Last night was a “work meeting” which was just as much of a social event as anything else.  I walk up to the doors, late and in my pajamas, and see my boss through the window smiling and tapping on his watch. I laugh and am happy and fuzzy inside to see all three of my other Starbucks coworkers together for once. I love my job. Between a marriage,school, work, family, lots of friends, plans I overbook myself with all too often… I go nonstop. If work was stressful I think I may spontaneously combust. But I pretty much work on my own personal playground. I drink coffee. I laugh all day.  I am surrounded by friends and people who love me as much as I love them. I get to talk all of the time (my vice and now I get paid to do it.) to all different sorts of unique and (mostly) lovely folks. I have insurance (I’m currently under my husband’s but I’m the kinda girl who always has to have a back-up plan. Dependence scares me.) and 401k options and other pretty snazzy benefits. I don’t get paid a lot but it’s enough to help pay for house payments and such every month, and that’s good enough for me.  I can honestly say I wake up everyday happy and dare I say, looking forward to work.  I’ve always been a really hard-worker (thank-you,parents, for instilling this in me.) but I work even harder here because I like doing it. My boss left me a comment the other day, on the blog where I was explaining I got days off because I was using my evil-brat-tactics. He left a pretty long comment but my favorite was this part: “I did it (gave me days off) because you bust your ass for me at work and you’ve saved my butt on more than one occasion.” Aw. Made me feel special. This all being said, I’d like to introduce you to my Starbucks family. We took this picture last night and I immediately fell in love.It’s one of those special ones that you just know is going to need a frame. And will make you smile for a really really really long time to come.  I love these guys.

Bryan had the idea to take a picture like the one above. Hailey wanted no part in being picked up.  I ain’t picking up a dude  and I doubt a dude wants to be picked up so that means I’m the lucky gal to be lifted. So here goes introduction time. From left to right (face-wise, not body-wise….’cuz my body’s all over the place here.): Tony (aka Boss-man;He keeps us in line but is a big softy at heart. He’s also very truthful and had no problem admitting that my legs were a little too stubbly in above picture. Baha.), Bryan (aka BryBry;He may talk and giggle even more than I do), Me (aka Chrissy-Tina, as bossman calls me. I’m crazy,oober outgoing/bubbly, and argue about everything;But y’all already know that.) , and Hailey (aka The cute little spaz child. Our youngest, I call her my baby. She seems to get into the most trouble but has come a long way and I’m very proud. She sings loudly and dances crazy and writes me sweet notes and keeps us all very entertained. We like to pick on her purely out of love.) We were told yesterday that we all play off of and compliment eachother really well. I’d have to agree.  The four of us, we’re the perfect mix of what I suppose you’d call a team. We get the job done and have a hell of a time doing so. We’re all so different and have our separate qualities that give us a nice balance; Still,we play and work together as a big,happy Starbucks family. And I do mean like family.All four of us fight and bicker like crazy but this is the only crew I’ve ever worked with that is completely drama-free. Maybe because there’s only four of us and two are dudes, but we all say what we feel to eachother’s faces (aka last night: “Hailey: Bryan you left me with NO mocha NO ice NO whip creams…..”) and that’s that. When it comes down to it we all love and respect eachother and have shit-tons of fun together. I’m being cheesy now, but I couldn’t have picked better coworkers out myself. I know I’ll be happy to be making the money and what-not one of these days. But I can’t help but think I’m gonna look back when I have that real people’s job and sigh with longing. Wishing I could go back and get paid to laugh and talk and make coffee all the merry day long.

8 thoughts on “Job-love.

  1. CB says:

    Those are the things I actually MISS about working…

    Socializing (with fucking ADULTS)

    Heart you!

    (you’re so hot hooker! Even in your jammies!)

  2. Meg says:

    You really look forward to work that much every day?

    I never realllly don’t wanna go which is good enough for me. I’m starting to make new friends though so it gets more fun every day. Mostly haha.

    Starbucks gets ridiculous rushes right? like around coffee time? Movies are the same way.

    • haha well not EVERY day. tomorrow i have to open and i never look forward to getting up that early. but mostly yes.
      but yeah, friends make it soooo much better. i would hate working if i didn’t work with my homies.
      yeah, starbucks definitely has it’s moments but i never get stressed out because it’s still nothinggg compared to waitressing. do you do the snack bar and stuff? i haven’t really talked to you ’bout yo job yet.
      i get to see you SOOOO soon sodenkjgfhjifrgdjhiogkls

      • Meg says:

        yea i mostly do snack bar. We get huge rushes and it gets frantic but I never really stress out (unless people are mean which they usually aren’t) because I decided, it’s stupid to rush cuz then you just get stressed! So i just go about things like there aren’t 940280923 people waiting hahahha


  3. Looks likeyou had a great time, such festive pictures! Great to look at here, in the freezing cold at 1 in the morning! Thanks for posting

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