Belly Piercings, Music Videos,and Trailers.

Meg and I have compiled a list of things to do while she is here in Texas. It’s a nice sized list as she’s only here once every other year and we’ve never actually made a list of things to do before. Thought I’d go through the numbers we’ve checked out so far.

Belly button piercing for Christina.– Okay so this wasn’t officially on the list. But I wanted to get my belly-button pierced. I’ve done this once before when I was in Maryland with Meg, but I didn’t take care of it and it closed up. My first experience was kind of traumatizing. The lady I let pierce me was in training so they only charged me five dollars.  This is what I’ll do to save a buck. She clamps my stomach down with some painful objects because she isn’t experienced enough to try free-hand. She stops in the middle of piercing me when I make a sound to ask me if I’m okay. She then has to start up AGAIN as her boyfriend/trainer is yelling at her. I found out two days ago she never even pierced it all the way through.  I guess that’s what I get for being a cheap-ass. This time didn’t start off too much better. I found a place that did 15 dollar piercings on Sunday, the same day Meg got here. We picked her up from the airport, ate some food, and headed our happy butts to the tattoo shop. As neither of us have any sense of direction whatsoever, we ended up at TWO different tattoo shops before finding the right one. Both warned us against the place we were going to, and were talking some pretty serious shit on any shop that offered such cheap piercings. But have any of you ever known me to listen to anyone? I decided they were just jealous that $15 dollar place was getting more business, and this whole shit-talk nonsense made me even more determined to find it. Glad I did! The people were friendly, The service was fast and nearly painless, and I got these cool swabs with medicine in them to doctor my belly with.  This goes to enforce my stubborn will where I do what I want and don’t listen to anybody’s advice. Probably a bad thing. I’ll let you know if I have to get my belly-button chopped off anytime soon.

Alrighty. Onto the actual list.

-Eat at four different, interesting place. Thus far we’ve done sushi, cupcakes,and two different trailer food joints. Austin’s pretty popular for it’s trailer eateries. I’ve never been and I figured this week would be a perfect time to treat both the best friend and myself. I was right. We found one randomly after we finished swimming. Lady who owned the place made some delicious Cajun pies. Have you ever had a Cajun pie?Meggie and I hadn’t. Basically, It’s fried and stuffed with goodness. You pick your fillings (I choose meat and Meg choose the Humble Pie, full of veggies. Veggies are only good fried. In my humble opinion. Get it? Humble Pie? Humble opinion? You’re not laughing are you? Whatever.) Delicious. But they were fairly small and the lady (who was authentically very Cajun) pointed us to a bigger trailer park filled with food.  Meg and I honestly get lost every single place we go, but we stumbled upon Holy Cacao eventually. We ended up trying our first 1.cake balls and 2. cold hot chocolate. Um. Orgasmic. If you’re in Austin, definitely try out a trailer eatery….and I’m recommending Holy Cacao for sure. Their  motto? “Chocolate is good for you.” I dunno about all that, but chocolate cake balls are damn good.Also good? Cupcakes. ‘Hey Cupcake’ was also an old trailer and now has moved to a building. We split two cupcakes; Carrot Cake and Red Velvet. Yum. But uh… They didn’t carry knives so we used stir sticks. We made a mess.


Barton Springs is a neat little place.  I’ve never been before but have heard lots about it. It’s a natural spring that’s been turned into a giant swimming pool for the world. The first thing that surprised me was how chilly the water was. But after the initial shock it became refreshing and relaxing. I tried many times to flip/dive off of the diving board but managed only a half-flip and some very painful flops. Meg told me that the crowd was even “oooh” and “ahhh”-ing in pain with me at times, when the flops sounded especially painful. I’m maybe a little too persistent? I never did a real flip. I’m like the little engine that could. Except I couldn’t.

-Ice Skate

I’m not much of a diver. Or flipper. I’m also not much of an ice-skater. But doing things badly and without any remote talent is still a lot of fun with your best friend.

-Get drunk

You may say not worthy for a to-do list? You would be wrong. Meg and I have never been remotely intoxicated around the other. Meg and I have been best friends 9 years. This was a must. Meggie’s mom gave us a great recipe for cosmo’s and we made it…with cheaper vodka. It was still tasty. And went down perhaps a little too smooth. The following picture (aka the least sexiest sexy picture ever to exist) is proof of maybe a few too many…

And now….(drum-roll please)Make a Music Video. This has been my dream since I was 14. When these dreams should exist. It just never died. So the best friend and I, tipsy as we were,regressed back to our young teenage days…and made a music video. And it was some fun shit. My true self,apparently a 12 year old lip-syncher, is now revealed. I may be married. Own a house. Pay bills. But there is an immature girl just waiting to be unleashed that my best friend never has a problem finding.

PS: The dancing is awkward, the music is not in sync with our lips, and my best friend plays both a snob and a dude in this video. If you get confused.

Best friends and our adventures to be continued. The week is not even halfway over,folks! More things to check off, places to go,directions to not follow right, talents to fail miserably at…etc,etc.

13 thoughts on “Belly Piercings, Music Videos,and Trailers.

      • im sorry but you gave me a good laugh. in the wrong section , not scfiiepc enough. wow , i read it and then i saw it was in video games and bursted in laughter. anyways try push ups and pull ups for 20 mnitues a day 5 days a week. or rent massive pecks and abs in 3 minutes form your local video store.

  1. I’ve gotten my nose, tongue and belly button all pierced on a Sunday at that place! I remember those cleaning things that they give you…I was so amazed when I figured out how they worked. Your stomach looks good with a belly button piercing!

    Ice skating!! I went with Jamey and Melissa and nearly busted my ASS more than once. I was clinging onto the side wall and had kids asking me to move so that they could go faster. Not cool.

    And the video…I don’t have speakers at my work so it’s even more ridiculous. You guys are awesome. haha

  2. mom says:

    Wow, I don’t think you should be shopping for the cheapest place to get a belly piercing! When it comes to things piercing your body- you wanta be sure that it’s good and sterile and that they aren’t going to pass any disease onto you! And yes it does happen at those piercing and tattoo places. One of the things they ask you when you are pregnant is if you have any tattoos or piercings because they are extra diseases that they screen you for if you have piercings or tattoos.

    Some things just aren’t worth saving money on- think long-term results.

  3. Meg says:

    Our music video is so funny and awkward. pahaha

    For the record I was not that impressed with Hey Cupcake! It was still pretty good though. good for a 2.75 cupcake that’s for sure.

    I loved the trailer eateries though they were so gooood!

  4. CB says:

    I saw BOOBS… Almost!

    Sorry it’s been so fucking long bitch… It’s crazy over in CB land!

    Mr. Cb is hog tying me and dragging me to CA… packing, shopping… BLAH BLAH

    Love you hooker!

      • Hey! I’m 16 and wanted to get a few piencirgs done today. Was hoping maybe an industrial or my second and third holes but I’m going with my friend and her parents. I’ve been in before and had my nose and my cartilage done so I know my mom’s information is on file but she can’t make it today. Is there anyway that she could write down all of her information or call you guys up and say that it’s okay if I go with them and get that done?If you could let me know ASAP that would be great! Thanks

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