Things to do,People to see,Bellies to roll…

It amazes me how much there is to do in life. To hear,smell,see,feel. To look at,to dance about, To jump up and down with excitement over. There’s so many coffee shops I need to read new books at, Risks I need to take, An endless amount of people I need to love and laugh with, So many emotions I need to feel and loved ones I need to hug. Places I need to go,New friends to make, Songs I need to hear and be inspired by, Words I need to share, Experiences I’m itching to try.  It overwhelms me. It makes me happy. It keeps me going. It keeps my eyes, mind,heart and ears always open. Keeps my senses going. Always watching and waiting for whatever may be next. Here are some of my most recent (I’ve put in bold the main points for you, since I seem to get a little sidetracked.):

There is a girl at work who has started writing me notes on the back of the closing sheet I wrote up for her. They always put a smile on my face. It’s pretty adorable. She’ll erase the previous one and write something new and I find these cute little surprise notes when I get there in the morning. I’ve always loved notes. I’m huge on words in general. They’re just amazing in how powerful they are. How, whether negative or positive, a little goes a long way. Lately, more than ever, I’ve learned to use my words in a more positive light and keep my mouth shut when it’s something less than nice that will come out.  I think people tend to get frustrated with me because when I feel like I’ll have something rude to say, I simply ignore them or avoid situations where talking about my feelings will come up. But when it comes to my mouth and temper, I’ve learned some things are just better left unsaid. It’s a much better feeling to use what you say for good, not evil. I’ve  gotten into the habit of complimenting my customers at Starbucks, mostly women. We girls can always stand to hear  “You’re so pretty!” or “You’re so thin.” or “You look great in that dress.” Sometimes it means even more coming from a fellow girl, because we’re usually the first to be the most critical.  I love to see the look on someones face when I burst out in random compliments. It makes their day, you know? (a lot of the time they’ll tell you so too!) And that’s a great feeling.Try spreading the love. It’ll make you feel pretty darn good.

I’ve been to a poetry reading once. I, being me,went right up on that stage (my hands and voice both shaking) and performed a cheesy poem I’d written more than a year ago. I’m big on doing things just to prove to myself I can.  It’s either OCD or bravery, take your pick. This time I decided to attend poetry night again, but this time bring a friend and just enjoy the show. Poetry readings are fun, y’all. You drink coffee/wine, lounge around, and listen to bunches of diverse people bare their souls. There were those I wanted to cry with and those that I had to try not to choke on my drink after hearing.  There was even one dude, probably mid-thirties, who walked up with a cane and sang some nonsensical mess of words for five minutes. Before getting there I had asked my friend, “What would you do if I got up on the stage and just yelled ‘Ooga Booga’ really loud over and over again?” Ironically, this is very similar to what this interesting man with the cane imitated. So we crowned the night “Ooga Booga night. ” We’ll definitely be attending again. Even the bathrooms were interesting!Above you can see I took some pictures of my favorite parts of that bathroom. I feel like writing artsy graffiti and quotes all over my lavatory walls now. I wonder if husband would mind?!

I’m learning to cook. Learning slowly. I’ve actually started to finally enjoy it more. Last week a good friend and I had a cooking night. I made a casserole and she made homemade soup and we both cooked the bread (by cooked I mean stuck into the preheated oven) My husband was happy to have a huge meal in front of him when he came home from work. Ever since we moved into the house, I dunno, something in me has kind of snapped. Cooking isn’t so much of a chore to me anymore, but a fun wife-like thing to do. I kind of like it. I’m burning food less. Two steps in the right direction,yes? It doesn’t at all hurt having a friend to laugh and gossip with while the meal is in preparation format.

Owning a home is an amazing feeling, like no other I’ve ever felt before. I mean..I own this…place. With my belongings inside. I just want to walk up to some random neighbor and say “See that house over yonder? That’s mine!!!” It’s kind of like being a kid and owning all the best Pokemon cards or Beanie Babies. But even better. It’s also rather convenient for social events, which is good because husband and I are both very social people. Our house is still in the process of looking at it’s best but we’re to the point where we can comfortably invite guests into our house every weekend. This past Saturday was no exception. I’m currently running on autopilot because work has me there eleven days straight before my mini-vacation. I was especially weary of Saturday night because I was opening the next morning. I told myself, okay Christina, your bedtime is 11:30. No later than 11:30. Okay. Maybe I can do 12. 12:30 at the absolute latest. Oh..well, I don’t want to be rude. People are still here. And goodness we’re having fun. I guess 1:00 would be okay. Oh,Shit. Apples to Apples. Favorite game in the world. What the hell. 1:30 it is. Okay maybe 2:00. By this time I’m pretty drunk and my tongue is sticking out in pictures.  One more game and a little hang out time in the garage and then goodbyes are said. Okay. Bedtime. Crap, now my husband’s seducing me. Say no..just say no…I can’t do it.  Fun+Sex>Sleep.

I took my first belly-dancing classes tonight. Tessa and I braved it past downtown to this cute little studio that offers any kind of dance your heart could desire.  We desired belly-dancing lessons. Had you seen me flailing around attempting to move my body gracefully, you may have died laughing. You should know I’m the opposite of a swan. The anti of graceful. Coordinated is a hell no. My attempt at a shimmy looked more like a seizure, but damn, this was fun. Not to mention quite the work out.  Belly-dancing focuses on the hips maybe even more than the stomach, which both surprised and dismayed me.  My hip movements are limited. I talked to the instructor for a moment after (mostly to get her to take a picture) and mentioned my inability to move my hips. Then I let her know that I could move my stomach and I continued to show her my weird talent of rolling my belly from top to bottom. “Look at that! You’re a natural!” Ba-ha. And you, miss instructor lady, are a liar. But please, keep lying to me.

I’ve been able to check a lot of life t0-do lists goals off lately. But that list will never be all checked off. Imma keep adding to it forever and ever. I’ll always have more things to do,people to see,notes to read, and bellies to roll. And that’s just fine with me.

10 thoughts on “Things to do,People to see,Bellies to roll…

  1. I’ve seen belly dancers do that stomach roll thingie Tina, so you *are* a natural…Your description made me laugh, because I bought a Bollywood dance DvD to work out to, and I just sit there and laugh at myself. I’m funnier than when I tried to do the African dancing – I sorta looked like a rabid gorilla for that one, the Bollywood dance I probably look like a cow that got into some fermented fruit lying in the alleyways of Mumbai. Even if I do look like a drunken cow (moooooo!) It’s SO much fun and if you can laugh (even if it’s at yourself) why the hell NOT do it? 😀

  2. Tessa says:

    Belly dancing is almost disappointing in how hard it is but I’m determined to master it…..or at least get my hips to freaking move! jeez

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