Best Friends.

My best friend, that I haven’t seen in a whole dang year, will be here from Maryland in just over an hour. I’m too excited to think. I might pee my pants. Just kidding. But if I did have a problem where I peed myself from excitement, this would be the time to pee.We have so many to-do lists to check off, memories to make, places to go to, pictures to take (look I’m rhyming now…THAT’S how excited I am.) and nights to not sleep…. I. can’t. Wait. There’s nothing like a true best friend. Nothing in the whole world.This girl and I have been best friends since I was 12 and five of those years have been long distance.  I think the distance has made us appreciate the best friend thing even more, so even if seeing her only once a year sucks, it makes it all worth it when we go all crazy at the airport (and for a whole week after that.) Many pictures, videos, and crazy occurrences to come in the next week,folks. There’s nobody I act like a crazier goofball around than this chick. Be prepared.

Speaking of best friends.

This here is my best dude friend. We decided to hookah the other night. (He wanted to watch a movie and I wanted to party so we settled on something in the middle…) It was nice to just sit and talk about nothing and everything for a few hours, as me and this kid always do everytime we’re together. But the chill hookah environment adds to the whole chatting session. Plus, it was BYOB which is always nice. In the midst of our conversation, I decided it was picture time. The dude could not open his eyes. I mean, I know they aren’t THAT big anyway, but c’mon.  He could do better than he was doing. I decided to take a slew of pictures until he took one with his eyes slightly opened that I would approve of. I haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Following are the pictures that made me giggle like a maniac, and the quotes attached to them:

Me: Dude. Open your eyes.

Best friend: I can’t! THE FLASH IS SO BRIGHT!

Me: Look. I’ll help you. Do it like me.

Best friend: IT’S SO BRIGHT!!!

Me: You look like a turtle.

Me:That’s it I’m watching you. (in between my fits of laughter.) Now open your eyes.

Best friend: …So.Bright.

Me:  (still laughing insanely) You’re getting better. One more time.

I was proud of him for this one. He had to concentrate really hard and kinda looks like Popeye. But beggars can’t be choosers.

I ended the night by taking a picture with a huge and random Taz doll.

‘Bout to go pick the best friend up now. So. Excited. Life couldn’t be any better.

5 thoughts on “Best Friends.

  1. bryant says:

    dude that flash was too bright lol…everyone was probably thinkin there was lightnin lol…but ya that was real MANY pictures on ur camera haha

    • I have a slight, bearly noticeable, mostly latent tendency to use sarcasm in my writing and this statement is where you lose me the most since I’m a librarian I actually think you mean the words you state which in fact is the exact opposite of what you mean. That obviously is why sarcasm is my least favorite language. Just saying as a librarian .. ________________________________

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