Tell me I look like her one more time. I dare you. That’s it, I’m writing a blog.

So this is either a huge conspiracy or everyone in the world reads my blog. I’ve been told FOUR times in the past two days I look like Zooey Deschanel. I wrote a blog about this about a week ago, when I heard the comment about twice a month. Yesterday my boss (who is a stalker….er… I mean fan…of my blog) tells me he watched a movie and that I really do look just like her. Oh, but It gets better. A lady comes in about an hour later, telling me I look just like Zooey, and then claims her husband is friends with her.  I somehow doubt it’s true but she ended up snapping a picture of me and apparently was planning on ‘sending it to her.’ She had already sent it to her husband before she even left Starbucks. (My boss says her and her husband were most likely swingers wanting me to join in on the fun, and my husband says she probably was a lesbian wanting a picture to touch herself to… Sigh. Men.) Ahem. I’m still not finished. Today I worked with a girl helping us out from another store. Not even an hour after meeting her she asks me “Do you know who you remind me of?” I replied without missing a beat and without the tone of a question in my voice at all. “Zooey Deschanel.” I responded so fast it threw her off and  took her a minute to reply. “Yes…Exactly!!!!” I told her I get this all of the time and she continued. “Not just the way you look…You act and talk like her too!” So apparently,guys, I not only resemble this girl…But I actually AM this girl. I always feel ungrateful by my reaction so I made sure to add an apology and tell her I took it as a compliment. “You should.  She’s so cute! I love her!” Fast forward to not even two hours later. I was all Zooey-ed out for the day and about to buy lunch as I conversed with a pretty girl about my age at our check-out counter. We had a nice talk about attempting to cook our significant others food and then I sat down, enjoying my mini scones. She actually walks up to me while I’m eating and says “Sorry to bug you again but…..” I tell her it’s no problem and she continues. “Have you ever seen 500 days of summer with that Zooey girl? Are. You. Serious. She goes on to tell me that I  have her mannerisms and voice and bla-de-bla.  Again, I didn’t want to seem rude after not seeming shocked at all so I thanked her,smiled, and told her I took it as a compliment. “You should. I love her. She’s just so cute!” Um. I DON’T HAVE AN IDENTITY ANYMORE!!!!!! I’m going to start introducing myself as Zooey Deschanel because apparently I look, talk,act, and freaking breathe like her. So… Anyone want an autograph?

I’ve been investigating this.  I’m really curious as to how people look at me. I don’t really see a resemblance and I’m dying to know what other people see in me that they must all say the same thing all the ding-dang time. I went on You-Tube and watched and watched and watched. And,dude, I realized something. I like the way people see me. I like it a lot. It’s funny, both girls and guys alike are smitten with her ( I know this both from the internet and because whenever I’m given the likeohmigodyou’relikezooey comment it is usually followed by “I loooooove her she’s sooooooooooo cute!!!!”)  But she’s not what you’d call hot right off the bat. I’m not what you’d call hot right off the bat. She doesn’t try to be.  & I don’t either. I know I can be sexy and all but that usually just ain’t my cup of tea. That’s not what I go for, unless I’m in the bedroom with my boy. (And then I do a pretty good job…Hee.) My husband didn’t even see the resemblance ’til we watched her in a movie.That’s when he saw it. And this is where the moral of the story (blog) comes in. Personality is key. I know some damn sexy people with shitty personalities that people don’t give a second glance after getting to know. And I know some average looking people who are super attractive to me because their personality is just unbeatable. I won’t tell you looks don’t matter. They do. Honestly,my hubby (who is pretty picky) probably wouldn’t have looked twice at me if I was busted ugly.  But without a personality? I wouldn’t have ever gotten a second date. My signature trademark is not sex appeal but my dorky cutesy-ness. I look like I’m twitching when I try to wink but I do have one cute giggle.  I look like I’m eating myself when I bite my lip but I know how to make people laugh (both at and with me.) My sexy stare comes out as an evil glare but I say silly things that you can’t help but smile about.  My attempt at being a bitch comes out more like a child pouting. I can’t dance worth a shit but when I try it’s definitely a show. I’d pick my husband’s old Hane white tee over a sexy black dress anyday.  I love feeling pretty but I’d much rather make you happy than make you want to do me. I’m not a jaw-dropping diva but more of an approachable oddball.  No one usually describes this Zooey chick as “The sexiest woman alive” but you see “So cute”, and “Adorable” quite a lot.  On top of  all of this, She’s rather awkward. Even the way she moves herself around is very pronouncedly…awkward. A little off. Cute and endearing but quite odd. Very girl next door. Have I ever told you I’m the most awkward girl on the planet? ‘Cuz I am. I have no coordination, I bounce around like a bubbly-rabbit-butterfly-thing, and my clumsiness and air-head-ee-ness is what I’m known for. I am in no way a playboy bunny but more of the sweet and slightly strange girl next door. Truth is,She freaking does act and talk like me…or…. I act and talk like her.  So. This is how people see me, huh? I can deal with that. Through the years and lots of practice, I’ve come to accept and even work with my quirks. I’ve come to like who I am and be confident in myself even with all of my flaws.  I’ve learned that if you can love yourself, it makes it really easy for everyone else to love you too. I’m definitely no Meagan Fox, but my unintentional Zooey Deschanel is sorta-kinda how I make people fall in love with me.  I,Christina Cirotto Boudreaux, am exactly who I’m supposed and want to be. Not perfect. Not super-model-hot. Not a super-sexual-goddess. But an unconventional-awkward-cute-really-weird-but-lovable-girl-next-door. Hell, It works for me. Now if only I could make myself rich and famous that way….

24 thoughts on “Tell me I look like her one more time. I dare you. That’s it, I’m writing a blog.

  1. Chi gelo says:

    I actually thot zoey looked alot like katy perry so there is two famous pipo to look like! Lolss. I cried in the movie (bt then again that doesnt count cuz i cry alot) 500 days of summer because i was alot like her at the time, terrified to committ.but i thot it was abit mean of her to leave that guy and get then again its just a darn movie and im getting worked out! lol. Okay, il end by saying im a goofball too and i think the most beautiful pipo are those who accept who they are and are not afraid to laugh off thier imperfections. (i think i jst made a quote!) Nice blog.

  2. Tessa says:

    If it makes you feel any better…I can’t stand her. She was funny in Almost Famous…she was cute in Elf, but after that I realized her eyes and almost too big and her acting is close to terrible. Not to mention…500 Days of Summer sucked! I’m such a freaking snooooooob. I’ll stop, I promise.

    You’re definitely cute and I definitely love you and I’ll take an autograph from Christina anyday. 😉

    • 500 days of summer was AMAZING. lol. i hated her in The Happening, her acting was crap. But 500 days of summer made me like her a lot. Robby even liked it which is surprising for a chick flick. i’ve never seen any of her other stuff though.
      she doeeees have big eyes. do you know what robby calls them? i’ll tell you later but you can probably guess 😛

  3. It was irritating. People went on about how it wasn’t your typical love story and it wasn’t, but the process leading up to the different ending was …. typical. It was boring. “You like The Smiths? Holy buh-Jesus I just jizzed in my pants!!” It reminded me of Garden State when Natalie Portman’s character goes on about The Shins.

    And no, I can’t guess what he calls them lol so tell me later.

    • christina says:

      Haha tessa. You’re like a cute grumpy old woman. And I’m your crazy litle happy grandchild. Hee.I love youuuuu

  4. I’ll kill them all if you’s like…

    I never would have put you two together (but I’m slow like that) But since you POINTED it out, you do really look like her bitch.

    But I think she’s hot, so who cares?

    You’re a sexy bitch and so is she, that’s all that matters hooker!

    I heart your face!

    • So what are you doing now? You might want to look into journalism. These qnuitsoes are really simple but are encouraging me to write long paragraphs. I suppose you just ask people about themselves and they vomit information. Not terribly tricky. When I decided not to go back to art school (in Brooklyn), I decided to stay home (in New Orleans). I got a degree in Psychology (in 3 yrs) but didn’t do anything with it. I worked for a riverboat-cruise place till the hurricane hit. Then a New Orleans grocery store after the hurricane hit. Then I came back to Brooklyn and have been here 3 yrs. I should have a masters in educational psychology in Sept if all goes well and I do what’s expected of me. I should work at my school’s library if I get the position I interviewed for. I should be teaching 6th-8th-graders if I get the teacher certification I’ve said I’ll look into. I should become a policy analyst/researcher years down the road if everything follows these vague plans I’ve outlined. Clearly, you need to be more narcissistic. I started journaling so that I could learn and grow—a0think, write thoughts out, be challenged, discuss, read what others think (mostly political, but philosophical, sociological, psychological, as well). I only began to write about myself some of the time because that is what the culture of LJ seems to dictate. My life is generally pretty not-intriguing.I have a few dozen friends through LJ. I don’t know if that’s considered a following. I have 80 mutual friends listed; realistically probably only 40 read.I am not a tech person. I don’t get certain things about web development. I know the basic html one picks up through LJ, but designing my own site, while interesting, is a little intimidating, and so that means I likely will not do it—a0though if I were more tech savvy/knowledgeable/interested, I certainly would. Maybe, maybe I’ll fool with this WordPress thing— months from now. Maybe.

  5. Meg says:

    I don’t think you look alike =/ EXCEPT for your hairrr. and if you had blue eyes, def. anddd your lips are similar but that’s getting too detailed haha

    I LOVE 500 DAYS OF SUMMERRR. But I don’t think you act like her…well idk cuz i don’t know what she’s like in real life. but i dont think your voices sound the same lol you’re louder.

    but in 500 days of summer she was all distant and like annoying. and you’re more head first, take the plunge typa girl. She didn’t belive in love and you DEF DOOO. well she didn’t til she found that one guy. but still i like you more hahaha.

    • see..99.9 percent of the time i hear this from customers at work. i’m VERY calm (still very chatty, but not as loud haha) at work. my energy levels just never soar too high which is weird, working at starbucks. coffee don’t work on me no more! anyway. i think customers see a different side of me than people such as you (aka bestfriendinthewholeworldwhoknowswhataspazicanbe) do. lol.

      but yeah, love is the shit and i do believe in it. now anyway.

      and i love how much you analyze this. your second comment was especially funny.

      • Meg says:

        LOL this reply made me laugh. “love is the shit”

        I’m pretty energetic/spazzy at work. the other day i dumped the pop corn thinking it was done and it wasn’t so i poured a ton of kernels and oil into perfectly good popcorn hahaha. My manager was like “what did you dooooooo?” hahahahhaa. sigh.

        i cannnot WAIT. to come visit.

  6. priscilla says:

    Dude this blog was so funny lol an to piss u off even more yes omg u do totally look lik her lol but at least shes pretty that be pretty f#cked up if she was busted an every1 said omg u look lik some ugly busted girl lol

  7. i think i will be the 100th person telling u this but u resemble her quite a lot….but i dont know her n i know u so u r obviously better according to me. CUTE CUTE SOOOOO CUTE YOU ARE GIRL!!!!

  8. OC says:

    I see a slight resemblance, maybe the hair?! But otherwise you’re all CCB and just a pinch of ZD. I love her though, great voice too. I get Uma Thurman a lot. Or J-LO which is funny because uma and J look nothing alike?
    You are going to be rich and famous one day love, we both know it. 🙂
    Love! (Sorry I have been MIA! Changing so much stuff. Send me your email addy!)
    OMG, lesbian taking a picture of you to touch herself later too – laughed out loud on the packed train!!
    Uma-esque from Toronto

      • Oh, yeah, I\’d totally judge annoye who wasn\’t me. I work at a software company that has approximately ten people in the office at any given time, and they\’re all men, so no one\’s really paying attention to my shoes, ifyouknowwhatImean.

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