Life is good Today.

There’s a country song called “Toes” that the best friend and I listened to today. It pretty much summed up our whole entire week together

“Life is good today, Life is good today.”

Meg heard the lyrics and replied back with “Indeed.” Life is very good today.

Meggie and I have had a random, sporatic,hyper, argumentative, lovely,laughable, and always-crazy week. Right now she just jumped on the floor and started doing ab-workouts. She’s twisting her body around like a bicycle as I write. I love this girl. It’s amazing to me that through all life’s changes and our thousands of miles apart; & Even though we’re two totally different girls than we were years back…We’ve still stayed just as close as when we were little children neighbors. We’ve changed and grown with eachother even though we’re so many states away and I know it will always be that way. We laugh so hard we can’t breathe and get so annoyed we want to hit the other. I drag her to work with me so I can stay entertained. She’d rather not go but sits there and reads her book and complains about how bored or cold she is every once in a while. We’re annoying and loud and giggly little girls around eachother. It’s wonderful. She’s the best best friend a gal could ever ask for.

Now then. Onto the rest of our To-Do list. We’ve been wearing ourselves out in order to get at least 90% of our huge to-do list finished. It’s such a good feeling to check off all these little goals we’ve laid out for ourselves. We are girls on a mission. I call it

Mission Meg (Re)Meets Austin.


Meg Tucker (best friend.)

& Me (Yours truly)

Onward to the list!

-Go to a bookstore.

But not just any book store. Something authentic to Austin. Recycled Reads is my favorite. It’s a branch of the Austin library. But they sell the books! If you’re a nerd like me, this place is just the bees knees. Yes. That’s right. I said bees knees.  What of it? Hardcover books are 2 bucks and soft-covers only a dollar. This place is my heaven. I collect/hoard books and I could spend the whole day in here. They have every genre you could think of and the layout is much like a library; Another place I could spend a whole day in. I get a little rush just walking in and wondering what I’ll find. I bought four books (two dollars!) and Meg stuck to just one. She’s not a book-hoarder like I am but we both enjoyed meandering through book-heaven. And checking off another thing on our list. Check.

-Museum of Ephemerata

I wanted to showcase/show-off our slogan of “Keep Austin Weird.” to Meggie. And with this place, I did a fabulous job. I knew when I called ahead this place would be pretty different. Owner answers with “Hello.” I’m thinking I have the wrong number. The rest of the conversation was awkward and confusing to me.

“Um. Hi. Is this…is this a museum?”


“Oh. Um. Are you opened today?”

“Yes. From 1-4 today. I mean..No. 4-7 today.”

” “Oh. Okay well thank-you!”

“Will you be visiting today?”

“Oh. Ummm. Do I need to make an appointment?

“No. We are open from 4-7.”

“Okay….? Well,Thank-you!”

Needless to say I was thrown off. Turns out this museum is actually a house. We get there, and there are about four or five cats on the porch and an eclectic collection of things ( a bathtub, bottlecap wind-chime,etc) in the front yard. I’m allergic to cats but this seems to be the least of my worries right now. Do we knock? What is waiting inside? This place is insane! I’m excited. Weird=Excitement. This is very weird. We walk in, as a sign says to. An odd but sweet couple and an adorable baby greets us when we walk in. Museum turns out to be one medium sized room full of….so much stuff. Junk. But not junk. Cool junk. A piece of Elvis’s hair. A preserved flamingo head. A haunted doll. Marilyn Monroe’s cigarette butt. A collection of the sleep from our tour-guide’s eyes. Some sorta famous guy’s snot. This kind of random shit fascinates me and suits my personality perfectly. I was fascinated. Though the tour was only in one room and my classic museum side was wanting to explore their entire house, I settled for asking questions about every single item that caught my fancy. I don’t think I could have found a stranger place to show off Austin’s motto to the best friend.  I’m pretty sure she is completely convinced that Austin is full of cat-loving,snot-collecting,possessed doll-having, geuinely crazy/nice people.  Hurrah! Did I mention this lady breast-fed her kid as we were leaving? I was mid-telling her how cute her baby was when I noticed. Oops. Bad timing. More pictures to show off:

Our tour-guides.

Elvis hair,Halloween candy from George Bush Sr., and Marilyns cigarette butt.

Haunted Doll. She was so creepy.

Flamingo head, Etc.

Our group. Meg,Me, and Sumuk; Meggie’s Maryland friend moved to Austin. Small world!

-Girly night

Cosmo, Cosmos, Nail Polish, & Dear John. Check.

-Mexican Food

After we had our museum/house tour of crazy stuff, we were ready for some food. We, as is ordinary, get lost for an hour and a half before finally reaching our destination. We arrive starving and annoyed. Luckily, my husband has a table saved for us and the view was breathtaking. Couldn’t stay grumpy for long.

Iguana Grill has a’ight online reviews for the food but the view was said to be spectacular. Meg wanted legit Tex-Mexican food and I decided doing it on the lake would make it even better. It did. The food was okay, but watching the sunset on the water? Beautiful.Made the food taste better,I think.

Sunset, Friends, Food. Perfect.

Half-Cute, Half Awkward picture of husband and me.


Bestie and me.

We got a little side-tracked after we accomplished all of this. And I call this..

Party time.

It was what I like to call a combination party.  Two of my friend’s belated birthday parties+ Everyone meet me best friend from Maryland shin-dig. The turnout was nice and everyone actually did BYOB. I suck at party planning but decided to try to send directions/ details online.  This went well except for the tiny mistake of me giving everybody the wrong address.  504 ,506 …Close enough? Rough estimations don’t work with house directions so much. After someone knocked on the wrong door we figured out my mistake and everything went smoothly from there. Well, as smoothly as it can go when there’s an abundance of drinks.  I may or may not have injured my friends back when falling and taking her down with me. Pictures follow:

I made a birthday cake !Actually. Meg made the cake. I wrote on it with my illegible handwriting. It’s supposed to say “Happy Birthday Kati and Fer–From Tina” It looks more like “dfgjdkghjoew + gjoi jthgfkdjg” But I tried.

The Friends:

The Fall

I don’t really remember how this happened but it probably had something to do with me doing gymnastics in my kitchen…

I look like a villain on Spiderman.

Overall a lovely/perfect night. Not such a nice morning-after for me. But right now? I’m feeling good,my best friend’s sitting next to me, our list is almost complete, and we have yet another fun-filled day ahead.

Life is good today.

5 thoughts on “Life is good Today.

  1. Meg says:

    You’re my best friend! I love you haha

    We should add go to a cute Austin Diner to our list just so we can cross something else off.

    You falling was hysterical.

    That picture of Allen is so funny.

    I think it’s better to get lost for an hour than thirty min because after thirty min you’re still reallyannoyed but after an hour, once you get to your destination, yo’ure delusional and just so happy to be there you just laugh.

    ^that didn’t make much sense but I really didn’t feel like sorting my words pahaha.

  2. Meg says:

    I’m on my lap top now and I went to the scroll up arrow assuming it woudln’t be there but it was haha. I’m used to your lap toppp!

    <3333333333333333333333333333333333333 love you thanks for the best week ever

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