Beach, Bonding & Smores Attacks.

This weekend I got a much needed mini-vacation from work and headed to the beach with friends and the boy-toy (and by boy toy I mean my husband; Thought I’d spice up his usual term a little.) Weekends are usually a must work at Starbucks, and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a three day or even a two day weekend.  I can tell you I was about ready to punch the next rude or annoying customer in their face, so obviously I needed a break. It was heavenly and refreshing and I’m actually looking forward to making about 34904902583 frappuccinos tomorrow.But for now,I’ll give you some….

Port A Highlights:

Road Trip ? So we have this road trip planned for weeks right? My lovely friend Emily, my husband and I all plan on waking up early and leaving at a decent time for the four hour drive.  Emily is meeting us at our house at 9. I wake the husband up at eight. Eight. I’m ready by 8:30 and dude is still sleeping. I finally manage to get him out of bed after a lot of hassle.  He’s lounging around when Emily gets to my house a little before nine. She and I are both completely ready to go. He dilly-dallies around some more and at this point we girls are about ready to kill the man. I am,at this point, used to this shit. I’m always trying to get this man ready and out of the door and it’s probably the one thing we fight about the most. I  do not lie to you, The boy made us miss the flight for our honeymoon. It’s something I don’t understand. I’m a chick and can get ready in fifteen minutes no problem. This man can take hours. So this wasn’t much of a surprise to me. He eventually sent Em and me to drop off our dog at my parents (something we were all going to do on the way there) so he could take his sweet time on getting ready. Emily, who is yelling at Robby as much as I am at this point, tells me on the way to my parents “I always thought you were such a bitch to Robby before. I know why now. He deserves it.” Ba-ha! I’ve gained a follower.  Though we left TWO hours late, It’s always nice to know that someone finally understands why I’m such a meany. Husband’s a pain in my ass. That I guess I sort-of kind-of love a little bit.

Girl time ,Ocean, Booby sand. It was nice to lounge around with my girls for a whole weekend. Both of these chicks were a couple of my favorites working at Starbucks and they’ve both gone and left me. I’m kinda glad Brooke left though; If it wasn’t for her and her boy we wouldn’t have an all expenses paid beach house for the weekend.  This weekend was a giddy-girly indulgence for me. I have tons of girlfriends but I don’t have too many sleepovers since getting married. After spending a couple days together, I noticed a few things we all have in common: We all wear the same size (4-7, depending on the brand.), sing karaoke in the car (Kei$ha and Journey were favorites.) and eat like men (like…obese men.) We spent a good portion of our time chit-chatting and sunbathing, both on a boat and just the good ‘ole beach. I  attempted to boogy board but ended up with salt water in my eyes and sand in my pants.  Emily brought her beach toys so we even got to regress and make sand castles and stars and shit. Brooke attempted to make a booby instead of just a regular sandcastle (Husband helped make the nipple, apparently it wasn’t quite realistic enough.) , which I thought was especially beautiful. Girlfriends AND realistically shaped booby shaped sand. What could be better?

-Touristy Things. I am such a tourist at heart.  And proud of it. I go to downtown Austin (roughly twenty minutes from my house) and act like a complete noob. I feel the need to buy souvenirs wherever they may appear and I like to take pictures in those head in the hole things whenever they present themselves. I’m overenthusiastic about everything, so the beach a few hours from my house is no exception.  So much to do and see! First off, the food was amazing. I forget how much better seafood closer to the ocean tastes. I had the best crab cakes of my life. Totally unrelated to seafood, I also devoured the best sweet potato fries to ever enter my mouth, heard some great live music, went to a really cute candy-shop with a random pet rattlesnake just chilling in it’s cage ( I ask you, how often do you see rattlesnakes in candy shops?), and stood inside a big fake sharks mouth. Fun stuff, for a tourist.

-Showing some skin. Husband has lost over 30 pounds and this is the first time I’ve seen him so confident in his suit. It made me happy to see him comfortable in his own skin. I haven’t been working as diligently as this boy, but I have been working out five days instead of my usual four and doing extra stomach excercises at night. It’s nice to see my work pay off; I felt pretty damn good in my bikini as well. It’s a good feeling to feel good about yourself as you prance around in next to nothing. It’s an even better feeling to prance around in next to nothing with your always-sexy-but-now-even-sexier hubby. We’re not too shabby looking of a couple,eh?

Night-life and Bonding.

The picture below is me getting attacked by a smore’s fire. Husband was trying to help the tiny fire out by pouring a little lighter fluid on our little grill. He poured a little too much and next thing I know there is a huge fire coming right towards my face.

As you can see from the equally amusing and unattractive picture, I was rather frightened.  Other than that,it was a peaceful night. On the way to Port Aransas, we stopped at the store and picked up a mini-grill and lots of bbq food. Husband grilled on the back of his truck last night as we played a game of beer pong and afterwards made some pretty yummy smores. It was a perfect summer night. I also have to mention to you the relationship between the husband,me, and Em.  We three bonded a lot over the weekend as we were all sharing the only other bed (nothing kinky, don’t worry.) and were literally stuck together 24/7. By the end of the weekend we were all jokingly dropping f*** you’s and yelling at eachother for generous portions of the day. It’s a very comfortable and funny relationship the three of us have.  It goes a little something like this: Em and I decided it takes two girls to keep Robby in line, thus forcing Em to tell Robby things such as “Thanks for closing the door for me, bitch.” In which Robby would of course respond with a very sweet, “F*** you!” If Em annoys me , I ask her ,oh-so-kindly, “Emily, what the f*** are you doing!?” and when I sweetly spoon feed my husband ice cream on the way home I have to add in “Oh, Good boy Robby!!!” as if he is my little puppy. Emily then laughs and Robby responds with… (can you guess?) “F*** you!!!!” We go on like this all day long. It’s very much like we’re all brothers and sisters…sleeping in the same bed. And when our sister isn’t around, I have sex with my husband-brother. Okay. It’s a  pretty dysfunctional relationships. But it works.

Me gusta la playa y mis amigos. << I’m sure you already know that means I like the beach and my friends. But I just wanted to say it twice.

9 thoughts on “Beach, Bonding & Smores Attacks.

  1. You guys look great!! This motivates me to make going to the gym a daily habit.

    Looks like so much fun and I’m so jealous! YOu definitely deserved this vacation, woman. Last time I saw you you seemed ready to bust. haha

  2. Meg says:

    OMGGGG I would have been so pissed if someone made me two hours late haha. We left thirty min late for the beach on Tuesday and i’m pretty sure I brought it up about three or four times throughout the day haha.

    You both look beautiful love!!

    That fire picture is hysterical. A pained laugh emerged from my chipmunk cheeks. (I got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted this morning..) hahaha

    I’m so excited to see you you don’t even know.

    • haha yeah i know how timely you are! you wouldn’t be able to marry someone like robby. it’s hard enough for someone not even that punctual (yours truly) to deal with.
      awww chimpunk !!! ouch. i think i may have to do that soon. i have spouts where they just hurt so bad and i’m afraid they’re gonna make my pretty teeth crooked. lol.

      • Meg says:

        I would also like to say that smores are totally underrated. They’re way better than I ever realized, we must make them at least…twice. =]

  3. CB says:

    You are so fucking hot you hooker!!!!

    I LOVE that pic of you three on the swings!

    That is the exact reason I stay as far away from fire as HUMANLY possible, bc I will catch myself on fire!!!! But this Crazy Brunette LOVES her some s’mores!!!!

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