by taking me to get some very delicious (and slightly expensive) sushi. Dude. This was like a 5 course meal. They bring you soup, then salad,then sushi and tempura and fried veggies, and THEN when you think you’re all done ‘cuz you can’t possibly eat anymore, they bring you your main meal. Jeez. I’m putting a good word in for Hayashi.

To give you a little visual here is a before and after (the before is dramatized and reenacted, the after is real) of Christina before and after sushi.

Christina Before Sushi:

Christina after sushi:

I clean up kind of nice, don’t I?


Every birthday, Robby’s friend has a huge group go tubing together. Last year was my first time, so it felt kind of good not to be a tubing virgin anymore. There were a couple of first-timers with us, and that was fun too. Dude first-timer asked me “So,Christina…Any predictions for today?” I laughed. (I should have predicted that, once intoxicated, he would lose his glasses to the water, make fun of me all day, and tell me I looked liked Kei$ha with different hair…) Last year was pretty eventful. There was a fight between birthday boy and his best friend (Luckily they couldn’t reach eachother so mean words and water bottles were thrown around instead.), There was an abundance of topless ladies,(Nino,who also went last year, argued that they were all hot. I swore to him, they were all fifty and overweight.) and I stopped the part of the group mid-float in order for me too pee. This year there were no fights and no topless ladies that I saw,nor did I stop part of the group in order for me to pee. No, I one-upped myself. I stopped the whole damn group in order for me to pee. First off,you should know I have some sort of bladder problem. I’ve never been checked out, but anybody who knows me tells me I have a problem. Secondly, I cannot go in the tube before the seal is broken. I try and try but it just doesn’t happen. Thirdly, I had a couple of beers in me at this point and I had to go bad.  At the same exact time I decide I have to pee and am out of my tube, a police officer stops us to check our coolers for glass. Next thing I know rocks are hitting my legs and ass (I eventually find a safe place to stand/pee) and the rest of my group is floating off very fast. The cop sees this predicament and stares at me for a moment, no doubt thinking that I am a complete idiot and that now he has to deal with me. He eventually half-heartedly swims over and tells me where to go to get back to my group. But I haven’t…gone yet. At this point my group has stopped and is waiting for me ahead so I decide to just go for honesty. “’s just have to pee…So..” He kind of laughed nervously and left me alone after that. A nice boy then saved me by swimming over to me and handing me his tube, in which I floated over to the group and apologized profusely. Obviously, I was still teased for the rest of the day. Dude first-timer found it especially funny and continued commenting throughout the day..“Hey Christina,are you peeing?” or “Hey Christina, do you need to pee?” There are so many damn reasons I need to enter this story on that “FML” site. So many reasons. But the rest of the day went on without another Me-incident, and I have to say this time was even better than the last. The group was so much fun, and dare I say, even wilder than last time. It’s always fun to see how everyone acts right before tubing and then, later once drinks are nice and in our system, during tubing. Crazy times and funny conversations will ensue. I think one of my favorite drunken tidbits (that I recall) went something like this:

Me:You’re so sweet!!!!

Brittany: You’re so…LEGIT! You have a house!! I’m NOT legit.

I’m giggling just writing it down. She is very legit, if any of you are wondering.

There was one sober girl (she had a good reason!) in our whole group, and I spent a lot of my time talking to her.  I’m interested in what she remembers that the rest of us don’t….

Wet boob alert!

We ended the day by eating at Grits-Meal (Southern-fried goodness) and laughing about the day over chicken-fried steak. Oh! And husband bought my fudge at this quaint (favorite word!) little general store. Appropriately named “The General Store.”

Adventures. Yep,Webster did good.

Though if I were him, I may have added…

4. The state of being with some pretty nifty people,who are bad-ass fun-havers who also enjoy being in the presence of other bad-ass fun-havers. Telling a cop you need to pee in the lake he’s standing in while your group floats away from you could also qualify as some sort of unconventional synonym.

Something like that.

11 thoughts on “Adventures.(aka Peeing next to cops and stuff)

  1. you two are way tooo cute…i mean rob n u!!! its just so nice to see you smile…may god bless you with all the happiness in the world…TOUCHWOOD!!!

  2. Meg says:

    LOL this blog was funny.

    I like the word ‘meander’. If you’re wondering.

    That is soo funny that you had to tell the cop you had to pee paahha. You were in the water right? otherwise that would be a very silly thing to do infront of a cop because, in maryland at least, you cannot pee outdoors/in public haha.

    I’m excited to be in your blog soon.

    • Wow, that snow looks really deep from a liltte dogs eye-view – we kept trying to tell the humans, maybe now they will believe us.Happy Valentines Day Audrey, hope you had a lovely day with lots of cuddles!Wags and kisses, Dinah Bridget and Elliot xx

  3. Yeah, I thought that our ped had fpipled his lid when he handed us the cup, too! And, the fact that Tyler had *just* gone to the potty didn\’t make it easier, but that kid\’s a trooper and actually did the pee thing, too.Way to go, Noah!

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