Super-powers and Kryptonite.

We all have our strong and weak points. The things we do best and can’t do at all. Our super-hero strengths that can’t be stopped until whatever our kryptonite may be comes along. Thought I’d share some of mine (and here y’all all thought I was perfect all this time!…Ha)


Super-powers: I make friends really easily. I talk to everyone. I’ll find something,usually a compliment if it’s a chick and something random and stupid if it’s a dude, to start a conversation and go from there. I love the thrill of great conversations with new people; Because I married so young, I think it’s my version of flirting with the world. The rush of socializing and hitting it off is one of my favorite feelings in the world. I love being around people and they enjoy being around me. I’m bubbly and happy-go-lucky and that stuff seems to spread.  I have a good time everywhere I go and never have a hard time talking to strangers or being outgoing if there’s a large crowd. I never judge people and will befriend most anyone. I’m sure I would make an A+ in social skills, until it got down to the itty bitty details, such as following through….

Kryptonite: Two of my nicknames? “The bailer” and “The flake.” I do bail on people a lot and sometimes at the last minute. I hate that about myself. A couple of people are upset with me right now because of this. I don’t like saying no so I’ll say yes and just not follow through; Usually because I totally forget.  Because I make friends with everyone and their mom (literally, I have a few mommy friends.) lots of my friends don’t mesh well and some just can’t stand eachother. This limits who I can invite where and who I can bring with me to what event and my big happy family plans often fail me and sometimes even backfire terribly.I don’t have a great memory and sometimes I’ll invite someone who doesn’t like someone else to the same party and then all hell will ensue. Also,I’m somewhat of an attention whore, especially when intoxicated.


Super-powers: Wherever I am, I work hard and get the job done. I’ve worked two  jobs at one time on a couple of occasions and I’ve learned how to be a bad-ass multitasker. I do whatever I can to make it fun but also do whatever I need to that day. I’m versatile. Since turning 18, I’ve had a slew of interesting  jobs ranging from waitressing to video checker-outer (Blockbuster) to lunch lady (my most embarrassing, and no I did not wear a hair net.) to childcare to key-holder at a jewelry store and now,a barista. Whether it be making copies, closing a register, watching kids, serving food, making coffee….I’ve always had to deal with people. When I waitressed I was making almost all of my money off of tips, so I learned how to work with all different sorts of people and also to bite my tongue.  At this point, I’ve learned to smile and nod my head, no matter how big of a bitch the customer may be. I’ve also learned a  lot and have become much wiser through the years and with each and every job. I’ve taken some little skill or life lesson each time I leave a place and I have acquired some damn good people skills after all of the annoying people I’ve encountered.

Kryptonite: I have a problem with authority. I have no problem listening to them telling me what to do, until I feel like they are being to mean about it or …bossy. Yes,That’s right.  I don’t like it when my boss is bossy. I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s something I have a very hard time controlling. I’ve learned to bite my tongue with every customer, but when it comes to a boss? It’s a different story. I argue and back-talk and my whole mouth takes on a life of it’s own. I’m even worse when my boss is a man. I figure this goes back to my waitressing job, where I actually had a relationship (fling/affair/immoral acts would all probably fit here better than relationship) with a dude in authority to me. Ever since then I think I’ve sort of rebelled or maybe just have a hard time respecting a dude above me job-wise; No doubt because of the mistakes a boss and I made years ago.  This is bound to get me in huge trouble one day and it’s a miracle I haven’t been fired yet. Luckily, I have a boss who is pretty cool right now…but he did spend most of his day not speaking to me yesterday after my mouth went a little too far. Sorry, boss-man!

Physical (Body Image/Maintenance):

Super-powers: For a chick, I think I’m doing pretty well on liking/taking care of my body. I have my issues, but I think we all do. I work really hard to keep my body in tip-top shape and I force myself to run most everyday in this awful summer heat. I’m slender but not a bone/stick and for the most part, I think I look pretty darn good. I’m pretty comfortable with my appearance and I hardly wear any make-up; If I do it’s very little and I just buy the cheap shit that fades in an hour or so. I can leave the house without painting on a new face and I have no problem leaving with no makeup and a pair of sweats.  Strongest points: Legs,smile,eyes, ( my husband’s given me a big head. He never stops bragging about how pretty and green my eyes are; He’s even noticed lately they turn greener when I wear a deep green color..something I never knew.) & most of my stomach (I’ll talk about the love-handles below…)

Kryptonite: I may be just a little too comfortable with how I look, because as long as I can sleep a little later, I will leave the house looking like complete poo. The only time I seem to have this problem is when I’m going to work. My current job couldn’t give two shits, as long as I’m making my coffee right and being nice to customers.  But my last job was a family owned boutique-ish place and one of the requirements was that I show up looking decent. Because this was family-owned and because my family knew I could look good if I’d just wake up five minutes earlier, they were constantly on my ass about showing up looking like I had just jumped out of bed (which I had.) I’ve gotten a little better since then but I still  have no patience and therefore don’t always do the most thorough job on things such as shaving (I always miss a spot!) and straightening my hair (again,always miss a spot!)  Weakest points: My ‘lil love-handles (Everytime I complain I hear “Every girl has them.”, I DON’T CARE. I still do not want them!), boobies (a little too big,makes me feel awkward.),&  hair (why can’t it just be naturally straight and brown and not so damn thick,damnit!?)


Super-powers: I’m cheap and very careful with my own money. I’m independent with the money I do earn, and currently still haven’t combined bank accounts with my husband for this reason. I pay my credit-card bill every month and have never missed or forgotten to pay. I have very little debt and am great at saving when I want to.

Kryptonite: I’m stingy with my money. I am not only cheap, I am a cheap-ass. I do stupid little things to convince myself that I’m saving when in the long run I’m losing money. I refuse to put more money than 6 dollars in my gas tank at a time. I buy the cheapest bottle of shampoo even if my hair is extra-dry and needs extra-care. I  usually won’t buy a dress,shirt, or even jeans for over 10 dollars (meaning I’m the queen of Ross and TJ Max). Nobody likes to shop with me because when they show me a cute dress for 20 dollars I quickly look at the price tag and say “That’s way too expensive.” I don’t care if what I do buy will rip or tear or run out in less than a few months or even days…I am a ‘now girl’ to the extreme. Future Christina can deal with all of that nonsense later. This attitude has also gotten me in trouble with my credit card (which luckily only had a 900 dollar limit…) which is now out of my life for good.



I take a lot of my pride in those closest to me. I feel like I reflect who they are and they reflect who I am. If you are one of the people who means the world to me and I have a true and close relationship with, you know it.  I’m grateful and because it was later in my life that I started having a lot of close relationships, I don’t take anyone for granted. I may not show it in the best way I could all of the time, but those who know me know I love them with my whole heart and will be there for them no matter what.I’m forgiving and understanding and I have a hard time holding grudges even when I want to. I’m fun. I’m extremely open-minded and willing to hear your side. I do a good balance of listening and talking. I’m loyal and the longer we’ve been friends the more loyal I become. If I know I can trust you I’ll tell you everything and you’ll know every part of me; Because this is so rare the people I do have this kind of relationship with know they’re very special to me. I want to know everything about you,every little detail that makes you who you are.  I want to know your hurts and fears and dreams and everything in between. I care. I care a lot.

Kryptonite: If I’m comfortable enough around you to have a true relationship you also know the following: I’m mean. I’m stubborn. I argue a lot. I ignore or yell at you when I’m pissed off,depending on who you are and how pissed off I am. I’m too scared of being hurt. I have my guard up until you’ve proven I can let it down, and sometimes even a little while after that. I have a hard time taking one side and this often makes me seem like a traitor or that I simply don’t care at all. Even when I really really really do.

Life and Learning:

Super-powers: I’m very dedicated to school and to getting a degree. I think because I’m the first girl in my family ever to go to college…It means even more to me than most people. College degrees are pretty common now, but to the generations in my family before me, it’s been unheard of. School is a huge part of my life because I want to do my last name proud. Start a new legacy,you know? When I’m determined I’ll do whatever I have to to get what I want. I’m a good writer because I have an eye for the details; The best part of life if you ask me. I’m brave. I’m a go-getter. I’m happy and I love life. I take chances. I have a zest for living that I’m sad to see a lot of people lose. Life,to me, will always be new and fascinating and beautiful and wondrous. My heart is open and my eyes never stop seeing something amazing. I love learning, I love living, and I love the little moments that other people miss. I want to go everywhere, do everything, meet everyone. I’ll try anything once.

Kryptonite: If something is too easy for me, I don’t excel in it because I’m not challenged and I’m bored. History is my weakest subject because it’s so simple and to the point that I just hate it. I lose everything. I’m irresponsible. I don’t take care of things or think things through. My mp3 player is full of water from the the rain, this computer’s monitor blinks on and off, I go through cameras like they don’t cost more than a hundred dollars, and my husband says everything I touch turns to shit. This is the truth. I over-analyze most everything. I’m over-sensitive. My feelings are hurt very easily and I turn into a bitch if they’re hurt too badly. I have a hard time saying sorry even when I know I should. I don’t like admitting I’m wrong. I don’t like growing up and still act kind of childish sometimes. I want to get to know everybody and the people I shouldn’t want to get to know are usually the ones that intrigue me the most. I like anything taboo, and this gets me in trouble. I’ll try anything once.

What are your Super-powers/ Kryptonite?

10 thoughts on “Super-powers and Kryptonite.

  1. Ahahaha cute blog!

    Superpowers: I persevere and stick it out if it gets tough – I am the little-engine-that-could. I really try and find the good in every person I meet, even if they are a supreme b*tch. I’m creative. I’m friendly and outgoing, willing to go with the flow, laid back. The quintessential child of the 60’s hippie chick – except that I don’t think I would enjoy living in a commune with a buncha people that only bathe once a week.

    Kryptonite – as much as I persevere at most things there are some I lose interest in – I’m sure there is some deep psychological significance to this, but I really don’t care to find out at this point in time – so I’m sort of a dichotomy. I lose patience with people quickly when they can’t grasp something as quickly as I can – the thing is, I try not to let them see it. I am definitely assertive. I *will* speak my mind, although over the years I’ve tempered from blunt to direct. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Oh, and I just figured out I hold grudges. Big time. I’ll forgive, but I never forget.

  2. Meg says:

    I love the concept of this blog!! And the content of course. I like how a lot of your kryptonites kinda contradict your super powers haha. I think that’s how so many people are. Probably becaue one wouldn’t exist quite the same without the other.

    Super powers: I’m compassionate, easily excited, and i’ll laugh at your jokes. Even if they’re not funny, because the fact that no one found it funny will make me laugh. It’s pretty hard to feel bad about yourself around me because I won’t bring you down..Unless you’re bringing me down then Idk. haha

    Kryptonite: I only hear what I want to hear. I hate hearing negative things about myelf from other people. Even if it’s constructive. Unless I ask you, I don’t want to hear it. Even if I should. And i’m controlling! I often think “I could get this done so much faster/better by myself” who knows if I actually could, I just think that sometimes haha…I’m not sure why. Maybe I just want all the credit. pahah, as bad as that sounds.

    • haha thanks lover 🙂
      i didn’t even noticed it was contradicting! but once you pointed it out yeah i could see that. weird. maybe i’m schizo 😉
      i hate hearing negative things too! we’re the same in that aspect and it may have something to do with why we used to fight so much?
      also i was just a strange little child….

  3. My kryptonite is green beans. I f-ing hate them. Also Superman has other weaknesses that aren’t as well known. Here are two.

    1. Red Sun Radiation: Natural in Krypton’s planetary system, red solar radiation replaces the higher-yield yellow solar energy in Superman’s cells, robbing him of the fuel for his powers. This process does not have the painful, crippling and fever-like symptoms of Kryptonite, and essentially leaves him with the normal health and abilities of a human in his size and shape, as it did for the entire population of Krypton during its existence. Exposure to Yellow Sunlight causes his powers to return. Other than Red solar radiation, using up his yellow solar energy before having a chance to recharge also causes Superman to lose his powers.
    2. Magic: While not so much an actual weakness, Superman’s invulnerability offers no protection against magic. As a result, spells cast on Superman affect him the same as it would anyone else. This sometimes goes so far as enchanted weapons being able to subvert his invulnerability as well. This is shown much in the “Mortal Kombat VS. DC Universe” crossover videogame, in which, many DC heroes and villians were forced to fight each other, while Superman is normally invulnerable, he found himself being hurt and even defeated by the magic wielding occupants of the Earth and Out World.

    Got this from wikipedia. I knew about red sun but, magic? WOW

  4. Thanks for commenting on my photos!

    This is a powerful post… Definitely something worth pondering in my free time. I can try to sum it up quickly:

    My super-powers: Patience and creativity. As long as I am patient, my creativity will shine. And creativity is what keeps me going. It makes me alive and hungry for more.

    My kryptonite: Real life. I can lose myself in my creativity for hours. But then I neglect aspects of my life (work, homework, housework, etc) and suddenly my creative hobbies seem very impractical.

    • hi amy!
      i wish i could have more patience. i admire anyone who does. i’m pretty creative but with no patience it’s hard to take care of the creativity,ya know?
      i like the kryptonite too. maybe not always but sometimes…it’s good to just lose yourself to the world for a while.
      thanks for the comment girl!

    • I believe I am the only one one here who has a pensarol relationship with the hero in question. Along with the having the powers we all know him for, Superman is also a great role model and humanitarian. If his work with orphans in Africa doesn’t make him a hero, then I don’t know what does. Thanks again Super for all you do

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